LTU 600 6 meters asphalt paver

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Condition: New

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: XRMC

Model Number: LTU600

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multi-function and high-performance.

LTU600 asphalt paver, a newly designed multi-purpose and high-performance product aiming the special construction demands, is designed by Xian Road Construction Machinery Co. Ltd based on its 30 plus years of successful experience of developing, designing and manufacturing pavers. This paver walks on pedrails with strong pulling force and drive force. Besides, it is equipped with hydraulic telescopic single-vibration, fuelheating ironing plate and automatic alignment device with both longitude grade and transverse grade, all of which ensures good compactness and flatness during pavement. LTU600 bituminous concrete paver applies for various types of road pavement, and can pave various materials to both bottom and ground surface, and especially for the bituminous concrete roadRCC basic material and stable soil material, hence, it is really an ideal equipment for building up top-grade highway.

Technical Parameters


 Type: NC4110ZG4 water-cooled supercharged diesel engine.

Rated power: 85KW

 Rated rotating speed: 2300r/min

2. Paving width

 Basic paving width: 2.8m

 Max. paving width: 6.0m

3. Paving thickness


4. Productivity:      300t/h

5. Hopper volume:    6.5m3

6. Overall dimension:  L×W×H 6090×2856×2595mm

7. Total weight of machine: 16t

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Q:Under what circumstances should the crawler asphalt paver be used?
Many of the equipment are multi-purpose, not only paving asphalt, but also spread water stability.
Q:What is the hourly fuel consumption of the Volvo8820 paver?
You do not know the engine model VOLVO diesel engine, but it probably can be estimated fuel consumption, namely: less than 206g/KWh.
Q:7.5kW what's the size of the 50L?
Paver model and introduction (for reference only): 1. TITAN423 paver paving materials: all kinds of asphalt materials; stable materials; graded aggregate; sand; stone; roller compacted concrete; rail ballast. Application Engineering: highway; automobile special road; grade highway; airport; mending road; water conservancy project; asphalt surface layer and structure layer; railway subgrade. Technical parameters: Engine: power 133KW; maximum paving width: 12m; paving thickness: maximum 300mm; speed: operation speed 0-16m/min; hopper: capacity of about 14T. Paving productivity: 700t/h (Theory) 2, TITAN325 paver paving materials: all kinds of asphalt material; cement stabilized material; graded aggregate; sand; stone; roller compacted concrete (RCC).
Q:Where is the paver's operation permit?
At present, excavators, loaders and other types of construction machinery has not belong to special equipment, does not involve special operations, therefore, is no longer a special operation certificate..
Q:I have a roller, a paver, a project outside there, how do I know?
The search for a paving machineOr send your own post, say where the project needs to pave the machine, just wait for someone to ask on the line
Q:What are the ABG423 vulnerable parts of paver?
This type of spreader is as famous as the AK47 in a submachine gun.The wearing parts are: spiral blade, hopper bottom board, chain, ironing bottom board, tamping hammer strip, sealing ring.
Q:Who knows the difference between Slipform Paver and track paver, it is better to have a picture as evidence
When the oil temperature is too high, we must stop inspection, generally from the following aspects:(1) check the tank surface is too low. Experience shows that the high oil temperature is often due to lack of oil tank, so the oil shortage should be promptly added.(2) hydraulic oil filter and return circuit are blocked?.(3) whether the radiator is normal or not. The radiator, if adhered to a large amount of dust, can cause poor heat dissipation and increase the oil temperature. Due to the dust in the working environment of paver, the radiator should be cleaned in time(4) whether the quality of hydraulic oil is qualified?. If the quality of the added oil is not qualified, it will cause the system oil temperature to be too high.In addition, the hydraulic system in the lack of oil work, easy to cause damage to the pump and motor, therefore, after the lack of oil, troubleshooting, but also to check the pump and motor running state, if necessary, replace the pump and motor damaged parts
Q:What is the standard setting rate of asphalt pavement?
According to "technical specification for construction of highway asphalt pavement" (JTG F40-2004) Regulations: in hot mix paving machine for asphalt mixture layer construction, paver must be slow, uniform and continuous uninterrupted paver, not free to change the speed or stops, in order to improve the smoothness, reduce segregation of mixture, paving speed should be controlled in the range of 2~6m/min, the modified asphalt mixture and SMA mixture should slow down to 1~3m/min. When the mixture shows obvious segregation, wave, crack and drag mark, the reason should be analyzed and eliminated.
Q:How to distinguish the spreading function, the water stability and the asphalt?
Asphalt paver will be able to spread water stability, it can be said to be big money, small use, is a waste of money, with the brand Lek than multi-functional, about 300 thousand of your expensive. Generally speaking, asphalt paver is paved with high speed road surface. Paved with water is multi-functional paver, the first grade road and municipal highway asphalt pavement can be multi-purpose shop, but must not pave the high speed.
Q:Is the water stable material paver and asphalt paver a thing?
Water stability requirements are not high, as long as the paved on the line, the asphalt is not the same, the flatness, ironing board have higher requirements, otherwise the paved road is not good!

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