Asphalt Paver WTD6000

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Product Description:

Product Name: Asphalt Paver WTL6000


1.     Product Feature of Asphalt Paver WTL6000 

Our hydraulic asphalt paver uses imported CUMMINS engine with high power reserve coefficient six sets of hydraulic drive systems and three sets of control systems independently drive and control left and right crawler attachments, material delivery devices and distribution devices.

2.    Specification of Asphalt Paver WTL6000



Main Parameter

Travel model

Wheel Type Rear Drive

Basic Paving Width


Maximum Paving Width


Maximum Paving Thickness


Working Speed


Running Speed


Theoretical Productivity


Hopper Capacity




Leveling Tolerance (Wave)


Transverse Wave Error


Arch degree Adjusting Range




Dongfeng Cummins



Fuel Tank Capacity


Rated Power 


Rated Speed 


Electric System


Emission Standard


Mangle System 

Screed Model

Hydraulic Telescopic

Hydraulic Telescopic Range


Compaction Type  

Single Vibration and Single Tamping

Tamping Frequency


Vibrating Frequency 


Heating Type

Diesel Oil Heating

Dimension and Weight 

Overall Length


Overall Width (Basic Segment)


Height (With the Cab)


Transportation Height


Total Mass



3.    Delivery of Asphalt Paver WTL6000

This model could be shipped by Bulk Vessel or Roll-on roll-off vessel.


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2) Country of Origin

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13) Small Orders Accepted

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Q:How much can an asphalt paver cost?
The difference between the price of imported and domestic is very large. What technical requirements do you have?. I've been working on asphalt heating and finishing equipment, and I hope I can help you.
Q:Paver looking for square
Paver for square type, using longitudinal instrument automatic leveling which is elevation, for example it is to ensure the wire paving surface from the wire has a fixed distance, so you wire a little higher, a little lower does not matter, as long as the wire frame after calculating Chutan pavement should be from the wire the distance can be. When the longitudinal joint is used, the longitudinal shoe of the longitudinal wave instrument is directly placed on the paved pavement, which is the same principle. It guarantees the smoothness of the new paving and the paved pavement. The use of longitudinal instrument cannot use a screwdriver or steel to tie the thickness, this is actually wrong.
Q:What kind of concrete paver? What's his composition?
The synovial paver is very advanced at present. It can be used to lay the concrete pavement. It can not use the edge formwork, complete the paving molding process and the construction process at one time. You can refer to the corresponding standard..
Q:What are the differences between rail paver and Slipform Paver?
Mainly to see if there is no sliding type paver location, because the sliding type paver is in the middle of the road, the need for walking position. In addition, the speed of paving speed of Slipform Paver is of good quality, and the tender price is not the sameMainly to see if there is a paver walking position, because the Slipform Paver is cross paver, need a walking position. In addition Slipform Paver paving fast and good quality, and the bid price is not the same, to look at the owner's request.
Q:Calculation of the demand of asphalt paver
1. calculate the amount of asphalt concrete firstPaving thickness X paving width X length, paving asphalt concrete paving material density = tonnagePaving thickness (m) = number of layers added, such as the top layer thickness + the surface layer thickness + the thickness of the following layer (the general diameter is not the same)Paving width (m) = width of each paving added;Paving length (m) = length of pavement to be laid.The density of asphalt concrete is usually 2.4~2.5 tons / cubic meter.Such as paving 20 kilometers, the surface layer has a width of 24 meters, paving two layer 4 cm +6 cm.Asphalt concrete =20000X24X (0.04+0.06) 2.4=20000 / ton.2., calculate the spreading rate of a spreaderSuppose a 9 meter paver theory, hourly paver 300 tons, but the actual theory can not reach the theoretical value, but also by the asphalt concrete production and transportation restrictions. Assume an average of 100 tons per hour and 10 hours a day.20000 / 100 10=20 / day.3. time limitIf the surface layer plan for 30 days, as long as it is not raining or other bad weather, so that one will be enough;If the schedule is tight or the weather is not good, the paver will be added.4., more than when paving, in order to ensure the quality of construction, such as seam problems, may choose side by side paving, you need more than 2 paver together.
Q:How to calculate the production efficiency of paver?
the maximum production capacity of 1.8t/m3 RP601L, general RP700L paver is 400t/h, paving width, speed, thickness should be chosen in the rating range.
Q:Will the speed of paver affect the thickness of Asphalt during construction?
Of course, if you want to go faster, the corresponding dynamic rammer is mainly to re test the loose laying coefficient
Q:What is the self leveling of asphalt paver? (not auto leveling)
The self leveling principle of the paver: change the traction angle (change the scale of the paver, such as ABG at each side of the operating table) to change the resistance of the screed front mixture to change the paving thickness of the mixture. Say popular point is filtering function
Q:What is the maximum width of the paver?
At present, the common cement paver on the market has the largest paving area of 12.5 meters.
Q:Highway design, water stability, paving width of 8 meters, then the paver should be assembled a few meters?
In the construction of water stability, if the sideline is solidified. That is to place the wooden side. 8 meters is 8 meters. This is not to be considered. If there are no wooden sides.

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