Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light System with Energy Saving LED Lamp

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light  System with Energy Saving LED Lamp

 Wind solar hybrid LED Street Light system with energy saving LED lamp is a wind solar hybrid street lighting system with bottomless barrel buried battery in which the pole is bottom diameter 230mm and top diameter 135mm, and thickness 5mm cone-rod and pole’s total height is 8m, and color is white based on galvanization.

The configuration consists of one 300w wind turbine, one 300W wind solar hybrid controller , two 100W solar panels , one 60W LED street light and four 12V100AH batteries. Lighting control system is set as 12 hours lighting with time control lighting duration and automatic light control switched ON.

2. Main Features of Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light  System with Energy Saving LED Lamp


  • Off grid system without power supply from Power Utilities

  • 5 days working duration under neither wind nor sunlight

  • Higher efficiency compared to traditional HAWT

  • Visually pleasing appearance


3. Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light  System with Energy Saving LED Lamp Images

Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light System with Energy Saving LED Lamp


4. Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light  System with Energy Saving LED LampSpecification:



Maglev wind generator


Rated Power200W300W600W1000W3000W
Size(Height / Diameter)1035/1150mm1090/1240mm1320/1540mm2200/2400mm4200/4570mm
Turbine Weight22.5KG31KG49KG180KG715KG
Blades MaterialAluminum alloyAluminum alloyaluminum alloyaluminum alloyaluminum alloy
Blades Qty.33333


wind speed


Cut in

wind speed

2m/s3m/s3m/s5m/s, 3.5m/s3.5m/s
Rated Wind Speed13m/s12m/s13m/s13m/s13m/s
Cut out Wind Speed16m/s15m/s15m/s15m/s15m/s
Survival Wind Speed60m/s65m/s65m/s60m/s60m/s
Generator TypeAC,3 phasesAC,3 phasesAC,3 phasesAC,3 phasesAC,3 phases
Controller output voltageDC12VDC24V/12VDC24V/12V/48VDC48V/24VDC48/96V
Controller output current<12Amp<20Amp<30Amp<50Amp<130Amp
Controller braking system

3-Phase /short circuit protection/ NFB/

Manual break or automatic brake optional

Ambient Temperature-30~50 ℃-40~50 ℃-40~50 ℃-40~50 ℃

-40~50 ℃


Parts Design Service Time: Solar Panel 25 years, LED light over 50,000 hours,  Battery 3 years, Pole 20 years.

Warranty: 5 years for solar panels and pole, 3 years for led street lamp and battery, 1 years for controller


5. FAQ

Q1: If the pole or the street light can be costomized made?

Re: Surely the client can designate with specific requirement and take in consideration of weather condition.

Q2: What kind of area is suitable for the product?

Re: They are suitable for areas with annual average peak power sunshine of 4.5hrs per day. Battery capacity is designed for 3 days backup in cloudy or rainy weather.

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