Asphalt Paver 7501

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Product Description:

Product Name: Asphalt Paver WTD7501


1.     Product Feature of Asphalt Paver WTD7501

The leveling system is characterized by fast response speed and high leveling precision

Left and right crawler belts are independently hydraulic driven to help maintain a constant paving speed and ensure good straight-ahead travel function of our road paver. Non-slip steering and spot turning can also be achieved

2.    Specification of Asphalt Paver WTD7501



Main Parameter

Travel model


Basic Paving Width


Maximum Paving Width


Maximum Paving Thickness


Working Speed


Running Speed


Theoretical Productivity


Hopper Capacity




Leveling Tolerance (Wave)


Transverse Wave Error


Arch degree Adjusting Range







Fuel Tank Capacity


Rated Power 


Rated Speed 


Electric System


Emission Standard


Mangle System 

Screed Model

Mechanical Lengthening

Hydraulic Telescopic Range


Compaction Type  

Single Vibration and Double Tamping

Tamping Frequency


Vibrating Frequency 


Heating Type

Propane Gas Heating

Dimension and Weight 

Overall Length


Overall Width (Basic Segment)


Height (With the Cab)


Transportation Height


Total Mass



3.    Delivery of Asphalt Paver WTD7501

This model could be shipped by Bulk Vessel or Roll-on roll-off vessel.



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Q:Can the asphalt cold patching material be paved with spreader?
We are the traffic bureau of Liaoning Dandong Donggang District, Donggang district government in January last year, our urgent need to paving the road ahead, cold weather can not use cement mixing, after inspection, the purchase of the Yantai Huatong company of cold patch asphalt paving material, the length of 2.7 km, width of 6 meters, 1100 tons of materials.
Q:Description of balance beam for paver
Domestic or imported? Which one?. For reference only.
Q:What's the price of the ABG8820 spreader?
This machine is generally paved, and if you project department opposite layer construction machinery do not have much demand, I recommend Jiangsu Huatong EPC125B, the same performance, the price is only half of 8620.
Q:Who knows the difference between Slipform Paver and track paver, it is better to have a picture as evidence
2. Paver is a kind of construction equipment which is mainly used for paving material on the base and surface of expressway. It is composed of various systems to cooperate with each other, including walking system, hydraulic system, transportation and distribution system, and so on.Oil 3, paver hydraulic system is too high to reduce oil viscosity, increase of leakage, oil film lubrication failure, the parts wear; at the same time, the high temperature will make the rubber materials gasket premature aging and damage. Therefore, it is very important to control the proper oil temperature.
Q:What kind of machinery does the paver belong to and which department does the operation permit handle?.
Belong to the road construction machinery, operation certificate by the state administrative examination center designated, have special qualification unit organization examination release, general host factory have corresponding qualifications.
Q:I have a roller, a paver, a project outside there, how do I know?
The search for a paving machineOr send your own post, say where the project needs to pave the machine, just wait for someone to ask on the line
Q:Does the asphalt paver work at high temperatures and toxic work? Are there any authorities missing?
The general situation of asphalt paving is not high toxic, but at present with a lot of modified asphalt, especially rubber asphalt paving, high temperature, high temperature will release some harmful gases, affecting the working environment.
Q:ABD525 asphalt paver power and other related technical parameters, there are information to help ah!
It should be ABG525. The landlord has a wrong model
Q:Will the Volvo ABG6820 paver be all right?
The Setup Manager improves the productivity by selecting preprogrammed functions according to the requirements of the shop floor.The maintenance interval manager prompts the operator to follow the machine maintenance requirements and enhance the reliability of the machine operation.
Q:Asphalt surface construction technology in the paving operation problems 20
In the teaching material, the lane wheel track belt refers to the area where the wheel trace is relatively centralized after the road is paved. Generally, there are 80~100cm marks on the carriageway markings, not the wheel traces of the paver. This is mainly to consider the lane wheel track belt is the most concentrated area of driving load, where the construction joints are easy to cause longitudinal cracks in the road.Because the road generally uses layered paving, from down to up in turn below paving layer, middle layer and upper layer, the three layer materials are unified while asphalt mixture, but the mixture size is different, and the upper layer is generally used in modified asphalt. Therefore, the lap joint problem should be considered in the process of delamination and spread. The upper and the lower lap joints refer to the lap position of the lower layer and the middle surface layer, and the middle layer and the upper layer overlap positions to stagger.

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