Asphalt Mixing Plant 90-120tph

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· Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name: XRMC

· Model Number: J1500

· asphalt mixing plant: construction machinery

Packaging & Delivery

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suitable for sea delivery, in container

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40 days after contract signing


J1500, designed with the mature techniques of BENNINGHOVEN to satisfy the market.
Can be tansported in container.

Production capacity(t/h): 90-120

Mixer capacity(kg): 1500

Aggregate(4 kinds of materials are accumulated): ±0.3%

Fine material(2 kinds of materials are accumulated): ±0.3%

Bitumen: ±0.1%

Temperature control accuracy(.C): ≤±5

Dust collection efficiency(mg/Nm3): ≤50

Total Power(kW): 325

Batch hopper: Length×Width(m): 3.2×2.5

Hopper capacity(m3): 7.3

Belt conveyor: Width(mm): 500

            Power(kW): 5.5

Drier: Diameter×Length(m): 1.5×6.5

            Power(kW): 30

Vibrating screen: Length×Width(m): 4×1.56

            Power(kW): 2×5.5

Scale: Aggregate(kg): 1500

            Fine material(kg): 300

            Bitumen(kg): 225

Mixer: Capacity(kg): 1500

            Power(kW): 45

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Q:Jintan where there are rental rammer
There are two main types of rammer, the working principle and application are different: flat vibrating rammer and vertical impact rammer
Q:What are the distribution mechanisms of the cement spreader?
The distributing mechanism of common track paver has rotary scraping and bottom opening moving box.(1) rotating scraper distributing mechanismRotary scraper type distributing machine, its executing mechanism is rotary scraper, and its main components are scraper body, slideway and traction rope. The slideway is fixedly connected with the mobile phone frame, and is parallel to the crossbeam of the frame, and is a supporting guide rail which is moved transversely along the paving width of the scraper.
Q:How does the paver automatically level up when the asphalt is laid? Thank you.
As shown in the diagram, how does the paver automatically level up when paving asphalt? What is the principle? Very complex, can not be detailed, paver principle similar to the water windsurfing, that is, the initial generation of paver. The key points of paver spreading, big arm, ironing board, elevation mechanism, etc.. Simply speaking, the ratio of the width of the large arm to the screed is constant for a paver (fixed value). The product of this value and the adjustment is approximately equal to the change in the scale. Someone will ask me why not shop 4 cm to 4 cm scale, this is paving machine 0, if the paving width is constant, then adjust the small elevation can be done, but the paving is a dynamic balance, if the balance is broken, the scale may not be 4 cm, but after a while. It will return to the position of 4 cm.
Q:How much power does piling work at a construction site?
You see what device ah, various devices are not the same, but to remind you that the cable in piling time as far as possible with a point, otherwise it is easy to jump, because during each equipment operation at the same time, need a larger coefficient.
Q:The width of asphalt concrete paver is narrow and can be paved
Three meters, paving machine itself width is 3 meters, minimum paving width of 3 meters, the maximum width of 7 meters 5;; 9 meters 5; 12 meters 5
Q:How many tons are the road rollers in the road? What's the model and how much is it?
The vibration pressure is about 20.................. Prices vary, a manufacturer, a price, three rounds of pressure about two hundred thousand, vibration pressure of more than 20 to more than 30, XCMG road machine is the best, into the factory to buy, do not buy imitation, do not be cheated
Q:What are the world famous manufacturers of roller compactors?
World rollers are well-known manufacturers mainly in Germany, Sweden, the United States and japan. The roller mechanism before several manufacturers mainly in the United States Ingersoll Rand (INGERSOLL RAND, Ingersoll Rand note: the roller's business in 2007 sold to Volvo building Volvo equipment) and Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR), Germany's BMW (BOMAG) and Wittgen (WIRTGEN), Sweden Dynapac (DYNAPAC in Japan, Sakai) (SAKAI).
Q:What about a light machine?
The efficiency of the polishing machine is about 200-300 square meters per day
Q:How many rollers are there in the roller?
Single wheel mechanical rear wheel drive.The single steel wheel is fully hydraulic and can drive both front and rear.Full hydraulic pre vibration of double steel wheel.Tire type roller mill, single or full shaft.
Q:Roller in the end to buy strong insurance?
According to the present law, roller belongs to a kind of construction machinery, so it can not buy strong insurance. Traffic control department will not give you a license, the driver's license is not issued by the traffic control department.

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