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1.Welding Electrode Low Price Factory Making Welding Electrode Description:

First Class WeldingElectrode Customization is welcome . We could produce various Welding Electrode.

according to buyers’drawing or samples/Non-standard Welding Electrode .The price, picture

and product attributes are for reference only. Specific matter can be confirmed

by a further communication. Welcome your consultation.


2.Main Features of Welding Electrode Low Price Factory Making Welding Electrode Price

Fewer spatters 
Easy to restrike 
Less smog 
Good off slag,high deposition efficiency

3.Welding Electrode Low Price Factory Making Welding ElectrodeImages

 Welding Electrode Low Price Factory Making Welding Electrode

4Welding Electrode Low Price Factory Making Welding ElectrodeSpecification 

Chemical composition






Guarantee value







Test Item  






Guarantee value




-(normal temperature)


General result








We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely 

1.   What’s your products 

One of the most biggest manufacturer & supplier of  Welding Electrode  is a large-scale professional  Welding Electrode  factory in China. Annually more than 10000 tons  Welding Electrode   are exported to markets all over the world. Different kinds of  Welding Electrode  are available according to customer’s requirements. 


2.What is advantage of our products?

All items are of Top Quality with best price. Direct wholesale price from Factory and 100%quality guaranteed .Large Selection with all sizes .


3.  How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of First Class  Welding Electrode within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pacific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 15 to 20 working days can be served.


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Q:Can the flux soldering solenoid valve be maintained?
Suggest replacing the new ones.
Q:TitleWhat is the difference between rosin flux solder paste?What is the difference between rosin, soldering flux and solder paste? What are their respective functions? Thank you
The effect of flux in general are "auxiliary heat conduction" and "removing the oxide, reduce the surface tension of welding material, welding material removal is surface oil, increase the welding area, prevent oxidation and other aspects, in the aspects of the more critical role is: two" the removal of oxides and reduce the surface tension of the welding material.Strictly speaking, solder paste is used to weld metal pieces of large area, such as shangpozi, tin lead barrel what, in the iron contact moment, solder paste by high temperature contact iron will produce gas, the welded metal surface dirt removed rapidly, so it is easy to "tin", but also harm large, is acidic, corrosive to metal joints around, this is the second. The biggest drawback in the interaction of high temperature and paste will produce water like liquid, the conductivity of many, therefore stronger than water, electric line on joint close is not appropriate.
Q:What are the brands of solder wire and soldering flux?
That's too much,1 Europe and America2 Japan and South Korea3 TaiwanFlux cleanerShanghai Baptist dedicated to providing PCBA cleaning machine for 16 years!Chemical cleaning + mechanical force (ultrasonic, spray cleaning, immersion cleaning, vacuum cleaning) = precise cleaning!Water based cleaning: ultrasonic rough wash - Ultrasonic Cleaning - Ultrasonic Rinse - Ultrasonic Rinse - Ultrasonic Rinse - hot air dryingSolvent cleaning: rough cleaning - fine cleaning - vacuum drying
Q:Is flux harmful to people's health?
The hazards of flux isopropyl alcohol are as follows: exposure to high concentrations of steam results in headache, drowsiness, ataxia, and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. Oral administration can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, drowsiness, coma and even death. Long term skin contact can cause dry and chapped skin. Workshop sanitation standard is 400ppm or so, general carbon dioxide is about 350ppm or so, so if chemical use area has partial exhaust air system, or workshop ventilated well, won't harm to human body commonlyA solder paste, heating will have two tin oxide fume produced, while soluble in Rosin paste process will also be released, tin is need to install local ventilation. If we plant every year to do testing, detection of concentration of lead fume and two side tin tin oxide, generally do not exceed the provisions of the state standard.There are a lot of flux, the ingredients are also different, generally there are rosin and alcohol substances, it is appropriate to avoid inhalation and ingestionWhat if protective measures are not, that ring factory work is poor, should at least do work in a well ventilated environment. Other work should also provide protective equipment, such as chemical protective gloves and activated carbon masks.As an operator, we should also learn to protect ourselves and develop good personal hygiene habits. We must not eat or drink water or wash hands before meals
Q:What happens if the soldering flux splashes into the eye?
1: first wash your eyes with clean water immediately, because the flux is a corrosive action, so you must clean it immediately.2: you wash it after all inside than hospital doctors in their own professional, so you continue to wash your eyes at the same time, if you are afraid of time than the general hospital also can choose door-to-door service, you put the basic situation and the doctor said clearly after the doctor will take a special tool to help you get to get inside the eye to go, after all, is not a small problem, to be serious
Q:How do you confirm the spray status of the soldering flux?
The state of atomization mainly depends on the flame color of the torch flame. Besides, the seam sealing state of the weldment surface is smooth, plump and so on.
Q:What soldering flux is used for manual welding of SMT components?
You say transparent latex flux, colorless transparent type, not welded, is not the oxidation of the solder joints?Xin Tai solder as better rosin flux for welding
Q:What are the concepts of solder paste and soldering flux, and their range of two is large
The main composition of flux and its function:A. activator (Activation): the composition is mainly used to remove the PCB copper film pad surface and parts of the welding parts of the role of oxidation substances, but also has to reduce tin, lead surface tension effect;B. thixotropic agent (Thixotropic): this component is mainly to regulate the viscosity of solder paste and printing performance, play a role in printing to prevent trailing, adhesion and other phenomena;C. resin (Resins): this component is mainly used to increase the adhesion of solder paste, and to protect and prevent the re oxidation of PCB after welding. This component plays an important role in the fixation of parts;D. solvent (Solvent): this component is the solvent of the flux composition. It plays a uniform role in the mixing process of solder paste, and has a certain influence on the life of solder paste;
Q:How to use aluminum welding flux?
With aluminum flux soldering, it is necessary to have very good experience and operating method, which is difficult for ordinary welders. There is a need for soldering flux, more suitable for novice welding operation, mainly used for welding of thin aluminum, or dissimilar aluminum welding, and two kinds of aluminum, it is best to use low temperature aluminum WE53 can search on the Internet, "WE53 Weiouding welding of low temperature aluminum welding operation video details operation video
Q:I want to ask, before the flux, solder paste and red glue unopened, in the fridge, and food can be put together? Is there any harm to the human body?
Whether it is a lead-free solder and lead solder paste, many have some heavy metals with other trace elements inside, if long-term with food were placed in the refrigerator, is certainly not good, suggest you apart will be safe point.

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