Brand New 15.6 Inch LCD Screen 1366 X 768 Laptop Screen Lp156Wh1(Tl)(A3) Ltn156At01

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Product Description:

1.Model Number: LP156WH1(TL)(A3)
2.Screen Size: 15.6 inch
3.Backlight:LCD ,CCFL
4.Resolution:1366 x 768


Product specification &features

Screen Brand:


Model Number:


Screen Size:

15.6 inch


1366 x 768

Aspect Ratio:

16 : 9

Backlight Type:


Screen Surface:

Glossy or Matte, Depends on availability


Original & Grade A+

Compatible model:

 LTN156AT01, B156WX01, CLAA156WA01A, LP156WH1, N156B3-LO1 


Antistatic bag and Original box


3 months (Depends on the quality)


We specialize in supplying all the 8.9"-17.3"LCD & LED Screens for Laptop.


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Q:How to store lcd monitor?
Upright with something cover the screen itself.
Q:Flat Screen LCD monitor for computers?
hi, solely depend on your graphic card. graphic card port can have analog and/or digital port (known as DVI). if your graphic card have analog port and your LCD have DVI port then you have to attach analog to DVI converter cable. most graphic card vendor equipped their products with this cable.
Q:Use a LCD monitor as a second tv?
You don't. Not possible. Your LCD monitor does not have a tuner plus additional circuits to extract the signals from the incomming RF signal to display them on the screen. You could use a cable box with a Digital output or HDMI output, depending on what inputs your monitor has.
Q:Whats the best way to clean a LCD computer monitor?
Keep your LCD monitor clean with these steps: Turn off the computer and display Use water only to dampen a lint-free cloth. Do not spray liquid directly on the screen Wipe the screen You may also use a mild glass cleaner that contains no alcohol or ammonia, available at most office supply stores. Apple has tested a product called Klear Screen and found it does not cause harm to plastics.
Q:Has any one used a combination LCD TV + monitor?
Anything is possible. :D Im running a computer through the o-so-lonely S-video plug on a video card :D. Yea you should be fine. completly depending on your monitor and TV, try and use DVI for both. If your moniter only has RGB thats fine but not as good. For the TV, if you dont have a DVI (it better or you should sue :D) then get a DVI to HDMI adapter. Have fun running dual! I like my setup. :D
Q:When buying an LCD monitor are there things to look for?
Something with a low Refresh Rate. They are usually like 5ms or lower. Lower would be better. I doubt you could tell the difference but if anything to look for that would be it.
Q:Can i play xbox 360 S model using LCD monitor?
Yes , depending on your ports if your monitor has HDMI,DVI,VGA either one of these cables can be found and bought just ask your local stores they will probably have them. So depending on your ports you will need an XBOX to HDMI or DVI , VGA. Good Luck
Q:About LCD monitor size?
well if your finding that you not using the whole 22 inch then yeah they might be or you might just need to slide it back some. I don't know though i would love a big monitor personal i would i think the 22 wide screens are perfect but my buddy and our designers at work here use 30 inch so it kind of depends what your using it for.
Q:why is my lcd Monitor screen blank?
More than likely the inverter board for your LCD has gone bad. The inverter board powers the back lights in your LCD. If you will take a flash light and shine it directly at the LCD you will probably see the display very dimmly. You can purchase the board and swap it yourself or you can pay someone to do it. Either way it will be cheaper than buying a new LCD.
Q:LCD Monitor display black screen when refresh rate are changed. Why?
The screen only has so many refresh rates it supports, if it's going black it's likely you have hit one that it doesn't support. When it does this you can try either power cycling the display or unplugging it and plugging it back up. This may cause your video to reset to it's default rate and solve your problem until the next time it gets reset. You can figure out what rates your computer thinks are supported by your display by going into the Display properties window, to the setings tab and hitting advanced. Then hit the Monitor tab and the down arrow on the screen refresh rate should show you all that are available. This also gives you the Monitor type at the top, make sure it has the right monitor selected, sometimes you can end up with the wrong one and get strange results, unlikely since it came with it but check it anyway. One other thing,, the problem could be the video card and not the monitor. You might check the specs on both and see if they can handle 70hz, which is likely the problem rate.

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