welding dry blended powder for produce AWS E6013 electrode

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Product Description:

 welding dry blended powder for produce AWS E6013 electrode




We could supply you all kind of welding powder with reasonable price and high quality

The product is a special mixed dry flux used for manufacture AWS E6013 welding electrodes.

The electrodes coated with this special flux will show excellent welding performances and mechanical properties.

The electrodes has the advantages of low smoke and the smaller the spatter,and the better the detachability.


Mica   %
Potassium Feldspar   %
Ferromanganese   %
Iron Powder   %
Mable   %
Titanium Pigment   %
Kaoline   %


The product instructions:

Put mixed flux into mixing machine,mixing 10 minutes , also add binding agent(20% Potassium silicate) into that.After wet mixing 10 minutes, the wet material can be used for production of electrode.

Notice:1000 kgs of dry flux could manufacture 3000 kgs of welding electrodes AWS E6013.


We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely 


How about your welding dry blended powder

One of the most biggest manufacturer & supplier of welding dry blended powderis a large-scale professional UAE Market welding dry blended powder factory  in China. Annually more than 10000 tons welding dry blended powder are exported to markets all over the world. Different kinds of wires and mesh are available according to customer’s requirements. 

How long can we receive the product after payment?

In the purchase of welding dry blended powder  within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pacific time of receiving is related to the

 state and position of customers. Commonly 15 to 20 working days can be served.

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Q:Ratio of submerged arc welding wire and welding flux
Do you need welding consumablesGeneral welding of carbon steel: welding wire, H08A/H08MnA, etc. + flux SJ431Stainless steel: welding wire, 308/308A/316/316L+ flux, HJ260, etc.
Q:I use 10Mn2 welding wire with SJ101 flux for ring seam slam welding, the whole penetration crack, please ask whether the temperature is insufficient or what reason?
This wire does not normally require hydrogen removal, etc. if it is Cr_Mo steel welding, you will need these steps (hydrogen removal, etc.).600 degrees, usually with a special heat treatment equipment, ordinary flame heating, you can not maintain such a high temperature. You can test the ring seam when you are heating. Is the temperature very uneven around it?.The material and thickness of base metal? The base material of this welding flux should be Q345 and so on. If it is thick enough to keep warm, there will be no problem between the interlayer and the rear heat.If the parent material is Cr_Mo steel, then there is no crack in the crack, and you use the wire is not correct, even if used for the right, this material is also prone to cracks.
Q:Excuse me: why does the chip capacitor touch the soldering flux and it doesn't work?
The flux usually contains halides and halide is conductive, after welding, must take the flux residues cleaning clean, otherwise, will be the equivalent of a resistance capacitance, can not play the role of capacitance......You can do an experiment to try again, measure the resistance capacitance in bad welding, then put the capacitor cleaned, dried and then test to see if there are capacitors, resistors, capacitors or measurement and calibration values are consistent......Finally, in the welding circuit board, as long as related to the flux, must be clean, do not leave a residue, otherwise, not only affects the circuit traces white beautiful, ugly, but also affect the circuit electrical insulation properties......
Q:What kind of soldering flux is used to weld copper and copper wire by spot welding machine?
You are welding with spot welding machine! There is no need to use soldering flux! The finished product is unstable and easy to break because your soldering time and current specifications are small! Maybe the specifications of your spot welding machine can not meet the welding requirements! Take my answer, and I'll continue to help you!
Q:The soldering flux is good or good hydrochloric acid with sulfuric acidWhat is the sulfuric acid soldering flux or hydrochloric acid, which is easy to use?
Sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid are not suitable for welding flux, you want to see what, in general the rosin flux is best, but you have to solder iron, such as enamel basin, a class of things can use the solder paste, can certainly use diluted hydrochloric acid to remove rust, welding effect will be better.
Q:About the collocation of H10Mn2 welding wire and sj102 welding flux
I'm in the wind power industry, at least we don't have it here. Only in the structure of stiffness. Don't say that the flange is the barrel welding, we are not allowed.
Q:How to choose welding rod, welding wire and flux
Selection of flux must be carried out simultaneously with the choice of welding wire, because of the different combinations of flux and wire, it is possible to obtain different properties or different chemical composition of deposited metal. Flux and wire used for submerged arc welding are usually selected according to the material of the metal being welded and the performance requirements of the weld metal.
Q:How to use aluminum welding flux?
Aluminum welding flux in the electrode and electrode welding together on the line.Cleaning method of welded metal surface for soldering, brazing or welding material, positioning. The use of different metal welding flux is also different, for example: the use of ammonium chloride or rosin soldering; welding galvanized iron and other zinc surface material with hydrochloric acid or zinc chloride; copper brazing or welding to black metal with borax. The welding material is easy to adhere to the corresponding welding metal surface after melting at high temperature, but the metal surface is easy to form oxide layer at high temperature, so that the welding material is difficult to adhere to the surface. The flux is stable at room temperature and has a strong reducibility at high temperatures. It can remove the oxide layer on the metal surface. In addition, the solder in soldering and brazing process can also play the role of wetting agent.
Q:The stainless steel ring is dipped in Rosin when soldering, and there is a yellow stain on the surface. After washing with alcohol, there will be obvious marksThis regular code can be wiped off completely. It can not be polished
Stainless steel welding has not been heard to use rosin flux ah. Do not know what specific stainless steel material you?However, due to the large heat welding of stainless steel welding itself, the weld edge will produce a layer of red or black oxide layer. The welding of stainless steel pipe, need to charge protection of Ar gas tube is in, in order to prevent the emergence of this oxide layer. Usually the pipe outside slightly the oxide layer on the surface of polishing sheet for grinding off OK.Does not recommend the use of rosin, because in the process of welding, high calorie, rosin as organic solvent, containing C and H ions. Hydrogen ions are easy to crack, carbon and stainless steel in Cr ion can happen carbonation precipitation of chromium carbide, corrosion resistance of stainless steel.
Q:What is a soldering flux? What does the solvent include?
There are borax, hydrochloric acid and so on

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