PV Array Combiner Box ( Monitor current as far as input array and display the value by RS485)

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In large PV system feeded in gridm, it is necessary to set a PV combiner box



between PV module and inverter for the purpose of lessening connecting wires



between PV modules and inverters, easy maintainance, enhancing reliablitity.  



Exclusive Features



- Applicable to both indoor and outdoor.



- Numerous PV arrays could be connected in synchronously with fuse at each





- With specialized voltage arrester for PV. And both positive and negative pole



  have function of lightning protection.



- Use four-pole breaker series connected by postitive and negative pole



  separately to enhance DC withstanding voltage value.



- Monitor current as far as input array and display the value by RS485.



- Monitor voltage after combination, and display the value by RS485.

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