MRD-BJ Transformer Neutral Ground Resistor

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In distribution systems technique of neutral ground is usually categorized into neutral unground, neutral ground via resistor, and neutral-point grounding via arc suppression coil. Differnent grounding ways decide various operating ways. With development of economy , over-head line which is the main way of past power grid has been replaced by cable running line. Meanwhile, some new equipments such as hermetic compact structure of SF6 swichgear, twisted polyethylene cable and zinc oxide arrester are more and more widely applied. Therefore, non-effective grounding technique is unsuitable to present situation. As a result, to set neutral point grounding effectively is the important facet of power supply we should work on.

If neutral grounding resistance cabinet is installed, the current flowing through grounding point and neutral point would be much lower than that when metallicity grounding. Therefore, adopting neutral grounding via resistance could decrease transient overvoltage when single-phase grounding, and eliminate arc flash hazards like transient overvoltage and some resonant overvoltage associated with the first ground fault, and moreover it could adopt relays to quickly locate the fault circuit and clear it up.

Mingrui has outstanding technical researching team and superior equipments, specially concentrate on research & development, production, sales and service of neutral grounding series products of power distribution system. The transformer neutral grounding resistance cabinet we developed and produced is applicable to 6~35KV power distribution grid of cable running lines in cities, large industrial enterprises, factories, airports, seaports, subway and etc. as well as 0.66KV system in mine digging and 0.4kv/6kv/10kv system in power plants.

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