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  • Condition:New

  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:LTUB900


Imported hydraulic and electric control system.
reliable, flexible parameter setting, internal and external fault diagnosis.

The core system of LTUB900 Paver is hydraulic system, with elaborate design, all the hydraulic pressure in the machine is of high safety. Good pipe accessory, filtering system and radiator system enable people to work under awful condition without worry. LTUB900 electric control system facilitates people to deal with various accidents because it absorbs advantages of digital control technology, entirely reliable work, flexible parameter setting, internal and external fault diagnosing function. With elaborate machining and special longer caterpillar, this system ensures huge tractive force and reasonable gravity, even paving 9m road and displacing at short distance, it is unnecessary to dismount Screed or add more counterweight into scraper.

LTUB900 Paver is a kind of automatic engineering machine with many uses such as paving bituminous admixture, stable soil, RCC, etc. It possesses advanced technology in combination with the mode of electric control and hydraulic drive; the characters of its chief function are as follows:

Parameter of Paver

Model:           Crawler-type hydraulic paver

Paving width:       2.5m

Max. paving width:12m

Max. theoretical capacity: 800t/h

Engine              Type: BF6M1013C water-cooling diesel engine

Power: 156KW

Total weight:         22t

Screed width:              2.5m

Screed widen method: mechanical widen

Fuel consumption:   221g/Kwh

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Q:How does the balance beam of asphalt paver adjust the paving thickness by data?
First manually find the appropriate thickness, then reset automatically, to achieve automatic leveling.
Q:Application method of paver balance beam
There are many kinds of paver Balancing beams, each with an instruction manual, but very similar. Domestic or imported? Which one?. For reference only.
Q:The difference between asphalt spreader and asphalt paver
The object of asphalt distributor is liquid asphalt.Asphalt paver is asphalt mixture evenly spread on the road base, and preliminary vibration and leveling machinery. There are two kinds of sub tracks and tyres. It consists of two parts: traction, spreading and vibrating and ironing. The object of asphalt paver is soft solid asphalt.
Q:When the asphalt concrete pavement is pressed at the beginning of the paver, what hydrostatic pressure should be adopted 1-2 times?
Steel wheel rollers shall be used for 1-2 times. JTG F40-2004 "technical specification for construction of highway asphalt pavement", thirty-seventh.
Q:How much is the DT1600 paver in Shaanxi Zhongda machinery factory?
Card? What else? I'm 2 in Shaanxi. There are poor, the price adjustment is adjustable, almost 700RMB, that no one to buy expensive things, 100W to 8.6RMB
Q:What does the paver do?
The paver is the paving of asphalt and cement for the road surface!Can be divided into rigid machine and trap machine!A rigid pavement for a wide road surface, for example, a highway.The trap function of paving the road to the narrow road, with residential roadThere is also a double decker paving machine that can pave two layers of asphalt at one time, but this paver is not very popular in china! What's more, the compaction is not up to standard!The price ranges from tens to hundreds of millionsThe average price is between one million and three million
Q:Rules of operation for paver
Five, paver work before and after about leveling personnel contact, to ensure that other personnel are not in the work, can work.Six, in the file shift to the driving gear, must be in the small throttle, the machine completely stopped, the work of parts to stop working.Seven, operators are strictly prohibited drunk operation, operating equipment must be neatly dressed, no slippers, no smoking, eating and other acts that hinder safety operations.Eight. After the paver is in operation, all the protective devices must be installed in the designated position.Nine, the operating room (Taiwan) must be kept clean, cleaning up the oil and dirt in a timely manner, not misplacing tools and other items.Ten. The driver must leave all the operating mechanisms on the "0" position before leaving the operating platform.
Q:Road laying oil, how to build a paver?
In general, the skip turns to pull the material, paver except for car outside the non-stop, continuous work.And, oh, what do you mean by "laying oil"? Do you spread asphalt on the road? The asphalt truck
Q:Volvo paver 8820 fault code EMR what do you mean?
Emission standards exceeded, not only through the annual inspection, but also directly aggravate the pollution of the environment.Another reason is that the throttle is out of order. The above two problems will cause engine vibration, speed instability.
Q:How many meters can a concrete paver spread per day?
As674278135 said very well, must see the teacher happy not happy, ha ha. The progress of the project, and many of the first factor, personnel deployment, management is second, all kinds of machines; the operation is normal; third, paving width and thickness; fourth, operation technology, mentality, and engineering supervision will be difficult; fifth, weather...... In general, water stable paving 10 hours a day by 30 cm thick 6 meters wide, 500 meters above the normal even laying asphalt; well, it's hard to say, up to 2--3 kilometers a day, everything is normal at least laying 1 kilometers, feeding to normal

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