WT750 Stabilized Soil Paver

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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:WT750


WT750 stabilized soil paver is the international advanced product which was developed by XRMC for satisfying the market demands.


WT750 stabilized soil paver is the international advanced product which was developed by XRMC for satisfying the market demands. The main paving material of WT750 is the infrastructural stable soil. And the asphalt is also available. WT750 has the high cost performance and is a kind of ideal paving machine.

The performance characteristics of WT750 stabilied soil paver

Idiographic designing thinking and tenet of one machine serves several purposes
Integrating the hydraulic and mechanical systems, WT750 has the best cost performance. The main object of this machine is to ensure the paving performance and quality of stable soil. The maximum paving thickness is 350mm, which is the best in China. It can also satisfy the paving requirement of multiple materials, including the normal paving of asphalt. So WT750 is a multi-functional paver that is mainly for paving stable soil.
Powerful mechanical driving advantage
Integrating integrated design of the hydraulic system and mechanical system can effectively guarantee the stability of hydraulic system because the mechanical driving system can reduce the hydraulic driving load. The design with big safety factor makes the mechanical driving system have some good features such as long service life, simple failure judgment, convenient maintenance and large loading.
Main hydraulic elements are all imported from the U.S.
In hydraulic system, the main pump, the pumps of driving, screw, screed and vibrating subsystems and the motors of driving, screw and screed are all imported from the famous EATON company of the U.S.
The patent designs
The integrating integrated design of the hydraulic system and mechanical system provides the enough power for driving, screwing and screed feeding systems. The drive ratio of whole machine is even, the paving speed and torque are also considered to ensure the advantages of stepless hydraulic operation and low cost. This is the first designed patent technique in China.
Powerful feeding driving system
The clutch with big diameter and big torque make the driving smooth and ensure the high stability.
Multiple screeds are optional for user
The general design of hydraulic and mechanical system make it very convenient for free choose the screed type among the three optional screeds including telescopic screed, mechanical widened double vibrating screed and base type mechanical widened 3 meter screed.
Perfect design of man-machine engineering
Open eyeshot, comfortable double-seat, mobile operating console with double-operation of left and right and so on make working more convenient.
Advanced control system can satisfy any construction requirement
The auto-leveling system, auto-feeding system, telecontrol system, many kinds of self locking and delay control system are equipped to satisfy the necessary construction requirements.

Main technical parameters of whole machine

1.Model of EngineDongfeng Cummins 6BTA5.9-C180
Rated power/speed132kW/2500r/min,net power: 123KW
Fuel consumption of rated power≤230g/kW.h
Speed regulation rate in stead state≤8%
Emission standardEurope 0
2.Paving width3m-7.5m
3.Max paving thickness/width300mm/7.5m stable soil
                             100mm/7.5m asphalt
4.Max paving speedstepless speed changing
                             2m/min/7.5m   stable soil
                             5.7mm/min /7.5m asphalt
5.Max driving speed (stepless speed changing)1.6km/h
6.Max screw speed (change with the paving speed)86.8r /min
7.Max screed speed (change with the paving speed)37.18r /min  
8.Max vibrating frequency (stepless adjustable)1194r/min
9.Degree of compaction0.80
10.Flatness (auto leveling)≤3mm ruler
11.Track chassis350 rubber track shoe chain railway 155A
12.Hopper capacity8.5m
13.Paving grade4°
14.Driving gradability15%  
15.Camber adjustment-1%4%
16.Weight of complete machinesabout 24t
17.Screed: width 500, mechanical widen (750X4+500X2+250X2),single vibrating, frequency adjustable
18.Max theoretical productivity 2.4X0.8X7.5X0.3X2X60=500t/hthat of WT750 is 600 t/h,because of its paving thickness is 350

Optional components:

single vibrating and hydraulic telescopic screed, double vibrating and mechanical widen screed, screed heating, transverse auto-leveling, cleaning appliance, screw ultrasonic level indicator

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Q:What is the function of asphalt concrete paver automatic leveling?
If the paving of the pavement should be paved without the influence of the basic level, the automatic leveling device must be used in the paving process according to the uneven height of the baseThe adjustment of Paver Screed by sensor working angle and horizontal angle, thickness and transverse slope of paved road, the construction process should pay attention to the aspect of the correct selection of the controller and the position and direction of the setting, screed workCorrect angle adjustment and correct selection of automatic leveling device.
Q:Xugong 952 paver and 951 what's the difference?
The engine is different, the power is not the same. 951 is the 952 diesel DEUTZ. Flatness error is not the same, the slope error is not the same. The lifting of the dragon is different from the ruler... As a whole, that's the details. It doesn't affect the whole car.
Q:7 meters wide road, under normal circumstances, asphalt paver how many meters a day can be paved?
First of all, it depends on how large your mixing station is and how many tons of material can be produced per hour.. Normal 4000 of the station, one day plus class 13--14 hours, more than one kilometer to play, the most critical is the spreader machine speed can not slow, 8--9 meters
Q:How much is the paver?
Small wants more than 10000.. About more than 30 thousand
Q:What does the 31 paver mean when the oil pressure is too low?
If the engine oil pressure is normal, the engine runs normally. The oil pressure is low, the oil pump is worn seriously, or the pressure limiting valve is defective. The oil pressure is high, the oil pressure limiting valve is faulty or the oil circuit is blocked. Personal point of view, for reference only, for communication only.
Q:Under what circumstances should the crawler asphalt paver be used?
The mainstream models on the market are crawler paver, as for whether the paving asphalt, depending on your working conditions.
Q:What dangers exist in the construction of road pavers?
Too much, a day of preparation process, construction, gas, water, oil and water pumping, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous driving, charged, speed is 5-30, to the scene, the vehicle safety, to slow down the gas, every car construction engineering machinery are at risk, people in the first place,...... For reference only.
Q:There are several kinds of paver balance beam. Where can I find them?
Paver balance beam has two kinds: 8 and 36 strands, others are products of interest driven, don't worry about it; the second question asked Baidu to "Changzhou Hainuo" or "hinuo"
Q:Loudi municipal asphalt paver operators will not go to repair the highway, tired?
The task of repairing the high speed will go to work, ah, no work is not tired, see how you think. Salary level is not very high, but also depends on individual ability, ability, responsibility is different, the salary will be different.
Q:Where can learn to drive a milling machine, paver
There is a road school in Beijing to study. But more people are going to the owner of a paver, and when they are apprentices, they can at least earn some pocket money

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