LTU 600 6 meters asphalt paver

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Condition: New

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: XRMC

Model Number: LTU600

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multi-function and high-performance.

LTU600 asphalt paver, a newly designed multi-purpose and high-performance product aiming the special construction demands, is designed by Xian Road Construction Machinery Co. Ltd based on its 30 plus years of successful experience of developing, designing and manufacturing pavers. This paver walks on pedrails with strong pulling force and drive force. Besides, it is equipped with hydraulic telescopic single-vibration, fuelheating ironing plate and automatic alignment device with both longitude grade and transverse grade, all of which ensures good compactness and flatness during pavement. LTU600 bituminous concrete paver applies for various types of road pavement, and can pave various materials to both bottom and ground surface, and especially for the bituminous concrete roadRCC basic material and stable soil material, hence, it is really an ideal equipment for building up top-grade highway.

Technical Parameters


 Type: NC4110ZG4 water-cooled supercharged diesel engine.

Rated power: 85KW

 Rated rotating speed: 2300r/min

2. Paving width

 Basic paving width: 2.8m

 Max. paving width: 6.0m

3. Paving thickness


4. Productivity:      300t/h

5. Hopper volume:    6.5m3

6. Overall dimension:  L×W×H 6090×2856×2595mm

7. Total weight of machine: 16t

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Q:Paver, roller operation certificate issued by any functional departments, there are no relevant legal documents?
Paver, roller operation certificateSpecial work refers to the kind of special operations personnel post category, refers to the accident prone to casualties, the operation of himself, others and the safety of the surrounding facilities, there is a serious harm to the type of work.
Q:Why is the asphalt paver so simple?
The paver you saw refers to a few hands, and the surrounding environment at the time of construction is not simple!
Q:How many meters can a concrete paver spread per day?
As674278135 said very well, must see the teacher happy not happy, ha ha. The progress of the project, and many of the first factor, personnel deployment, management is second, all kinds of machines; the operation is normal; third, paving width and thickness; fourth, operation technology, mentality, and engineering supervision will be difficult; fifth, weather...... In general, water stable paving 10 hours a day by 30 cm thick 6 meters wide, 500 meters above the normal even laying asphalt; well, it's hard to say, up to 2--3 kilometers a day, everything is normal at least laying 1 kilometers, feeding to normal
Q:How much is the paver?
Small wants more than 10000.. About more than 30 thousand
Q:Municipal Road, the width of the oil surface 12 meters,
Safety requirements can not be, 1, prone to segregation. 2, a car material shop is not a few meters, change back and forth, speed is not fast. 3, mechanical overload work, damage to machinery. 4, if the amount of work is relatively large, it is recommended to use two units. 5. normal, then open the baffle, one side of the multi shop 25cm no problem, the problem is that the water stable paver generally the widest 9m. 12. 5 meters only with asphalt paver (recommended less use, a year down, asphalt paver running board on the uneven)
Q:How to carry out paving operation of self-propelled asphalt mixture paver?
The first step is to install the ironing board as requiredThe second step is to draw a good technician guide line of Paver Screed underlying good pre paving hardness Garzon paving coefficient thick board or woodThe third step to reversing car pull incoming paver hopper lifting hopper, paving machine manual with the helical mixture and then spiral vibration and to automatically find the instrument set to automatic position, push the lever forward, paving speed according to the requirements set.
Q:There are several kinds of paver balance beam. Where can I find them?
Paver balance beam has two kinds: 8 and 36 strands, others are products of interest driven, don't worry about it; the second question asked Baidu to "Changzhou Hainuo" or "hinuo"
Q:Can you tell me the elevation of the paver and the guide beam?
You see what kind of paving material, general virtual paving ratio of compacted thickness of about 2cm, to control the thickness of about 13cm, the wire rope to the paving surface above a certain height, has guaranteed the paving surface with wire rope or guide beam with fixed height difference on it.
Q:The width of asphalt concrete paver is narrow and can be paved
Jiangsu Huatong power heavy industry SPS27, 1.5~2.7M. narrowest 1.5M
Q:31 paver screw pump pressure in which tune?
Oil valves limit engine oil pressure. Limiting maximum pressure.The pressure sensor is connected in the oil circuit of the pressure sensor.Description: start the engine, engine oil, press the pump to increase the pressure, for the engine lubrication system to provide pressure, lubricating oil. Start the moment, if the engine oil pressure is insufficient, the sensor is passed to the control system, the engine can not start, but some machines do not have this system.

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