Paving Breaker

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It can be mainly used eradicating and improving the concrete structure pile foundation, road surface in city constructions, and also spading the asphalt pavement and eradicating the frozen earth.

Weight :  35 Kg 

Inside diameter of air pipe :  19 mm

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Q:Can drive the ramming machine need many kilowatts generator
To see how much power rammer motor generator to you, two times larger than the above power rammer. For example, power rammer is 1Kw, generator power to more than 3Kw.
Q:Vertical rammer leakage repair
In addition, we should also pay attention to whether the camshaft rear oil seal is leaking. Oil seal aging, rupture, oil leakage should be replaced in a timely manner. In addition, check the engine lubrication system for leakage of parts.If the oil leakage at front and rear oil sealEven after the cylinder head cover, and the valve tappet chamber, oil filter, oil sump liner multiple oil exudation, but can not find obvious leakage, should check the crankcase ventilation, clean crankcase ventilation pipe, especially to check whether the PCV valve due to carbon deposition and glue card lag caused by bad work.
Q:Gasoline is what reason no vibration rammer
Second, take the four screws under the rammer, and you will find that the concave and concave gaskets that are against the spring should be broken.
Q:Vertical rammer leak repair how to fold
2, the joint is loose, the solution is to tighten the joint or joint replacement.
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of gasoline and electric rammer breaststroke tamping rammer
There are two main types of rammer, the working principle and application are different: flat vibrating rammer and vertical impact rammer
Q:Vibratory plate compactor and impact rammer which effect is good
There are two main types of rammer, the working principle and application are different: flat vibrating rammer and vertical impact rammer
Q:During the construction, if the ramming machine forward energy consumption is 200j/ times,
Mechanical (machinery) refers to the general name of machines and institutions. Machinery is a tool that helps people to reduce their work difficulty or effort. Things like chopsticks, brooms and tweezers can all be called machines. They are simple machines.
Q:How to connect the power line ramming machine
If you want to know more, you can go to "power business" or "China Power Grid" and other industry portal authoritative website!
Q:What materials need to tamper
It refers to the use of tamping tamping compaction.For example, when you build a house, you have to dig the ground first.
Q:Flat type ramming machine with several pole motor
climbing capacity: 17 "vibration frequency: 3600 / min plate size: 0.22M2 excitation: 20KN speed: 20m/min
We have a strong technical team in designing and producing all kinds of light construction machines.We would like to supply competitive cost and premium quality products to our customers. So, if you have any question or requirement, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We will reply you at first time.

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