Asphalt Mixing Plant 60-80 tph

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1.Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:XRMC

Technology origin:BENNINGHOVEN

Model Number:J1000

Production capacity:60-80 tph


Items per Carton:

17 Sets / Carton

Package Measurements:

1700X2100X1650 CM

Gross Weight:

300.00 KG    


1):Output: 60-80t/h
2):BENNINGHOVEN TECH & World class electrical element
3):Strong after sale service team.
4):Flexible payment.


·     We provide the best AMP in CHINA.

·     We provide technologies of BENNINGHOVEN.

·     We are state-owned company,  quality GUARANTEE.

·     We provide FREE trainning and FREE after sale service.

·     XRMC AMPs are now in active service in China and All over the world for more than 3000 sets!

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Q:How about the Chang Linzhu Grader?
Chang Linzhu 638 slipped by 14%Overall industry growth rate relative to 2010 was 21%, I do not know why Chang Linzhu flat machines fell by 14%, the quality of products may be problematic
Q:How many meters can a small pile driver reach?
1.2 meters in diameter, wylong machinery had sold a small machine
Q:What is the noise of a static pile and a diesel pile driver?
The noise of the static pile is small, so it is suitable for the construction in the city and the construction cost is higher.
Q:Why is AMD's CPU name a pile driver or something?
AMD's CPU micro architecture named "piling machine"".
Q:The role of rubber tyred roller is used for water steady rolling
Rubber roller and double steel roller is generally in asphalt concrete pavement use; rubber tire roller plays a role, enhance the degree of fit between aggregate and asphalt concrete, reinforced compactness; double steel roller has the effect of asphalt concrete.
Q:What oil is used in the rotary turbine box of Xugong GR215 Grader?
This is best to use the original oil, there is a certain benefit to the vehicle
Q:Roller driving skills 100
The 3 point line eyes a point, I went to see behind the engine exhaust pipe cover {also see the count} a point, when walking the rut pressure a point, back when the eyes see the machine lid point in the rut around too far will not bend too!Familiar with the watch mirror, I see the hand, stop, look at the mirror to see behind the tank or the battery box under the angle to the track, the wrong direction to play positive words, looking at the mirror that were too far OK rut
Q:How heavy is the biggest roller?
In Shaanxi, Liuyang, Yongan investment in the production of self-propelled roller road for 32 tons. The road roller is used for the construction of highways, airports and large water conservancy dams.
Q:What kind of paver of construction machinery?
It is divided into water stable paver and asphalt paver,According to the walking system can be divided into: crawler and wheeled machine,Fixed width and variable width can be divided into fixed width machine and telescopic machine.Other parts according to power, brand, paving width and so on.
Q:What is the most likely problem of Xugong 1356 paving machine?
In any case, speed drops, electrical control, or engine trouble may occur.

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