Asphalt Mixing Plant 90-120tph

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· Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name: XRMC

· Model Number: J1500

· asphalt mixing plant: construction machinery

Packaging & Delivery

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suitable for sea delivery, in container

Delivery Detail:

40 days after contract signing


J1500, designed with the mature techniques of BENNINGHOVEN to satisfy the market.
Can be tansported in container.

Production capacity(t/h): 90-120

Mixer capacity(kg): 1500

Aggregate(4 kinds of materials are accumulated): ±0.3%

Fine material(2 kinds of materials are accumulated): ±0.3%

Bitumen: ±0.1%

Temperature control accuracy(.C): ≤±5

Dust collection efficiency(mg/Nm3): ≤50

Total Power(kW): 325

Batch hopper: Length×Width(m): 3.2×2.5

Hopper capacity(m3): 7.3

Belt conveyor: Width(mm): 500

            Power(kW): 5.5

Drier: Diameter×Length(m): 1.5×6.5

            Power(kW): 30

Vibrating screen: Length×Width(m): 4×1.56

            Power(kW): 2×5.5

Scale: Aggregate(kg): 1500

            Fine material(kg): 300

            Bitumen(kg): 225

Mixer: Capacity(kg): 1500

            Power(kW): 45

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Q:What kind of excavator like excavator is easy to learn?
Is a rotary drilling rig, difficulty varies, excavators than boring work.AskI'm not talking about steel plate piles!Chasing the answerYes, it's broad. There is steel wire hanging. It's boring, too
Q:Ramming machine operator must wear what labor protection supplies
3. tamping machine not in frozen soil, stone, broken bricks and stone miscellaneous soil tamping, tamping machine turn, turn and not fiercely spreading does not help their free walk. 4. tamping machine operation, machine 2m no one. Taiwan compactor is hit, the left and right distance not less than 5m, and the distance of not less than 10m. The operating personnel must wear insulated shoes, wear insulated gloves.
Q:How many tons of pile drivers are used to hit 400X400 square piles?
Usually with 6.3 ton or 8.3 tons of guide rod, diesel hammer will be able to hit. The static pile machine is not clear.
Q:What are the general safety hazards of temporary power and piling machines in the construction site?
Piling machine electrical short circuit can not strike fire, need temporary power consumption precautions:The construction site of 1 piles and electricity should be used temporarily laying cable laying, temporary power lines should be in conformity with the special safety electricity demand, cable line of mobile often demand, should be laid by vehicle rolling, trampled and pipe, where the workpiece collision is not easy, and may not be placed in soil and water. The electrician needs at least one power outage every week to check the outer wear of the cable and find that the problems need to be dealt with in a timely manner. When the cable goes through a temporary route, it uses a steel pipe as a sheath, trenching, laying underground, and setting a firm and significant azimuth symbol.2, temporary power construction, it is necessary to set up special switch cabinet or switch box, cabinets (boxes) necessary equipment over-current, overload, short-circuit and leakage maintenance equipment. Mechanical equipment and maintenance of the switch cabinet is provided with neutral or ground, switch cabinet (box), anti rain (tide) and cabinet (box) within the switch electrical equipment, switch cabinet (box) with "electric temporary construction site safety technical specification shall be the equipment".
Q:What certificate should be required for the construction of the pile driver?
If there is any nonconformity, the rectification shall be completed and checked by the supervision.
Q:How do you operate the gasoline hand polishing machine?
Press down on the gasoline polishing machine, turn the machine right, lift a little higher and turn left.
Q:How many meters per day can a foundation shovel in Luoyang be 80 centimeters in diameter? Is it easy to damage?
Often it is easy to wear stone blade but this thing a shovel blade is dozens of pieces of money I play this machine for many years I was in Jiangxi Ganzhou Hebei Shun Machinery Factory bought machine but then buy is 60 cm in diameter of the machine is very good quality basically not straight holes emptying the shovel in my experience this machine is vulnerable parts of the wire rope and hoist brake belt and motor belt but these are very cheap hardware stores are sold. 80 cm I have not used but I use 60 cm hit a ten meter hole in 40 minutes the course you have to hoist operation very skilled ah Hey this is my actual experience you want to help
Q:How about the quality of the new paver?
Not too far, or choose Xu Cheng brand, better secured.
Q:What kind of hand roller is good for use? Now it seems to be hydraulic and Mechanical
With respect to the hydraulic mechanical type, the performance is more stable, better compaction out, the failure rate is smaller, so the equipment is originally in half considering hydraulic, don't want to bother, every two or three days a problem
Q:Method of using a concrete wipe machine
After reaching the initial setting strength of concrete (3.5MPa), press it with finger and press it without obvious impression. Trowel machine, trowel machine called cement collection machine, the main structure of the utility model is a gasoline engine driven spatula rotor, rotor in the central cross bottom is provided with 2 ~ 4 pieces of spatula.

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