ER70S-6 Copper Coated Welding Wire

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ER70S-6 Copper Coated Welding Wire


Material: copper coated carbon steel


Wire dia: 0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2/1.6mm

Packing: 15/20kgs/plastic spool/box, 72boxes/pallet


er70s-6 welding wire/ copper welding wire


1.Material:copper coated carbon steel


2.Wire diameter:0.8/0.9/1./1.2/1.6mm


3.Packing:15/20kgs/plastic spool/box, 72boxes/pallet.



welding wire has excellent mechanical performance such as depositing speed and high efficiency, stable arc, little splash , good welding seam, strong resistance to surface scales and oil stains on the base metal, mainly used for welding low carbon alloy steel, industries of vehicles, bridge-engineering, machine-engineering, steel structures, shipping manufacture.




 ER70S-6 Copper Coated Welding Wire

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Q:What is the distance between the welding nozzle and the template for argon arc welding?
Start attached to the template on the wire, welding needle (welding nozzle tip) the distance is not in contact with you in the wire under the premise of the closer the better, but you do not close enough to touch the wire, the welding needle will be re grinding away, the spark is wrong.So to say, the best time to start a small fire, and then attached to the template on the wire, welding needle because the fire is small, so the wire is distance as close as possible, otherwise it can not melt wire; you slowly cooked after trying to fire up...... Several times behind the test should be able to get it! Ha-ha。
Q:What welding with argon arc soldering
Stainless steel welding wire or CO2 gas shielded welding wire, spot welding 70-80A, full welding 110-120A, wire speed 0.2m/S
Q:Which subjects should be included in the purchase of welding wires (auxiliary materials) in industrial enterprises?
Enter the raw material subject first
Q:The Atlantic Tiantai stainless steel wire and of which good?
The answer to this question is very simple, no one else answer, let the two companies send samples, try to know the results.Our company will send samples first and then ship them.
Q:What wire is H08A? What wire is GB? What wire is HJ?
H08A is carbon steel welding wire, GB is national standard Pinyin abbreviation, HJ is flux (smelting flux), for example.H08A welding wire can be welded with HJ431 flux Q235.Welding wire is used as filler metal or as a conductive wire welding materials, including carbon steel wire, low alloy structural steel wire, alloy structural steel wire, stainless steel wire and non-ferrous metal welding wire, etc.. The wire surface not coated with anti oxidation flux in gas welding and gas tungsten arc welding, used as filler metal; in submerged arc welding, electroslag welding and MIG arc welding, filler metal and conductive electrode is.
Q:What is the relation between Jing Lei welding wire and Beijing group welding wire?
One family. Beijing group is the name of the company, Jing Lei Shijing group company product trademarks.
Q:The difference between Jinqiao welding wire 50-6 and 70S-6
Similarly, ER70S-6 is the American Standard, 70 of which means tensile strength, expressed in PSI, while 50S-6 is the domestic standard, and 50 represents tensile strength, expressed in MPA.
Q:What kinds of brands are there for gas shielded welding wire?
The domestic, the Atlantic, bridge, bridge, Tiantai, Kam, Shanghai electric power, Kunshan Beijing group, these are relatively large, a little more of the other brands, Hodge, many are home to open a small workshop will be able to do, not a example.
Q:What type of wire for automatic submerged arc welding of Q345B steel plate?
HJ431+H08MnA, or SJ101 (301), +H10Mn2 and so on, are all possibleGenerally, the welding of sheet metal is made by HJ431+H08MnA, and SJ101 (301) +H10Mn2 is used as medium plateThe reason is that the trace elements in welding materials are different, resulting in some mechanical properties of weldability, forming and weldingDifference, of course, often welding, know why.The pH of welding flux is different to the appearance of weld and the sensitivity of crackGenerally speaking, SJ101+H10Mn2 is preferred in the process of welding. Now the general units are basically the welding mix
Q:316.304 what kind of wire for stainless steel?
316.304 stainless steel material can be welded with 316 stainless steel wire.316 stainless steel by adding Mo element, the corrosion resistance, and high temperature strength has greatly improved, high temperature can reach 1200-1300 degrees, can be used in severe conditions.304 is a versatile stainless steel which is widely used in the manufacture of equipment and parts requiring good overall performance (corrosion resistance and formability). In order to maintain the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, steel must contain more than 18% chromium, more than 8% of the nickel content. 304 stainless steel is a brand of stainless steel produced according to the ASTM standard in the United states.
We are specialized in electro galvanizing, hot-dipped galvanizing, wire annealing, straightening and cutting. We can provide very good iron wire products for binding, weaving wire mesh, tying, fencing and so on. By choosing iron wire as the material, we can also produce iron wire mesh series of products for our customers with economic cost and reliable quality. We mainly provide wire mesh fences, welded wire mesh, galvanized square woven wire mesh and chain link fences. If you are interested in our products, please contact us. We will give you a prompt response. .

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Location Hebei,China
Year Established 2005
Annual Output Value
Main Markets South America
Southeast Asia
Mid East
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South Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;ISO 9001:2008;ISO 17799

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Nearest Port XINGANG
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Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 10
Contract Manufacturing
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