Brand New 15.6 Inch LCD Screen 1366 X 768 Laptop Screen Lp156Wh1(Tl)(A3) Ltn156At01

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Product Description:

1.Model Number: LP156WH1(TL)(A3)
2.Screen Size: 15.6 inch
3.Backlight:LCD ,CCFL
4.Resolution:1366 x 768


Product specification &features

Screen Brand:


Model Number:


Screen Size:

15.6 inch


1366 x 768

Aspect Ratio:

16 : 9

Backlight Type:


Screen Surface:

Glossy or Matte, Depends on availability


Original & Grade A+

Compatible model:

 LTN156AT01, B156WX01, CLAA156WA01A, LP156WH1, N156B3-LO1 


Antistatic bag and Original box


3 months (Depends on the quality)


We specialize in supplying all the 8.9"-17.3"LCD & LED Screens for Laptop.


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Q:Are LCD and LCD displays the same?
LCD is the name of a product, and LCD is a generic category, from this point is not the same.The LCD screen, including the LCD, is the same from this point of view.A liquid crystal display (LCD) is an ultra thin display device consisting of color or black and white pixels, in front of the backlight or reflection. In daily life, most LCD monitors are in common use with computers.And the LCD screen, English commonly known as LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is the whole LCD display products collectively, such as: LCD splicing screen, monitor, mobile phone screen and so on belong to the LCD display category.Conclusion: strictly speaking, as long as the LCD device can be called a liquid crystal display, and LCD is only a daily life of a product name.
Q:LCD bezel and LCD gap
Normal that monitor belongs to second line product commonly, use at ease
Q:How do I turn the LCD into a touch screen?
First, you need your screen to be a touch screen, (resistive screen - induced pressure, capacitive screen - induced temperature) itself to support touchIf it is an ordinary LCD screen, you need to buy a piezoelectric film and then paste it onto your screen, link the piezoelectric film to your PC host and calibrate the touch position so that it can be used with ease.There is a problem where an ordinary LCD cannot be squeezed, requiring a hard screen, or you need to add a screen to protect the glass between the screen and the piezoelectric film.Overall, this solution can only be available and use poorly. I suggest you buy the touchscreen monitor directly.
Q:LCD has a little blinking
Conditional word, can change the hosts try boot in other host display long time have the same situation, if not determined display fault, there may be a display driver board, the program is not good. But this kind of fault can not be solved by itself. Special tools are needed.
Q:The LCD is black and bright
This is generally caused by the pressure plate or tube protection, certainly do not rule out the fault or power driven plate, pressure plate 150 for more than and 100 of the profits, sometimes encountered profiteers would not necessarily give you change, may just give you repaired.
Q:LCD operating principle (LCD, LED)
The analog signal is changed to digital signal processing, and the digital signal is controlled by IC
Q:How do you see the quality of LCD?
Hello, you said 2000:15000:18000:1 refers to the contrast, this is a parameter to measure the quality of the LCD screen, the definition of contrast is brightness / white screen black screen, generally the higher the contrast, the display will be better in some senseSelect several important parameters of lcd:1. brightness2. contrast3. colors,If you are 16.7M and 16.2M, we must give priority to the 16.7M, although it looks just a little bit, but is actually a lot worse, 16.2M is the use of some technology in static state can be achieved so much, but the movie actually only 262K color, a lot of difference4., if you play more dynamic games, then the reaction speed of liquid crystal also depends on the slow, there will be a dragIn addition what perspective ah what their look on the line, by the way check what the dead
Q:Word jitter on a liquid crystal display
Causes of display jitterThe display refresh rate is set too lowWhen the display refresh frequency is set below 75Hz, the screen will often appear jitter and flicker phenomenon, the refresh rate is appropriately increased, such as set to higher than 85Hz, the phenomenon of screen jitter will not occur any more.The power transformer is too close to the monitor and the caseWhen the power transformer works, it will cause greater electromagnetic interference, resulting in jitter of the screen. Put the power transformer away from the cabinet and monitor, so that the problem can be solved easily.Inferior power or power supply equipment has been agingThe use of many brand-name computer power components work, the materials used are very poor, easy to cause the computer circuit or poor power supply capacity can not keep up, especially when the system is busy, the display screen will appear the phenomenon of jitter. When the power source of a computer starts to age, it can cause the same problem.The speakers are too close to the monitorThe magnetic field effect of the speaker interferes with the normal operation of the display, and causes the display to cause magnetic interference such as screen jitter and string color.Virus troubleSome computer viruses disrupt screen displays, such as character inversion, screen jitter, graphical flip displays, and so on. Screen shake scripts that are everywhere on the Internet are enough to make you look like an ox after you get caught.Poor contact with the display cardAfter re insert the display card, the fault can be eliminated.
Q:Is there any battery in the computer LCD?
Of course, there is no battery, I think you would like to ask the power supply, there are some power, some LCD monitors are built-in power, and some are external.
Q:Is the LCD monitor out of the transformer?
The panel is a step-up transformer booster. It is necessary to change the booster board.This is automatic protection.

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