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  • Condition:New

  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:LTUB900


Imported hydraulic and electric control system.
reliable, flexible parameter setting, internal and external fault diagnosis.

The core system of LTUB900 Paver is hydraulic system, with elaborate design, all the hydraulic pressure in the machine is of high safety. Good pipe accessory, filtering system and radiator system enable people to work under awful condition without worry. LTUB900 electric control system facilitates people to deal with various accidents because it absorbs advantages of digital control technology, entirely reliable work, flexible parameter setting, internal and external fault diagnosing function. With elaborate machining and special longer caterpillar, this system ensures huge tractive force and reasonable gravity, even paving 9m road and displacing at short distance, it is unnecessary to dismount Screed or add more counterweight into scraper.

LTUB900 Paver is a kind of automatic engineering machine with many uses such as paving bituminous admixture, stable soil, RCC, etc. It possesses advanced technology in combination with the mode of electric control and hydraulic drive; the characters of its chief function are as follows:

Parameter of Paver

Model:           Crawler-type hydraulic paver

Paving width:       2.5m

Max. paving width:12m

Max. theoretical capacity: 800t/h

Engine              Type: BF6M1013C water-cooling diesel engine

Power: 156KW

Total weight:         22t

Screed width:              2.5m

Screed widen method: mechanical widen

Fuel consumption:   221g/Kwh

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Q:Is the particle spreader the same as the asphalt paver?
The vibration and ironing parts are hinged on both sides of the frame by the left and right traction arms, and can float up and down, and the ground pressure is advanced on the layer. During operation, the front pushing roller of the paver pushes forward the rear wheel of the loading dump truck and accepts the asphalt mixture. The asphalt mixture discharged from the hopper is sent to the spiral booth by the two independent drive conveyors, which are controlled by the left and right two gates of the rear bucket wall. The spiral spreader has a left and a right two screws, and evenly spreads material to the left and right sides, but can be driven independently of each other. As the paver moves forward, the vibration and ironing parts are initially vibrated and leveled according to a certain width, thickness and camber. A heating device is arranged in the ironing board to heat the plate bottom in cold season or before the operation starts, so as to prevent the adhesion of the asphalt mixture. Because the ironing plate has floating property, the thickness of the ironing board can be changed to the elevation angle of the floor relative to the ground by the thickness regulator so as to adjust the thickness of the laying layer.
Q:How much can an asphalt paver cost?
The difference between the price of imported and domestic is very large. What technical requirements do you have?. I've been working on asphalt heating and finishing equipment, and I hope I can help you.
Q:What's the balance beam for the paver?
The road you magnify it is a wave pattern, spreading from the wave through the confidential will be with the wave will go high while lower, while the balance beam is put the shelves in this wave, the balance beam long walk is not like the paver so big ups and downs balance beam (Mechanical) is generally paver two section two, the former two is to filter the unpaved road after the two wave to filter the paved road wave, paver automatic leveling system is to adjust the two after filtering the wave height difference between adjust the paving thickness to ensure the smoothness of the road
Q:How many models are there in the paver?
Paver model and introduction (for reference only): 1. TITAN423 paver paving materials: all kinds of asphalt materials; stable materials; graded aggregate; sand; stone; roller compacted concrete; rail ballast. Application Engineering: highway; automobile special road; grade highway; airport; mending road; water conservancy project; asphalt surface layer and structure layer; railway subgrade. Technical parameters: Engine: power 133KW; maximum paving width: 12m; paving thickness: maximum 300mm; speed: operation speed 0-16m/min; hopper: capacity of about 14T. Paving productivity: 700t/h (Theory) 2, TITAN325 paver paving materials: all kinds of asphalt material; cement stabilized material; graded aggregate; sand; stone; roller compacted concrete (RCC). Application Engineering: highways; main roads and main arteries; municipal roads; grade highways; airports; water conservancy projects; bituminous surfaces and structural layers; railway subgrade.
Q:The cement stabilized macadam base is 18 cm thick. How thick is the paver?
This depends on your coefficient of loose paving paver and the hammer size, generally paving 20 centimeters, compaction thickness measuring and compaction, then according to the feedback data, re adjust the paving thickness.
Q:Asphalt paver work according to the per unit price?
About a machine purchase price of about 300-500 (imports); about 100-200 (domestic)One is about 8000 cheaper imports, domestic.Mainly depends on how you use the construction, how much oil, the loss is not big.
Q:How does the paver do routine maintenance?
(1) clean paver: remove the paver surface accumulation of mud sand and asphalt; remove the engine, hydraulic components and other components on the surface of dust and grease. Be careful not to pour dirt into the gas inlet and air filter. (2) inspect the nozzle, connecting pipe, air tank and switch of the heating system. (3) check the paver parts connecting and fastening, especially around the track beam and frame, screed, feeding device and the scraper conveyor device the connecting bolts are loose or broken, when necessary to tighten or replacement. (4) check and exclude the leakage of various parts. (5) check the engine oil, fuel, coolant and hydraulic oil quantity, and add new oil to the oil mark according to the regulation. (6) check whether the grease in the centralized lubrication unit is right or not. (7) check whether the blade of the screw distributor is cracked, if it should be replaced. (8) check whether the electrical plug is loose or not.
Q:How to judge the malfunction of 423 paver traveling sensor?
The sensor (English Name: transducer/sensor) is a detection device, can feel the measured information, and can feel the information, according to the law must transform into electrical signals or other information in the form of output required to meet the information transmission, processing, storage, display, record and control requirements.
Q:What is the power of the 8T asphalt paver?
The power of 8T asphalt concrete paver is 154KWAsphalt paver is a kind of gathering machine, electricity and liquid technology, and it has the most technical content in road construction machinery
Q:Where is the extrusion floor of the Slipform Paver?
Extrusion bottom plate? Is that the screed for the paver?Paver ironing plate is close to the location of the road, usually made of wear-resistant steel plate, such as JFE-C400, JFE-C500, DILLIDUR, 400V and so on.In addition, ironing plate production is also very important, it is best to find professional wear-resistant steel processing enterprises, such as steel, high-quality cutting, processing, can greatly increase the service life and efficiency of the ironing board!

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