Mild Steel Welding Rod 2.0MM X 300MM Factory Price

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Product Description:

1.Welding Rod Description:

E6010 This electrode is used for all position welding using DCRP.

             produces a deep penetrating weld and works well on dirty,rusted, or painted metals 

E6011 This electrode has the same characteristics of the E6010, but can be used with AC and DC currents. 

E6013 This electrode can be used with AC and DC currents. 

             produces a medium penetrating weld with a superior weld bead appearance. 

E7018 This electrode is known as a low hydrogen electrode and can be used with AC or DC. 

The coating on the electrode has a low moisture content that reduces the introduction of hydrogen into the weld. lectrode can produce welds of ray quality with medium penetration.  

(Note, this electrode must be kept dry. If it gets wet, it must be dried in a rod oven before use.) 

2.Main Features of Welding Rod

1): Durable, strict quality management and control.
2): High precision machining equipments guarantee good quality.
3): Smooth surface. No defects. Continuous skill  improvements.
4): Quick delivery, competitive Chinese price. Low MOQ.
5): Our Company is specialized in machining service on precise mechanical parts; we are producing high precision parts for military enterprise
6): We have design team to develop new skill and new products to meet requirements of markets.
7): Good service, when customers have problems during use, we will surely try our best to solve them.
8): High professional employees have good emergency-dealing ability during production.
9): Surface treatment can be nickel, galvanized and painted, or based on the requirements of customers.

3. Welding Rod Images

Mild Steel Welding Rod 2.0MM X 300MM Factory Price

Mild Steel Welding Rod 2.0MM X 300MM Factory Price

4. Welding Rod Specification 

Chemical Composition






Guarantee Value







Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal


Test Item






Guarantee Value




-(normal temperature)



Reference Current (AC, DC)


Electrode Diameter(mm)












Welding Current (A)






V-up, OH







Q: How do you ship the Welding Rod 

A: Usually by sea.

Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we have been in providing the professional products in Welding Rod over 10 years.

Q: Can I get the sample?

A: Yes, free samples are prepared for your test.

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Q:Can A102 welding rod weld 316L?
316L belongs to ultra low carbon austenitic stainless steel, and if using A102, weld metal will reduce the ability to resist intergranular corrosion, so in the relatively high requirements of equipment, as far as possible using A022 welding rod.
Q:What kind of welding rod does Q345 steel use?
Ordinary welding rod can be, Q345 steel weldability is better.
Q:When welding, for example, 3.2 of the electrode should choose how much current
Personal summary of 4 times to the electrode diameter, good to be divided into vertical welding and welding is different, the package has recommended the use of current electrode. 3.2 of the welding rod is between 90-120A and standing 90-100.
Q:Is there any difference between welding wire and welding rod? What is the production process of welding wire? What kind of equipment do you need?
Rod and wire are welding materials, before only electrode, later with the development of science, some of the drawbacks of the electrode show out, such as weld joints more slow, wire appear to make up for some of the drawbacks of the electrode, but now there are some electrode to his advantage, but the annual output has been wire phagocytosis, especially the flux cored wire is the main direction of future development.As for the production process, first of all, the raw material processing, peeling, phosphating, through the mold drawing, pickling, washing, copper plating, polishing, etc..
Q:What kind of paint does the red arc welding electrode add inside?
The red component is iron oxide. This kind of coating is mainly made of iron oxide and is called iron oxide electrode.
Q:How do you know it's a white steel electrode?
See "electrode", "chromium", "stainless steel electrode" with "G" or "chromium", austenitic stainless steel electrode with "A" or "Austria" said.Examples of electrode grades G 207 indicate chromium stainless steel electrodes A 022 represents austenitic stainless steel electrodes
Q:What is the substance on the outside of the electrode?
The electrode coating consists of various minerals, such as iron alloy, organic substance, water glass and other raw materials.Composition of electrode according to their different functions can be divided into arc stabilizing agent, fluxing agent, gas forming agent, deoxidizing agent and alloy slag agent, dilute agent and binder etc..
Q:2.5 what is the current of the welding rod sheet?
Welding rod with a diameter of 2.5 mm, theoretical welding current amperage is between 50~80. The thin plate shall match the welding current according to different welding positions. The welding current selection range is as follows:According to different welding position, match different welding current.Flat position: 60A~80A.Vertical welding position: 50A~70A.Horizontal welding position: 50A~60A.Overhead welding and elevation welding position: 50A~65A.According to the specific choice of plate thickness, welding arc welding even broken.
Q:There are several welding electrodes in manual arc welding
There are several kinds of welding electrodes for manual arc welding:1, E4303:E means welding rod, 43 means the tensile strength of deposited metal 430MPa, 0, indicating that welding electrode is suitable for metal position welding, 03 means welding current type for AC or DC zone reverse, and the coating is titanium2, E5015, E means welding rod, 50 means the tensile strength of deposited metal 500MPa, 1, indicating that welding electrode applies to all position welding, 15 means that the electrode is low hydrogen sodium type leather, DC reverse.3, J422, J said electrode for structural steel welding rod, 42, said weld metal tensile strength 420MPa, 2, said electrode for titanium calcium type leather, AC and DC positive and negative connection4, J507 and J indicate that the electrode is the structural steel welding rod, and the 50 represents the tensile strength of the weld metal 500MPa, and 7 indicates that the electrode is low hydrogen and sodium type and the skin is directly connected with the reverse.
Q:Where is the difference between 422 electrode and E50 electrode?
Tensile strength is mainly different, HRB335 steel bar should be allowed to use 422 electrodes,

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