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Stainless Steel Ball Check Valve 
1.0 hydraulic resistance 
2.Quick close down 
3.Body is symmetrical

Diameter      DN15-DN250

Pressure PN1.0-2.5Mpa

Medium water,oil,steam,weak acid and base

Temperature -29-180 degree

Body material     304,316 Stainless Steel 304,316


 Blow-out Proof Stem

 Investment Casting Body & Cap

 Pressure Blance Hole in Ball Slot

 Full Port

 Various Thread Standard Available

 Locking Device Available



  Design: ASME B16.34,API608

  Wall Thickness:ASME B16.34,GB12224 

  Face to Face:DIN3202-M3 

  Pipe Thread: ANSI B 1.20.1 

  BS 21/2779,DIN 259/2999,ISO 228 

  Inspection & Testing:API 598

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Q:What is the maximum temperature resistance of the 304 stainless steel ball valve?
What seal do you have?.PTFE sealing maximum temperature: 120 degreesMetal seal maximum temperature: 325-400 degrees, look at the manufacturers.
Q:What's the difference between a hot melt ball valve and a ball valve in general? What's the use of it?
The ball valve is defined with the ppR/PE hot melt plastic pipe connected with the ball valve hot melt connection, ordinary ball valves generally use the threaded connection or flange connection.Hot melt connection is widely used in PB pipe, PE-RT pipe and other new pipe connections.Hot melt connection has the advantages of simple connection, long service life and easy corrosion.PPR pipes can only be connected by hot melt. There is a dedicated connection PPR tube double union copper ball valve, ball valve is full of copper, on both sides with PPR live tab.
Q:What does "ball Q41F-16" mean?
Q- ball, 4- flange connection, 1- DC channel, floating ball, F- sealing material for fluorine plastic, 16- nominal pressure of 16 kg, the valve body material for gray cast iron. If you want to know the details of the valve named model establishment, can refer to the JBT-308-2004 standard.
Q:What are the applicable conditions of ball valves?
As the ball valve is usually made of rubber, nylon and PTFE as the seat ring material, so its use temperature is limited by the seat ring material. Ball valve is the cut-off role of the metal sphere in the role of the media, in the plastic valve seat between each other to complete the compression (float ball valve). Seat ring sealing ring under certain contact pressure, elastic-plastic deformation occurs in some areas.
Q:What does the sealing surface of the ball valve stand for HF?
HF= hard solder material in valves Q347HF, -16C, welded with CoCr or NiCr alloy.
Q:Structure design principle of fire ball valve
5 ball valve seat structure typical fire abroad professional production company common pipeline ball valve seat structure design of typical figure 9 - 12 shows, each seat structure fireproof structure design is reasonable, to ensure the seat piston effect of the sealing ring and the valve seat seal failure, valve seat leakage way at least. Figure 9 rubber sealing seat 1 to the left to the right in Figure 10 | rubber sealing seat 2 to the left to the right | Figure 11 rubber and plastic combined sealing seat to the left to the right in Figure 12 | plastic seat to the left to the right seat | fireproof structure design reasonable, can guarantee the way upstream pressure medium through the valve seat leakage at least fire, the best performance. In the design of fireproof structure of pipeline ball valve, the fire protection structure design of valve seat should be paid more attention to. The seat of fire with reasonable structure is the fundamental guarantee of fire safety in the pipeline valve in practical engineering, reasonable assessment of structural fire protection should be strictly in accordance with the API6FA/API607 standard fire test, test samples should not be sample makers, should be the verification institution with sampling, so as to ensure the rationality of the third party authentication and notarization of.
Q:What do you mean by 266 in the 266 brass ball valve?
In order to consider the cost, some manufacturers put in different environment in accordance with the actual need in addition to the basic properties (such as gas safety requirements, key strength, air conditioning temperature, focus on material and penetration, ordinary water can have the basic properties, can economic production and product classification), but in the national standard of the same specifications or inside them the same type,
Q:Can the check valve replace the ball valve?
No, but the ball valve can not replace the check valve!Ball valve is artificially to switch, the need for external force, there will be the operation is not in time, the action is not rapid, and other ills.The check valve is automatically opened and closed by hydraulic differential pressure, and the action is accurate.
Q:The difference between ball valve Q341F and Q347F
Ball valves Q341F and Q347F are turbine driven soft sealing flange ball valve, Q341F is a fixed ball valve, Q347F is a floating ball valve
Q:Which is the smallest flow valve, globe valve or butterfly valve? Which one is the biggest?
Ball valve with minimum flow resistanceStop valve flow resistance maximum

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