Wholesale Original Replacement For Retina A1398 LCD Screen Assembly Lp54Wt 1 Sja1 Laptop LCD Screen LCD Assembely

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A+++ Brand New Grade 15.4" High-Brite LCD Screen  



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Laptop Model

Retina A1398 Assembly




Brand New, Never Used, Direct From Manufacturer




Matte/Glossy Screen




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Q:Why does the color change when the LCD is tilted?
The LCD itself is like this. It is shown by liquid crystal molecules, and the liquid crystal molecules are light, so you look different at different angles. So, of course, it's not bad.
Q:Can I use LCD for rendering images?
The LCD can buy Eizo EIZO, small Japanese, wide color gamut technology this display can reproduce 95% Adobe RGB color space, so it can show the most color shot in Adobe RGB mode pictures, most of the CMYK color space and covered with printing. Digital photography enthusiasts can also use the EIZO EasyPIX option, a S2243W compatible color matching tools including EasyPIX software and EIZO EX1 color calibrator, can measure and store display settings, easy matching between the display and print color photos.That's the price. The cheaper ones can be considered DELL.
Q:How much is the voltage of LCD driver? How much is it?
In the AD board and the screen between the screen line can be measured, usually red line, or in the cable, one of which is VCC. To signal in the case of input signals, or the machine standby, there will be no screen pressure. Different manufacturers / sizes of screen screen pressure is not the same, there are generally +3.3V/, +5V, /+12v and so on.
Q:How to distinguish between LED and LCD
Actually called LCD, LED is in the LCD panel behind the use of LED light, the ordinary is the tube light
Q:What parts are most vulnerable to a liquid crystal display?
Ask which parts are most likely to be broken under normal use. And how long is the life rating of these parts?. Answer well, plus points, ha ha, mouse button, monitor crystal tube
Q:LCD display is good or not paste good?
The most obvious advantage is that the film is good cleaning, anti soiling, but there is also one of the biggest drawback is that the impact of the screen tube heat dissipation, long time, the tube near the screen will be yellow, life will be shortened! Personally think or not stick it, no one will pour coke or throwing bread on the screen, if not carefully soiled, find a cloth to wipe on it, it is best to use glasses cloth!
Q:Which is the best computer LCD?
Of all brands, the apple monitor is the best. To say why, it boils down to the following:1. most Apple display screens are Retina screens. Retina screen refers to the retina screen, can more clearly reflect the details of things, textures, colors and other physical attributes, so that people can see things more easily.2.Retina screen cost is high. Because of the high cost, workmanship is more refined, the price is high, the effect is good. The so-called penny, a sub goods, that is the reason.3., the future direction of Apple products display is Retina. With the Retina display, it can solve most of the problems that could not be solved before. Because times are developing, society is progressing, and science and technology are more and more developed.
Q:LCD cannot display red
I have also encountered this situation. It must be that the video line of your monitor is not plugged in or damaged during the process of handling. Change the video line.
Q:Can the liquid crystal display be squeezed gently?
The glass screen part of LCD liquid crystal display is the most vulnerable to extrusion, beat and other factors resulted in damaged or destroyed part of the display screen.Part of the screen liquid crystal display using glass package is made, the entire screen is very thin, especially the left edge and the right edge of the glass screen, the lower edge part, thinner, the inside is encapsulated with circuit lead, the LCD screen is part of the most vulnerable to squeeze caused by the broken glass, once broken, it will cause the screen Huaping, bright line, bright band, and can not be repaired, scrap. Even the new monitor won't be guaranteed.For example: in the handling of liquid crystal display, some people hand picked up the display, the thumb in direct contact with the LCD screen, then, just a little too hard, you can leave a "black thumb fingerprint" on the LCD screen, the screen is broken.Therefore, the key point is gently squeeze the strength and force of the liquid crystal display is part of what is, if the LCD screen is likely to damage.
Q:Can you tell me how to clean the smoke on the LCD screen?
Personally think that the most simple and effective way is to sell 1 yuan supermarket money a pack of wipes, decontamination effect is excellent, can be combined with a pack of paper towels, and a package can be used for a long time, this method is for my personal use for years, liquid crystal display and display the same with ordinary.

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