PV Array Combiner Box ( Monitor current as far as input array and display the value by RS485)

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In large PV system feeded in gridm, it is necessary to set a PV combiner box



between PV module and inverter for the purpose of lessening connecting wires



between PV modules and inverters, easy maintainance, enhancing reliablitity.  



Exclusive Features



- Applicable to both indoor and outdoor.



- Numerous PV arrays could be connected in synchronously with fuse at each





- With specialized voltage arrester for PV. And both positive and negative pole



  have function of lightning protection.



- Use four-pole breaker series connected by postitive and negative pole



  separately to enhance DC withstanding voltage value.



- Monitor current as far as input array and display the value by RS485.



- Monitor voltage after combination, and display the value by RS485.

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Q:Power equipment sales process, the customer asked the most questions thank you
In order to make electricity sales, electricity is to master the basic skills, to see more electrical and electronic, electric power system, plant power supply and distribution aspects of the books, only solid basic skills can be handy, you should at least master will sell the product knowledge, understand.
Q:Electric power equipment start-up and commissioning of the project there is a difference?
The start of the equipment is started in the single test.
Q:Is there a warranty period for power equipment?
Warranty period is not specified, is determined by the relevant test standards
Q:I would like to open a company on the construction of power equipment, what needs to be prepared?
First, the qualification of electric power project construction. Divided into one to four, respectively, by the Ministry of housing, the provincial housing department, the Municipal Housing Construction Bureau and County Housing Construction Bureau approval. Construction quality is also subdivided into general contracting, professional construction contract, etc.. The project general contracting, according to whether the design, supervision, equipment procurement and other business content, but also can be subdivided.
Q:What is the installation equipment of the transformer on the power installation project
Installation of drop fuseHigh and low voltage side of distribution transformer should be equipped with fuse. High voltage side fuse at the bottom of the vertical distance from the ground is not less than 4.5m, the fuse and the horizontal distance of not less than 0.5m, in order to smooth down the fuse tube is easy to operate and fuse, axis drop type fuse with the vertical line of 15% ~ 30% angle. The vertical distance to the surface of the bottom of the low voltage side fuse shall not be less than 3.5m, and the horizontal distance of each fuse shall not be less than 0.2m.
Q:The problem of electric power equipment withstand voltage
The air is easy to produce ionization, so it is necessary to improve the insulation level and increase the gap of high voltage electrical apparatus
Q:Power transformer equipment bidding procurement are in what units
Power Grid Corp on the volume of business is greater, because their main business is to invest in the construction of power grids.There are also a small number of individual units, such as large projects and large enterprises.
Q:Two power equipment; I was engaged in a number of more than a few cabinets to know more about the two
The common measurement and control cabinet are generally some common control signals such as AC / DC screen, knife position, device power loss and telemetry some voltage and current value, there are no specific remote control, measurement and control device of equipment access to public control
Q:What is the redundancy of electrical equipment
Disk duplex: a I/O controller is added to the mirrored disk to form a dual disk to improve bus contention.RAID: cheap redundant array of disks (Redundant array of inexpensive disks). As the name suggests, it consists of a number of disks, through a controller to coordinate the movement of a single data flow into the disk. The RAID3 system consists of 5 disks, in which 4 disks store data, and the 1 stores the check information. If a disk fails, you can replace the disk on the line, and through the other 3 disks and check the disk to re create the data on the new site. RAID5 will check the information distributed on 5 disks, so you can replace any disk, the rest with the same RAID3.
Q:Reactive power compensation methods commonly used in power equipment
The centralized compensation is to set up the reactive power compensation device in the power distribution room to compensate the reactive power in the region. Due to the introduction of several kinds of compensation sampling is set at the point of measurement, so you can minimize the interest rate generated electricity.In the professional field and transmission line compensation (high and low), furnace low-pressure grid compensation, flameproof compensation device etc..

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