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Detailed Product Description of Vibro Ripper, Hammer (Pile Driver)

- 360 degrees rotation of middle bracket

- Proven economic feasibility, mobility, safety

- Driving & Extraction sheet pile, tube, H-beam

- Most representative hydraulic vibro hammer

- Suitable equipment for construction working site

-Excellent performance and mechanisms without power pack.

-Proven workability: With the advantage of the excavator’s mobility, High performance operation at overpasses, under high voltage lines, on bridges and populated cities.

-Maximized the life of the equipment by using a special bearing designed for high frequency

-Best quality of Cushion elastomers are adopted in order to isolate vibration being transmitted to excavator.

-Easy installation using breaker hydraulic line of the excavator with electric cable device and operation control

-Mounting and dismounting can be easily done at all times

-The upper body allows 360 degree free rotation for easy operation and automatically anchors itself during operation

-Sheet pile, H beam and tube can be used by hooking up a wire on the main body of pile driver

-Double clamping devices can be fitted for pipe driving and extracting (Option)


Vibro Ripper, Hammer (Pile Driver)

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Q:What are the requirements for lime mud piling machine?
It can increase the specific gravity of mud and play the role of wall protection
Q:What brand of pile driver is good 10?
Yutong, 31 will do, pile driver according to drilling diameter, and drilling depth
Q:How many prestressed concrete pipe piles can a pile driver hit in a day?
You can hit 4 roots a day.Precast pile, various materials, various forms made in the factory or the construction site of the pile (such as wood, concrete pile, prestressed concrete pipe pile, steel, etc.) with piling equipment will be pressed into piles, or buried in vibration. More prefabricated piles are used in the field of building construction in China, mainly concrete precast piles and steel piles in two major categories.Precast piles are mainly concrete precast pile and steel pile two major categories. Precast concrete pile can bear larger load, durable, fast construction speed, is one of the most widely used type of pile, but its construction has great influence on the surrounding environment, are the most commonly used concrete solid pile and prestressed concrete hollow pile. Steel pile is mainly steel pipe pile and H steel pile two kinds.
Q:What is the strategy for building industry users to supply machinery,
Construction industry users are not the public works team? Yes, this is the construction units to the construction enterprises to provide machinery, construction settlement time, count less money.
Q:HD50 cylinder type diesel hammer, HD62 hammer, HD80 hammer, walking pile driver, crawler type pile driver
HD50 refers to the 5 tons of diesel pile hammer; HD62 refers to the 6.2 tons of diesel pile hammer; HD80 refers to the 8.2 tons of diesel pile hammer; walking pile driver is walking pile frame supporting diesel pile hammer general "walking hammer" or "walking type diesel pile hammer" or "walking type diesel pile hammer";Crawler type piling machine is a crawler pile frame supporting tube type diesel hammer general "crawler piling machine" or "Caterpillar diesel hammer" or "Caterpillar diesel hammer"; "HD" should be the product number Guangdong Liyuan cylinder diesel pile hammer
Q:What kind of pile driver should be used for piling on the beach?
Diesel pile hammer is the use of diesel hammer pile and cement pile has made a hammer a hammer to break into the underground, to determine the pile length and diameter according to the needs of geology, precast pile length is generally divided into three meters, six meters, nine meters and fifteen meters.
Q:Can a small country pile driver be able to hit a stone?
micro special vehicles and C2, C3, C4. Which color car license did you say? What about the maximum load?Supplement:C1 seems to be the open quality (weight + weight) of 4.5 tons.
Q:What are the general safety hazards of temporary power and piling machines in the construction site?
3, the night construction should be safe and meet the lighting, lighting equipment and components should be consistent with the quality of the current national mandatory standards, not allowed to use insulation aging or damaged appliances and devices. In the event of a sudden power failure, the staff needs to evacuate the working place in time, it is necessary to install emergency lighting equipment with its own power supply.4, mobile power tools, hand-held power tools should be maintained before use, grounding, and the use of safety voltage. Electric tool load line should select type of weather resistant rubber sheathed copper cable and any joint. When using hand-held power tools, it is necessary to wear and wear protective clothing according to the rules.5, the use of self generating units, there should be special management.
Q:How much is the man-machine charge of the percussive drilling pile driver per meter?
Hello, impact drilling pile driver is about one hundred thousand and one sets, the specific depends on how big you hit the pile, the specific configuration, Nantong punching pile machine factory specializing in the production of punching piling machine, hand impact drill, hoist.
Q:Hd62 hammer pile driving
Depends on what pile you're playing. How big is it?. High strength prestressed pipe pile is about 300 if the drop is 1.8-2.0 meters, hammering 2CM (can slightly relax, because 62 300 large heavy hammer hammer); high strength prestressed pipe pile is about 400-600 if the drop is 1.8-2.0 meters, hammering 2CM.
Our products is the worlds very first new concept ripper which developed and designed to use ultra high-frequency vibration for breaking rock and ripper operation.Since the time of Establishment, we have focused and specialized on vibration construction machinery development and successfully built up innovative know-how in vibrating technology. We will continuously invest and develop wide range of innovative products .

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