Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 3000W Model CXF-3000

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 3000W Model CXF-3000

Vertical Axis Maglev Wind Turbine is a breakthrough in wind power technology. We have  made magnetic levitation technology used in wind turbine for the first time. This creates a milestone and fulfills important breakthrough in the history of small and medium wind turbine development. The maglev technology improves the efficiency of wind power 35% compared to traditional horizontal axis wind turbine. The innovative wind generators have been widely used for Telecoms Base Receiver Station (BTS) as well as residential and commercial applications.It can be applied in generating system as follows : off grid, grid-tie, residential and commercial, street lights, telecoms BTS and etc. This Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine has simple colours:red and blue with sliver. It is wind tunnel testing proved reliable product.


2.  Main Features of Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 3000W Model CXF-3000


  • Magnetic levitation technology

  • Independent of the direction of the wind

  • Higher efficiency than the propeller blades

  • Works even in turbulence

  • Visually pleasing appearance and rotation of the blades

  • Quiet or almost minimal acoustic noise

  • Movement of the blades even in low wind speed of 1m/sec

  • Turbine construction is resistant to gale 60m/s (132MPH)

  • Designed for mounting on mast, straight or saddle area

  • Design: aluminum alloy, stainless steel

  • Design life: at least 20 years

3. Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 3000W Model CXF-3000 Images

Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 3000W Model CXF-3000


4. Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 3000WModel CXF-3000  Specifications




Rated power









680 kg

Blade material

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy

Blade quantity



Swept area ㎡



Min starting wind speed



Cut-in wind speed



Rated wind speed



Cut-off wind speed



Survival wind speed



Generator type



Controller Output Voltage



Controller Braking System

3-phase short circuit by NFB brake

3-phase short circuit by NFB brake

5. FAQ


Q1: What is the advantage of wind power to the evironment?

• Zero emission

• Synergy with Solar and Geothermal systems

• Dual colors make it easy for bird identification in order to prevent collisions (Animal-friendly)

Q2: How is the installation of this wind turbine?

• Easy Installation: System can be assembled within one hour

• No welding

• Single or multiple unit connection for bigger power production

• Easy connection with PV systems

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