304 Stainless Steel Coil Cold Rolled for Construction

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Product Description:

cold rolled steel coils description:

Grade:300 Series

Standard: JIS,AISI,GB

Thickness: 0.16-3mm

Width: 15-500mm

Model Number: 304

Type: Coil

Application: home appliance

Certification: SGS, ISO

Surface: No.1,2B,4k,8k,HL

Color: natural color

Chemical composition:C 0.046% Cr 18.26

Quality: prime quality 304 stainless

Item:304 stainless steel


304 stainless steel coil cold rolled
Thickness: 0.16-3mm
Quality:High quality


Stainless steel coil


Hot   rolled and cold rolled


ASTM   A240,GB/T3280-2007,JIS4304-2005,ASTM   A167,EN10088-2-2005,GB/T3280-2007,EN10095-99,JIS4312,etc




Golden,   rose golden, titanium golden coating, champagne golden, brown, bronze,   titanium black, sapphire blue, purple, gray, silver, coffee champagne,   jade-green, etc








could   be cut into any size as per customer's request.                                                                     Usually our common sizes : 1219mm*2438mm (4*8ft), 1219mm*3048mm   (4*10ft) and 1000mm*2000mm.

Price   term



cover   with PVC, and wooden case, or customize package.


Architectural   decoration, luxury doors, wall decoration plate, elevators decorating, KTV   indoor decoration, metal tank shell, ship building, decoration inside the   train, as well as outdoor works, advertising name plate, the ceiling and   cabinets, aisle panels, screen, the tunnel project, hotels, guest houses,   entertainment place, kitchen equipment, light industrial and others


colorful,   showing the splendor of your quality, wear-resistant as well, strong   corrosion resistance , anti-rust property and decorative effect, durable and   beautiful in good taste.

Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Coil:

Thickness:  0.3mm-6mm

Width:   5mm-1250mm

Surface:   2B, BA,                                                                                                                                                  

Usual model(mm)

0.3*1000/1219/1250*C        1.0*1000/1219/1250*C        5.0*1000/1219/1250*C 0.4*1000/1219/1250*C        1.2*1000/1219/1250*C        6.0*1000/1219/1250*C 0.5*1000/1219/1250*C        1.5*1000/1219/1250*C           0.6*1000/1219/1250*C        2.0*1000/1219/1250*C            0.7*1000/1219/1250*C        2.5*1000/1219/1250*C                                                          0.8*1000/1219/1250*C        3.0*1000/1219/1250*C            0.9*1000/1219/1250*C        4.0*1000/1219/1250*C

Applications of Stainless Steel Coil:

1.Automotive: Automotive trim and molding/Difficult-to-form exhaust-system components, tubular manifolds, mufflers/Exhaust manifold and other exhaust-system components, catalytic converter shells, clamps

2. Construction: Gutters and downspouts, roofing, siding

3. Kitchenware: Cooking utensils, dishwashers, ovens, range hoods, refrigerators, skewers 4.Chemical processing: Oil refinery equipment, oil burner and heater parts

5. Appliances: Hot water tanks, residential furnaces

6. Power generation: Heat Exchanger tubing

7. Farming: Dry fertilizer spreaders/Farm animal pens

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Q:steel shafted fairway woods...?
If your club has a graphite shaft in it and you want to switch to steel an option is to get a dynamic gold lite shaft. The other option is to make sure you trim the shaft to the 42 length with the gold shaft to lighten up the swing weight. You can get away with about 42 3/4 with the lite shaft. I have found steel to be very consistent in my fairway woods and don't think I'll ever go back to graphite. I have mine cut to 42 1/2 for the 3 wood and 41 1/2 for the 5 wood with Dynamic gold s300 and they're fine.
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Stainless Steel Revolver
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Rust Proof Metal
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*Rifle barrels are usually made from steel alloys called ordinance steel, nickel steel, chrome-molybdenum steel, or stainless steel, depending upon the requirements of the cartridge for which they are chambered. The higher the pressure and velocity of a cartridge (pressure and velocity usually go up together), the faster it will wear out a barrel. To give a satisfactory service life, barrels for high velocity cartridges must me made from tougher and harder steel than barrels for lower pressure cartridges. *The 400 (416) series SS commonly known as ordnance grade , is what barrels are made from . *If you want your barrel to be made from super alloy then it is 718 Inconel ,but a costly affair.
Q:Can cold rolled galvanized steel coils be acid washed after oxidation?
Hot rolling is made of slabs (mainly continuous billets) as raw materials. After heating, strips are made from roughing mills and finishing mills. From the last finishing mill stand out of the hot strip laminar cooling through to the set temperature, the coiling machine rolled strip steel roll cooled, according to the different needs of users with different finishing line (flat, straightening, transverse or longitudinal, inspection, weighing, packing and marking etc.) processing and become steel, flat steel product volume and slitting.
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There are many types of steel containers and many different mnfg processes. There are also thousands of different steel alloys. Steel is used for canned food, compressed air cyclinders, hydraulic pressure vessels, electrical boxes, and many other containers. Steel containers are made out of sheet metal by soldering, brazing, spot welding, seam welding, riveting, bolting, screwing, etc. Heavier wall containers are fabricated of plate steel. Some steel containers are made by deforming the steel by extruding, forging, spin forming, drawing, ironing, etc. Some steel containers are made by machining. You should be able to find plenty of references if you search for these terms. good luck

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