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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:CCCC XRMC

  • Model Number:LTU900


LTU900 multifunctional paver is developed on the base of the advanced technologies of DYNAPAC Company of Germany.

LTU900 multifunctional paver is developed on the base of the advanced technologies of DYNAPAC Company of Germany and also absorbed the advanced applied technologies of ABG423, DYNAPACF18C/HOSE1500K etc. Based on the experiments of innovating and developing pavers for many years, XRMC deeply analyzed the demands of clients and then developed this type of paver, whose available materials includes asphalt and soil cement. The international famous hydraulic and electric system, driving system with CUMMINS engine, advanced automatic selfleveling, advanced screeding device with the width of 9 m etc. ensure the compactness and the smoothness of this prouct. This machine has the high reliability, rational price and multiple functions which ensure the good construction quality, so this product can be used to build and maintain the first-class highways, roads of city or countryside, airports and dams etc.


Model: crawler full hydraulic, self control drive

Paving width: 2.5m-9m

Max. Paving thickness: 350mm

Paving speed: 1.0-14m/min, stepless speed regulation

Max. Traveling speed: 0-2.2km/h, stepless speed regulation

Max. Theoretical capacity: 600t/h

Degree of compaction: ≥85%

Smoothness: ≤5mm/3m //≤3mm/3m (enhanced configuration)

Crown adjusting range: 0-4%

Engine: model: 6BT5.9A-C132 (CUMMINS)

Rated power: 132kw

Rated rotary speed: 2500r/min

Gross weight: 23t

Conveyer speed:18m/min

Helix speed: 0-88 r/min

Screed basic width: 2.5m

Screed widening method: mechanical extension.

Widening section length of screed: 0.25m×4  0.5m ×4  0.75m ×2  1.0m×2

Oscillation frequency: 0-41Hz

Vibration frequency: 0-21Hz

Amplitude of main vibrator: 5mm

Amplitude of auxiliary vibrator: 6mm

Noise: ≤90db

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Q:Who can give me the certificate of excavators,
Because of its scope of operation and scope of operation is not as extensive as excavators, but also like bulldozers, rollers, loaders, these 7 paver. I'm responsible for saying ~ loader! Loader, excavator, according to yours
Q:Why is the paving speed of asphalt paver somewhat fast and slow?
Each brand model paver is not the same as the engine, electrical component and hydraulic system, so the walking speed will be biased.
Q:How many kinds of paver are there in Volvo? Is the machine Volvo good?
Volvo acquired the ABG brand pavers have two were 88206820, domestic ABG two a Shandong Linyi Volvo, another building ABG 86207620, their technological content is the same, but the operating platform is a touch type, the other is a button type, the price difference is about about 300000., but the price is concerned, the 8620 building is also good.
Q:What is the elevation angle of paver?
General water stability take scale maximum (no matter how many degrees), can get 15-40 cm virtual paving value, asphalt paving to zero, that is the minimum value, can get 0.5-20 cm virtual value.
Q:Paver rent how much money one day
Four meters wide and five of the 20. big thick concrete paver, one day can spread much, how much is it
Q:What are the ABG423 vulnerable parts of paver?
This type of spreader is as famous as the AK47 in a submachine gun.The wearing parts are: spiral blade, hopper bottom board, chain, ironing bottom board, tamping hammer strip, sealing ring.
Q:What are the national standards for the helical blade diameter of paver?
The diameter of the screw blade has a lot to do with the spreading width of your paver. There is a national standard of paver technology. According to the paving width designed by the paver, the screw blade is specified. Not very clear, but you can refer to the reference.
Q:Where is the Volvo paver in Germany?
In 1965, the company launched its first TITAN spreader to the market. The change of history and the accumulation of experience have made the paver of ABG company the best brand to lead the trend of paver in the world.
Q:31 paver scraper adjustment tight, good or loose good?
Check the scraper chain chain guard wear. The elastic should not be stuck
Q:What are the main parameters to buy imported rollers and pavers?
Roller: BMW, Dana Pike, hummer. Mainly depends on the weight of the steel wheel.Paver: ABG, Vogele, Dynapac (including 02 years of the acquisition of Demag). Mainly to see the width of paving.But buy it, construction of asphalt pavement, road roller is generally double steel wheel 12-13 tons, Paver Construction is 9 meters high configuration mechanical screed (for compactness, smoothness and segregation requirements more stringent), municipal construction according to the construction of the specific circumstances to relax the requirements, 9 meters, 12 meters, stretching, machinery, can.

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