800-1800KW China JDEC Generator desiel FKS-500

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This Generator powered by cooperating with AVL 


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Q:Can i run a silent pack 60 kva generator in an ordinary housing estate and if so can i use subsidised diesel?
No. Running a fuel-powered motor inside any building is unsafe.
Q:portable generator efficiency?
You are calculating only the shaft horsepower to electric power output efficiency. That is separate and different from the internal combustion engine efficiency. Calculate that by comparing the fuel used and its heat content and its ability to do work versus the shaft horsepower.
Q:for lighting 4000 watt lamps how much power input requires?
You want to connect a 4 kw load to a 6 kw generator. As long as the 6 kw (6,000 watts) rating of the generator is accurate it should power the lamps fine. You're only using 66% of the generator capacity. There aren't any significant losses to worry about and no point in doing any calculations. They were done for you in the kw rating of the generator. Just don't use any extension cords that are too small for the lights.
Q:What is the different between RV generator, mobile generator, home standby generator and portable generator?
There is no significant difference. Any generator suitable for one of these uses could be used without change for any of the others. The term standby generator usually implies a machine which is too large to be easily moved.
Q:how can i know electric actautor working on deisel generator?
By the revolutions of the generator, or the (presuming AC output) frequency of the power generated. If the frequency is low, the revolutions are low. If the revolutions drop off when load is added, or frequency falls, you have a problem. somewhere.
Q:are diesel generators allowed on commercial truck ?
if your talking about a power source for accessories, yes. but keep in mind the additional weight factor!
Q:Does more Power Demand burn more fuel?
Not more power demand, same same. 100010*100. However you measure it.
Q:domestic KiloWattHour Meter?
are you sure u dont have a diesel generator that sells el. energy back to the grid? jk Is this first time you look at the meter? If so take a look again, should be ok.
Q:Generator engine parts?
Sounds like a ford industrial unit. There SHOULD be a number or number plate somewhere on the block, generator, and/or frame. A possible search, assuming it is a generator unit, would be the GENERATOR manufacturer.
Q:Which would be the most efficient and eco-friendly car type: Hydrogen, Electric, Diesel, Gasoline, Battery?
Hydrogen fuel cell cars are electric cars, where the fuel cell serves as the battery. So the hydrogen, electric, and battery cars are all electric vehicles, while the gas and diesel cars are petroleum powered. * Gasoline is not efficient (maybe 15% efficient in traffic), and it is not clean. Since it takes about 6 kilowatt-hours of energy just to refine a gallon of gasoline or diesel, and this energy alone could power an EV 20 to 30 miles all by itself, it is quite impossible to build an gas powered vehicle more efficient than an electric vehicle - the EV has already driven to it's destination on the energy you used just to make your gasoline. * This leaves the contest between hydrogen fuel cells and batteries. Unfortunately, hydrogen is not really a fuel - it is like the lithium in a lithium battery - it is just part of a chemical system for storing energy. * Energy is stored by separating hydrogen from water - and energy is then released by combining hydrogen with oxygen to make electricity in the car, creating water again. This is a reversible chemical process, exactly how a battery works. The energy does not come from hydrogen, typically it comes from the electricity used to separate hydrogen. The hydrogen stores the electricity, just like a battery does. * But the hydrogen cycle I have described is much less efficient than other battery technologies. So battery powered EVs are the most energy efficient.

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