100% Polyester Printed Mat New Design

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1)    Pile Material: 100% Polyester

2) Pile Weight : 290g/m2

3) Pile Height: 3mm

4) Back Material:Latex/Non-wowen/TPR/Dotted-plastic-non-woven/PVC

5) Back Thickness :1-2mm

6) Size:  40*60 /50*80/ 44*70/ 60*90cm or customed size

7) Color Fastness : 4-4.5 grade

8) Usage Place: living room , bedroom ,entrance ,kids room, bath room


1)    Competitive price, several different options on material & backing

2)    Unlimited color available

3)    MOQ: 1500m2/Per Color Group


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Q:can olifine pile rugs go outdoors?
I've used them on my patio, but have experienced some problems particularly if they are rubber backed. Moisture gets between the backing and the fiber to cause little black spots on the rug which are mildew. If it rains and the rug stays hortizontal for any length of time, it will mold as well. The good news is that both can be removed with DampRid Mold and Mildew Remover (the one for fabrics) and it protects the rug from it happening again with little moisture exposure (not drenching, pouring soaking rain). If I'd have known about this product, I would have sprayed it on first before putting it outside and just picked it up when we have a heavy rain to keep it from molding.
Q:Baby safe carpet flea killer!?
Flea Killer
Q:How to clean the tea stain on the carpet?
Q:What kind of carpet floorings are at reasonable prices? Carpet Costs?
There are tons of price ranges for carpet out there. One of the main things that effects carpet price is the composition. The 2 main compositions are polyester and nylon. Polyester is the kind that seems to clog up my vaccum with thread residue. Polyester is inferior to nylon. It will not last as long as nylon, but you will pay less. All types of carpet, berber, cut piles, cutloops come in all price ranges. I, personally, don't prefer berber as I have cats that will take up the loops and it's super casual. If you go to one of the big box stores, you will be safe with a nylon in a $2.50/sqft range. It won't be top quality, but it won't be contractor-quality either. When you're searching for carpet (what a task!) you'll want to pay attention to the face weight as well. That is, essentially, how much a carpet weighs per sqft or sqyd (or, how much thread is it composed of). The higher the face weight, ordinarily the more resilient the carpet will be in the long haul. The best carpets have a face weight over 70 or so. The commerical or contractor grade carpets are usually in the 30's. Best of luck!
Q:Just got rugs shampoo'd?
If you are worried put a small piece of Bacofoil (aluminium baking wrap) under the legs of chairs, tables etc. so they don't mark the carpets. Furniture often has some form of metal on the end of the legs and it could leave rust stains if the carpet is still damp.
Q:My shih tzu keeps running in my room and peeing on my rug..?
The dog needs more house training. Training! Verbal corrections after the fact do no good, they only stress the dog. Never rub a dogs nose in it. That simply tells the dog you want him to ingest it Why confuse /stress the poor dog? Get you a couple of good dog training books from the library and go to work on training him. There are no bad dogs, just dogs that have been poorly trained.
Q:How much does carpet cost?
Basic carpet can be installed with a pad for around 3$ a s/f .(+-) It can be higher or lower with the quality of the carpet and pad. This based on you getting a 15' wide carpet (thus no seams) for 225 s/f. Thats 675 $ for carpet pad and labor. This generally won t include rip out of whats there now, floor prep ( if needed) , furniture moving and disposal. Remember this can vary with quality of pad and carpet. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:What is the function of the far infrared function of the electric carpet and floor blanket?
PTC warmfloor Saiwo electricity generated far infrared energy, more than 90% of the wavelength at 6-14 m (scientists call this section of the far infrared wavelength is called "light of life"), and the human body emits far infrared wavelength is similar to that of the physiological function of human body to care for physical therapy.
Q:your own hook rug pattern?
There's an old low-tech technique for copying things like this that's been used for many years. Make a photocopy of your original. Draw a grid over it, using a ruler and being very precise. Or, photocopy your image onto grid paper. Draw a grid on your rug base -- yes, use a ruler and be very precise. Make sure the grid on your rug base has the same number of squares as the grid on your aper. They will be different-size squares, of course, but make sure there are the same nuber of squares. Now, carefully copy the contents of each grid square from the paper to the rug base. Turn the whole thing (yep, both the paper and the rug base) upside-down and work that way if you have trouble copying it right-side-up. You will find it much easier to copy one square at a time, and you'll have an excellent pattern for your rug. Have fun!
Q:what store sells the cheapest rugs?
I okorder.com they often provid me something they didn't have and find it for me ,that which I hard to find on the website .

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