Wind-Solar Hybrid LED Street Light 60W

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Product Description:

1. Structure of  Wind-Solar Hybrid LED Street Light 60W

The wind-solar hybrid LED street light system including Maglev vertical axis wind turbine, wind-solar hybrid intelligent controller, 60W LED lamp, Solar Panel, Battery with Pole. Each parts detail introduce as below:

Maglev vertical axis wind turbine:

we adopt integrating appearance design, practical design, and make mechanical, electrical engineering, power, wind tunnel test of atmospheric air,  computer simulation fraction disciplines such as integrated, using maglev technology theory, without any mechanical friction in motor under the condition of wind loads, in turn, make fan motor startup, high grade 1 wind power generation, smooth operation

Wind-Solar hybrid intelligent controller gets three functions:

  1. Prevent battery overcharge and over discharge

  2. Change AC into DC

  3. Can be set time, RPM and light control with time control to street light

LED Lamp:

Self-research and design, use CREE brand chip, high-strength tempered glass with better light transmission and UV resistance. Power efficiency was higher than 93%, 50000 hours life span with intelligent dimming function.

Solar Panel:

Generally we use MONO silicon solar panel that it transform efficiency can be get 18% above


Used lead-acid or GEL batteries, usage time between 3 to 5 years. Wanted more battery usage time please use lithium iron phosphate battery

Light Pole:

Used Q235 high-quality steel, the thickness of up to 9mm around, and after DACROMET technical treatment, can be anti-rust anti-acid, alkali

2. Main Features of Wind-Solar Hybrid LED Street Light 60W

1, No Vibration- you can mount anywhere including on your house roof

2, No Noisy- quiet enjoyment of living

3, No Frication- the equipment lasts longer due to no wear & tear

4, Low start-up wind speed-Means higher average power output

5, No rust - use Aluminum Alloy material, technical treatment by DACROMAT

6, No fade- after anti-oxidation treatment

7, Strong adaptability-means can be used for land, beaches, weak offshore wind

   Regional power, lighting etc.


3.  Wind-Solar Hybrid LED Street Light 60W Images

Wind-Solar Hybrid LED Street Light 60W



4. Wind-Solar Hybrid LED Street Light 60W Specification:

No.Equipment NameModel No. / SpecificationUnitQty.
1Maglev Wind TurbineCXF-300Wpcs1
2Wind-Solar Hybrid Intelligent Controller300W24V (Max 540W solar)set1
3LED Street Lamp60Wpcs1
4Solar Panel120W MONO Siliconpcs2
5Battery12V 200AH Gel Batterypcs2


 5. FAQ

Q1: What kind of area can this street light be used?

Re: It can be used widely in diverse area such as remote area, independent millitary area and so on.


Q2: How long time can the street light work?

Re:It can offer continuous lighting 10-12 hours everyday and working continuous 5-8 days at rainy days.

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