TPU Film Used for Shoes of CNBM in China

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Product Description:

1.Structure of TPU Film

Compared with the PU film, this kind of TPU film is with: Better elasticity, waterproofing, wear resistance, tear resistance and anti-yellowing. High temperature resistance and cold resistance.

Good for outdoor usage. High resistance to oils, grease and solvents. Good resistance to weather exposure.


2.Main Features of TPU Film

lightweight——low density  0.928 g/cm3

Durability——due to it’s good flexing and cold resistance

 Good toughness

easy edge-tear processing, soft hand feeling

Available for silk screen and offset printing

Non-toxic and without plasticizer, can reach the standard like: FDA, REACH,ROHS,EN71-3

The similar price VS PVC, but  more eco-friendly


 3. TPU Film Images


TPU Film Used for Shoes of CNBM in China

TPU Film Used for Shoes of CNBM in China

4. TPU Film Specification

1 )Thickness/width/ Color : may be produced according to specific requirements of customers.
2 )   Product features: TPU antibiosis/ anti-fungus film is added with antibacterial agent and mildew-proof agent according to requirements of customers on special products in order to achieve the effect of antibiosis and anti-fungus. It has been widely applied to bags of drinking water and medical supplies.


Model: TF series

Origin:Jiangsu China

Materials:TPU  film




Air permeability:   Low penetration

          Property instruction: Transparent


TPU transparent film(background:blue,yellow),good elasticity ,wearresisting,Twists and Turns and cold resistance and cold-resistant,can order thin film with anti yellowing more than four.Can order various thickness,and various hardness with 80A,85A,90A,95A.

5.FAQ of TPU Film

1). Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

A: We are a factory.

2). Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

A: Our factory is located in GuangDong, China. You are warmly welcomed to visit us!

3). Q: How can I get some samples?

A: Please connect me for samples

4). Q: Can the price be cheaper?

A: Of course, you will be offered a good discount for big amount.

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Q:How to remove the residual glue of the protective film on the stainless steel elevator door?
Q:How do I remove the protective film from my suitcase?
Blow it off with a blower and then remove it slowly.A suitcase is a kind of suitcase. The utility model comprises a luggage case, a telescopic pull rod and a luggage bottom wheel, and is widely used because of the convenient use.The suitcase has a long history. From the only wooden cases, big suitcases, and portable suitcase and trolley boxes of different shapes, the suitcase in people's hands is evolving.
Q:What are the functions of pure gum protective film?
It has excellent high-temperature and low-temperature resistance.
Q:How to remove the protective film on PCM plate in a quick way?
PCM plate can be coated with film using machine. But you can only tear off the film by hands. There is no such machine that can remove the film for you.
Q:PE film: the differences between protective film, stretch film and composite membrane.
There are many kinds of materials used in protective films, such PE, PET and OPP. The film is mainly used during prodution of products and delivery of finished products. Stretch film is a kind of film with thinness and high tensile strength made from PE materials.And it's mainly used on packaging. For example, logistics companies, transport companies and express companies use it to pack products.And composite flim is composited with several different materials, like PE and PET. This type of film is more high-temperature resistant than ordinary PE protective film.
Q:How about the electrostatic adsorptive function of PE protective film ?
1. Corona treatment is used in the process of the making of PE protective film, increasing the surface area of the film and making it static to meet the need of the following gluing. It's conducive to the combination of glue and film this way. 2. There's no such PE anti-static protective film with glue itself has adsorption function. Multi-layer film blowing machine can make such product at one time. Hualibao PE protective film features softness, good viscosity and easiness to stick and remove. And no glue remains after it's torn down.
Q:How many times do you wash your face? What about the damage to the protective film?
Enhance the ability of skin immune defense and restore the natural state of the skin. Clean the skin with warm water every day, for a week, and then use the repair low sensitive series of three-dimensional cleaning sensitive peptide products, to reduce the damage, the skin using the original self-healing ability, can self recover.
Q:The protective screen of the screen is dirty. How do you clean it?
First, keep dry working environment according to the working principle of liquid crystal display of the notebook computer we can see it on the air humidity relatively stringent requirements, so we must ensure that the notebook computer can work in a dry environment. In particular, moisture can not be brought into the interior of the display, so this is especially critical for some users whose working conditions are humid. If the water has entered the LCD screen inside, you will need a notebook computer placed in a dry place, let the water slowly evaporate, then do not rush to open the power supply, or display liquid crystal electrodes will be corroded, thereby causing damage to the LCD screen. Two, pay attention to their operating habits, bad work habits, will also damage the health of lcd. For example, while using a laptop, drinking tea, coffee or milk. As we all know, do not endanger the safety of the notebook computer keyboard, LCD screen will also endanger the delicate, if not careful will tea liquid poured into the LCD display of the consequences as can be imagined. In addition, if you do not pay attention to the use and opening of the notebook computer, it may cause the LCD screen to scratch or damage the protective film of the display screen and so on. It will affect its service life. Therefore, good operating habits are closely related to the health of laptop lcd.
Q:Do you need to tear off the protective film for the new fridge?
The protective film is designed to protect the surface from scratching during transportationBuy back, it is necessary to tear off the tear off the refrigerator will affect the heat, you touch the refrigerator surface with a warm feeling of temperature will understandSimilarly, notebook what, also want to buy back the tear film, many people also use laptop screen with a film, which is totally make an unnecessary move could also accelerate aging screen.
Q:Performance index of PE protective film
Purpose: tack stability, good adhesion, then peeling performance is good, no glue residue phenomenon for furniture Polaroid plate, stainless steel plate, ceramic tile, marble, artificial stone and so on.4. medium adhesive filmCharacteristics: thick (0.05 + 0.003), width (less than 1.3), high (100-1000), substrate (PE), peel strength (60-80g/cm), temperature (60), stretching rate (>400)Usage: sticky, stable, good adhesion, good peeling performance, no residual glue phenomenon, apply to fine lines, grinding board and general difficult to stick material surface protection, etc.5. high viscosity protective filmCharacteristics: thick (0.05 + 0.003), width (less than 1.3), high (100-800), substrate (PE), peel strength (80-100g/cm), temperature (60), stretching rate (>400)Uses: sticky, stable, good adhesion, and then good peeling performance, no residual glue phenomenon, applicable to fine lines, matte board, aluminum plate, difficult to stick plastic plates6. super high viscosity protective filmCharacteristics: thick (0.04 + 0.003), width (less than 1.3), high (100-800), substrate (PE), peel strength (more than 100g/cm), temperature (60), stretching rate (>400)Uses: high viscosity, use water-based acrylic as pressure-sensitive adhesive, easy to use, easy to paste, easy to tear, no residual glue phenomenon. Suitable for coarse lines, aluminum and other difficult to sticky material

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