Asphalt Paver WTD6000

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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1 unit
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100 Units per Month unit/month

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Product Description:

Product Name: Asphalt Paver WTL6000


1.     Product Feature of Asphalt Paver WTL6000 

Our hydraulic asphalt paver uses imported CUMMINS engine with high power reserve coefficient six sets of hydraulic drive systems and three sets of control systems independently drive and control left and right crawler attachments, material delivery devices and distribution devices.

2.    Specification of Asphalt Paver WTL6000



Main Parameter

Travel model

Wheel Type Rear Drive

Basic Paving Width


Maximum Paving Width


Maximum Paving Thickness


Working Speed


Running Speed


Theoretical Productivity


Hopper Capacity




Leveling Tolerance (Wave)


Transverse Wave Error


Arch degree Adjusting Range




Dongfeng Cummins



Fuel Tank Capacity


Rated Power 


Rated Speed 


Electric System


Emission Standard


Mangle System 

Screed Model

Hydraulic Telescopic

Hydraulic Telescopic Range


Compaction Type  

Single Vibration and Single Tamping

Tamping Frequency


Vibrating Frequency 


Heating Type

Diesel Oil Heating

Dimension and Weight 

Overall Length


Overall Width (Basic Segment)


Height (With the Cab)


Transportation Height


Total Mass



3.    Delivery of Asphalt Paver WTL6000

This model could be shipped by Bulk Vessel or Roll-on roll-off vessel.


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1) Brand-name Parts

2) Country of Origin

3) Competitive Price

4) Good Product Performance

5) Prompt Delivery

6) Quality Approvals

7) Good Reputation

8) Expedite Communication

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10) Distributorships Offered

11) One Step Service

12) Good Quality Service

13) Small Orders Accepted

14) Overseas Service Branches


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Q:What kind of machinery does the paver belong to and which department does the operation permit handle?.
Belong to the road construction machinery, operation certificate by the state administrative examination center designated, have special qualification unit organization examination release, general host factory have corresponding qualifications.
Q:When the construction material of asphalt mixture, lorry and paver work, lorry is behind you
In Asphalt Pavement Mechanization Construction, supporting the use of asphalt mixture transfer car (also called transport machine) to joint paving operation, it can effectively solve the problem of affecting the construction quality of aggregate segregation and temperature segregation.
Q:How can the paver be leveled?
Adjusting the initial elevation angle of the ironing device, the two leveling oil cylinder fully extends back to retract 50mm, and the back edge of the screed plate is used as the datum, and the front edge raises 4mm, and the pointer of the leveling cylinder and the rear end pointer of the big arm are all refer to the 0 position.
Q:Asphalt paver is how much money
See what you do with it, as the foundation can rent almost, and that price will be 5-6. If it is the high-speed
Q:Are there any prospects for an open road roller and asphalt paver?
Let me tell you, there's no future at all. Never do that.
Q:Which is the best domestic paver?
This depends on what you want to pave the road, the general road, then intermediate paver enough, almost all manufacturers. If the shop had to buy the senior high speed paver, ensure the smoothness of the pavement compactness, Tianshun hydraulic the Great Wall is also good, the imitation of foreign ABG8820 and improved on the basis of it, can be considered.
Q:Paver learning summary
Summary considerations:1., we must seek truth from facts, basic achievements are not exaggerated, the basic shortcomings are not reduced. This is the basis for analyzing and drawing lessons.2. organize clearly. Sentences are clear and easy to understand.3., should be detailed and slightly appropriate. There are important, secondary, should focus on writing. The problems in the summing up should be divided into primary and secondary, detailed and minor.Summary of the basic format:1 title2, textAt the beginning: the general overview of the evaluation, highlights, summary.Main body: analysis of achievements, shortcomings, lessons learned.Conclusion: analyze the problem and make clear the direction.3, inscribeSignature and date
Q:What is a multi-functional paver?
From the asphalt paver evolution of multifunctional paver% either to laying asphalt stabilized soil 1 or 899 per cent of all materials showed a high efficiency 1 high quality superiority of 0 the structure of the paver structurally% is nothing but a host of dragging a floating screed. The present work% in the high grade highway construction in the application of the majority of 0 and other types of machines with different percent of multifunctional paver's development and success is building 1 technical personnel and technical personnel 1 building materials machinery manufacturing and technical personnel work closely together to improve the quality of the results of the 0 and cost reduction are% by this three people together to 0 due to the new compaction technology development% by the previous grader 1 road mix machine to complete the work by laying steady material paver to improve the quality of roads and complete% from the economic aspect% of new technique shows The strong potential of 0 on how to build a road surface often found in various books% 0 all kinds of construction machinery itself how to operate the machine features%% paver attached instructions generally give a detailed description of the 0 but in the actual process of using% paver how to maximize its function% how to adapt to the actual situations of% to the fastest and most simple way to enter the normal operating conditions% different operators have different habits of 0 through a large number of actual experience% paving paver design combined with the theoretical knowledge on the use of some% to 1 errors to analyze%
Q:Asphalt paver is how much each work shift work?
In general, an asphalt paver is a single stage shop around 1500m
Q:What's the price of the ABG8820 spreader?
8820 of the price is now uncertain, because Volvo has long been updated to ABG8820B, the price between four million and down, according to the euro exchange rate will fluctuate slightly, the most advanced 9820 is only five million. Domestic production at two million up and down, cheap, the same quality, corresponding to the price. Shaanxi construction has also become the past style, and now the factory in Linyi, are Volvo group's banner.

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