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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:CCCC XRMC

  • Model Number:LTU900


LTU900 multifunctional paver is developed on the base of the advanced technologies of DYNAPAC Company of Germany.

LTU900 multifunctional paver is developed on the base of the advanced technologies of DYNAPAC Company of Germany and also absorbed the advanced applied technologies of ABG423, DYNAPACF18C/HOSE1500K etc. Based on the experiments of innovating and developing pavers for many years, XRMC deeply analyzed the demands of clients and then developed this type of paver, whose available materials includes asphalt and soil cement. The international famous hydraulic and electric system, driving system with CUMMINS engine, advanced automatic selfleveling, advanced screeding device with the width of 9 m etc. ensure the compactness and the smoothness of this prouct. This machine has the high reliability, rational price and multiple functions which ensure the good construction quality, so this product can be used to build and maintain the first-class highways, roads of city or countryside, airports and dams etc.


Model: crawler full hydraulic, self control drive

Paving width: 2.5m-9m

Max. Paving thickness: 350mm

Paving speed: 1.0-14m/min, stepless speed regulation

Max. Traveling speed: 0-2.2km/h, stepless speed regulation

Max. Theoretical capacity: 600t/h

Degree of compaction: ≥85%

Smoothness: ≤5mm/3m //≤3mm/3m (enhanced configuration)

Crown adjusting range: 0-4%

Engine: model: 6BT5.9A-C132 (CUMMINS)

Rated power: 132kw

Rated rotary speed: 2500r/min

Gross weight: 23t

Conveyer speed:18m/min

Helix speed: 0-88 r/min

Screed basic width: 2.5m

Screed widening method: mechanical extension.

Widening section length of screed: 0.25m×4  0.5m ×4  0.75m ×2  1.0m×2

Oscillation frequency: 0-41Hz

Vibration frequency: 0-21Hz

Amplitude of main vibrator: 5mm

Amplitude of auxiliary vibrator: 6mm

Noise: ≤90db

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Q:Why is the paving speed of asphalt paver somewhat fast and slow?
Each brand model paver is not the same as the engine, electrical component and hydraulic system, so the walking speed will be biased.
Q:The import of paver and Dynapac Vogele which is good
Dynapac Xugong have good? For example, are held so false, if it is on customer service and accessories, building good customer service, and even keep up with popular accessories and Shaanxi and Vogele, Dynapac.
Q:How many meters can a concrete paver spread per day?
You look happy or not the master machine
Q:Will the Volvo ABG6820 paver be all right?
Electronic control and independent driving device ensure the equipment to achieve balanced propulsion, accurate straight forward, turn and start smoothly. The operation platform provides spacious operating space and convenience, ensures the operator's comfortable operation, and has a good full range of vision for material flow and operation areas.
Q:What is a rail type paver?
The rail model is the track of the train and the template of the cement concrete. The paver is equipped with a spreader (also known as a distributor) used to dump the cement concrete on the roadbed and spread it evenly on the subgrade according to a certain thickness.
Q:Road laying oil, how to build a paver?
And, oh, what do you mean by "laying oil"? Do you spread asphalt on the road? The asphalt truck
Q:What brands are there in the domestic paver?
Xuzhou: XCMGHunan: 31, ZhonglianZhenjiang: HuatongTianjin: heydayXi'an: Shaanxi ConstructionSichuan: new constructionLiuzhou: LiugongDomestic brand is so much, like building also produced ABG, and Beijing tianshun.There are so many big factories!I do paver, there are problems, you can contact any time
Q:Asphalt paver width of a few meters, width of four meters, you can do the asphalt pavement
Asphalt paver can be used as asphalt pavement;Asphalt paver is divided into rigid and trap. The basic width trap is 3 meters on both sides of the telescopic 1.5 meters to 6 meters. 4 meters of the road with a movable paver.The asphalt paver evenly spreads the asphalt mixture on the road base, and carries out the preliminary vibration and the leveling machinery. There are two kinds of sub tracks and tyres. It consists of two parts: traction, spreading and vibrating and ironing. The former includes rack, power unit, walking device, hopper, material door, scraper conveyor, screw spreader and cab. The latter includes traction arm, vibrating mechanism and ironing device (composed of ironing plate, thickness regulator, camber adjuster and heating device).
Q:31 paver screw pump pressure in which tune?
If the engine oil pressure is normal, the engine runs normally. The oil pressure is low, the oil pump is worn seriously, or the pressure limiting valve is defective. The oil pressure is high, the oil pressure limiting valve is faulty or the oil circuit is blocked. Personal point of view, for reference only, for communication only.
Q:31, 95 paver speed does not go down, what is the reason?
Is it possible to slow down when using emergency walking? Is the speed potentiometer defective?. Suggested inspection.

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