MRD-L Zero-sequence CT (equiped with relay protector or signal devices)

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Product Description:


Zero Sequence Current Transformer


Product Overview

When circuit grounds, CT could senses zero-sequence grounding current. To be equiped with relay protector or signal devices, it help device components act for the purpose of protecting or monitoring circuit.

MRD-L series zero-sequence CT is a kind of cable type, using ABS engineering plastics as casing, poured by resin. With beautiful appearance, good hermeticness, high insulation, high sensitivitym, good linearity, easy installation and wide application, it is not only suitable to magnetic relay, but also to electronics and mico-computer devices. CT type is determined by the operation way of user.(Neutral ground, unground,ground by high-resistance,low resistance or arc suprression coil.)

MRD-L series zero-sequence CT core is made of ZH120-130 cold rolled silicon steel sheet imported from Japan with advantages of smooth surface, constant thickness, good conductivity, strong sensitivity to magnetizing, accuracy and stability.



Inner Diameter (select site cable and inner diameter of zero-sequence CT), See table1




0-sequence CT Spec.

Cable Section(mm2)


50 and below


70     3×95


120  3×150  3×185


(3×150)  3×240  3×300








(3×240)  2×(3×300)   4×(3×185)


1. Maximum capacity, better limite voltage effect, more widely applicable scope, stronger tolerance , long lifespan


2. Voltage impact coefficient is 1, under the various kinds of electric voltage waveform, the voltage values are equal


3. With zinc oxide nonlinear resistors and discharge gap between the structure, make the two are complementary protected. The spark gap make the State-of-Charge of zinc oxide resistance to zero, Zinc oxide resistance nonlinear characteristics also make the spark gap action without free-wheeling in future, The spark gap no longer bear arcing tasks, and improve the service life of the product;


4. Four lines connect method, can be greatly reduce the voltage of phase, the reliability of the protection is greatly improved;


5. Valve plates and the spark gap assemble space, and mutual influence, discharge electrode is not easy to damp, be oxidated, make action value more stable and reliable.


6.Take overvoltage action techniques and fault automatically function , realize the device maintenance free, at the same time, to avoid the tedious work periodically, to solve the engineering and technical personnel to worry about the problems of the equipment safe running .


Selling Units:Single item
Single package size: 15X40X40 cm
Single gross weight:35.0 KG
Package Type:CARTON

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Q:In order to ensure the normal operation of the power system and equipment to achieve a grounding
2) protection of grounding: is the electrical equipment in normal circumstances, such as metal parts, such as metal shell, structural frame and the earth to make metal connection. In order to ensure personal safety.3) security is zero: is the electrical equipment in normal circumstances without the metal part of the system and the zero line connection to avoid the risk of electric shock. For three-phase four wire system of electrical equipment, must adopt the method of security zero.
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