Welding Electrodes AWSE6013 2.5mm Rutile Mild Steel Welding Electrodes

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1.Description of Welding Electrodes AWSE6013:

Introduction:AWS E6013 welding electrode is a kind of carbon steel electrode with high titania type coating AC/DCall-position welding.It has excellent weldability,goodoperating performance,easy reignition,stable arc and beautiful appearance of weld.

USES:For weldinglow-carbon light structuresorlightsteel sheet, machinery,especially suitable for welding on thin plates and cosmetic welding which requires the weld beads to bebeautiful and glossy.

2.Specification & Package of Welding Electrodes AWSE6013:

2.5mmX300mm 2.5kg/box,8boxes to one carton=20kgs

3.2mmX350mm 5.0kg/box,4boxes to one carton=20kgs

4.0mmX400mm5.0kg/box,4boxes to one carton=20kgs

5.0mmX400mm5.0kg/box,4boxes to one carton=20kgs

(Special specifications and packing are available according to customers' requirement.)

3.Chemical Composition of Deposited Metal(%)

Chemical Composition






Guarantee Value






Electrode diameter(mm)





Welding current(A)





4.Welding Electrodes AWSE6013 image: 

Welding Electrodes AWSE6013 2.5mm Rutile Mild Steel Welding Electrodes



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Q:E43XX welding electrodes are often used in welding of steel structures, of which 43 is indicated
According to the GB / T5117-1995 carbon electrode national standard:E marking carbon steel welding rod (low alloy steel welding rod, stainless steel welding rod, the same code name is E).43 marked fused metal tensile strength is greater than or equal to 420MPa (i.e. 43kgf / mm2).Third digit indicating welding position suitable for welding electrode.0 and 1 mean all position welding (flat welding, vertical welding, horizontal welding, overhead welding).2 for flat and horizontal fillet welding.4 means suitable for vertical down welding.Fourth digits indicate the kind of electrode material (acidity, basicity), welding polarity and so on.
Q:Air conditioning copper pipe welding problems, how to weld well, and what electrode to use?
Or you can use the silver electrode with low platinum electrode K America Harris recently developed, specially for pipe welding, can go to Guangzhou Shen Xing Refrigeration trade firm, welding close to red to electrode
Q:How much current does 4 of welding rod use?
4 of the 422 welding electrode, welding with 200, with 140 to 160, 170 to 180 horizontal welding, welding horizontal welding with elevation of almost 140 to 150507 flat plate overhead by 180 to 200, 140 to 160 vertical welding, horizontal welding of 160 to 170, with the elevation of welding horizontal welding almost flat overhead welding 130 140, of course, with the personal habits and thickness have relations.
Q:Hand welding electrodes 3.2 and 4 which are more commonly used?
Personally think 3.2 is more commonly used.The welding between the sheet metal parts, the weld is not big, 4-5mm, 3.2 of the running better.For wider welds, 4 is recommended;
Q:What does the number in the welding rod mean?
The number in the welding rod represents the specification, model and content of the electrode
Q:Generally, how many packs are in one case and how many KG in one package?
A case of 5 bags, a pack of 5kg
Q:What are the symbols for the electrodes?
Classification and symbol of welding rod brandClass symbolStructural steel welding rod JMolybdenum and chromium molybdenum heat resistant steel welding rod RLow temperature steel electrode WStainless steel welding rod G or ASurfacing electrode DCast iron welding rod ZNickel and nickel alloy welding rod NiCopper and copper alloy welding rod TAluminium and aluminium alloy welding rod LSpecial purpose welding rod TS
Q:What kind of welding rod is ECoCr-A?
D802 cobalt based electrode
Q:What is the difference between A302 stainless steel electrode and A402 stainless steel electrode?
A302 is Cr23Ni13 stainless steel electrode titanium calcium type coating for welding, the same type of stainless steel, lining stainless steels (Cr19Ni9 low carbon steel and high chromium steel and high manganese steel) etc.. A402 is Cr26Ni21 pure titanium calcium type austenitic stainless steel electrode coating, for the same type of heat-resistant stainless steel under high temperature welding, can also be used for large steel hardening (such as Cr 5 mo, Cr 9 mo, Cr 13, Cr 28) and welding of dissimilar steel.
Q:What kinds of welding rods are used in all kinds of steel bars?
One or two, 422, three, 502, 506

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