6'x6' Blue Eye Charming Persian Feature Hand Knotted Double Knots Carpet Persian Oriental Silk Rug

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10000 m³/month

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Packaging Detail:Package:every sheet rolled up in one , bundling with tapes,wraped with plastic bag,POP,care lable,bar code are available as your request.
Delivery Detail:Within 30 days after the LC or the deposite.


Tufted carpet 
1)The design is precisely Tufted. 
2)Any pattern is OK,within 6 colours are available. 
3)Big production capacity

                                     Polyester Tufted carpet


1.Brief introduction.


The main sizes of our hand woven carpet are 1200*1800,1400*2000,1600*2300,1800*2900 for bedroom,living room,hotel,etc.Any design with less than 4 colours are all available.The pile height should be less than 2 cm.


Item No.CMAX-006
Material100% Polyester fiber
TextureCut pile,shaggy pile.
Pile height1.2cm
Pile weight1800g/sqm
Performance density2000g/sqm
Back clothcanvas latex back,grey colour
 Size 160*230,any size(the width less than 2000)is OK.
 Colours Less than 6 colours
 Design Any design is available.

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Q:if i have stumbling on feild my oppent has f/d mt and moster i summon dream clown could they pull rug it?
pulling the rug won't work. dream clown's effect works when it's switched from attack to defense position. if stumbling is on the field and you summon dream clown in attack mode, stumbling will switch it in defense mode. since dream clown's effect only activates when it's switched from attack to defense, pulling the rug won't work because it only negates the effect of monsters that activate when normal summoned (monarchs, gadgets, etc.)
Q:How do you get coke a cola stains off a rug?
stop using chemicals.... they will most likely set the spot in(assuming that hasn't already happened). Carbon tetrachloride and peroxides are notorious for this. use a white rag that is damp with non-ammonia windex... rub in a circle and blot. if this doesn't work, leave it to a pro. extraction is key. you need to remove the soda, not add detergent.
Q:Any advice how to remove smell from damp carpet?
pull the carpet up in that spot and make sure its dry underneath and the padding is dry also. Spray ammonia (super cheap in the detergent section) onto the wood subflooring and also on the padding and the carpet underside and top. Prop them up with books or something and sit a fan in that area to dry it. The smell is mildew and it will get worse unless you can be certain the wood and padding and everything are dry. The ammonia will kill the mildew and the smell. I've done this before successfully. Good luck
Q:Is it better for a horse's rug to be too hot or too cold?
Gosh, where in the UK are you that you're getting hot days?! We had a heatwave in March but since then all the north air has kept it decidedly on the cool side! (Snow due tonight!) It is better for a horse to be too cold than too hot - if he is too cold he can move about to keep himself warm, if he's got plenty to eat his gut will heat him from the inside - if he's too hot he will sweat under his rug and be even colder if the temperature drops. So long as the lightweight is windproof and waterproof he'll be fine.
Q:Carpet recommendations?
We just purchased a new carpet for our home, I had never purchased one new before either. The one we got was a Mohawk brand with stain guard on it. Make sure the seller at the carpet place explains the yarn count to you too. This makes a big difference in carpet. Also when buying a padding for underneath the carpet, we bought a platinum one because of the high traffic here and we wanted a little cushion on the floors.
Q:Forest Green Rugs... what color wall?
To tone down the uber-greenness of the forest green rugs, a nice neutral beige would be good and would warm up the room considerably. If you want to break up the vast expanses of green, opt for a cream-colored rug. Warm wood-tones will be good, like a rich honey color. After seeing that space, perhaps a nice earth-tone, such as terra-cotta or honey brown would be best. It would distract from the darkness of the rug and make the room look much richer.
Q:Cleaning my carpet with a rental Rug Doctor?
E okorder.com. These carpet cleaners you find on this web site are certified, insured, and know what they are doing. A pro cleaning is nearly the same expense as renting a machine, purchasing the solutions, and your labor. Also, a pro's macchine is 10 times more powerful than anything you can rent, if you are talking a Bissel or Hoover, 200 times more powerful. A pro uses super hot, soft, treated water, that is impossible for you to duplicate
Q:what is the carpet under the tea table in living room used for?
Q:How can I find this rug?
Q:What is the carpet trace made of?
there are a variety of carpet materials, generally are polypropylene fiber,acrylic fibers, nylon wool and blending .

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