Wind Solar Hybrid Controller / Off Gird Wind Turbine Controller 1KW48V

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1KW 48V Wind Solar Hybrid Controller / Off Gird Wind Turbine Controller

  1. Waterproof

 Three defenses for circuit board, hierarchical design, even if small amount water enters, it will not damage the device

  1. RS232 communication

Standard configuration RS232 communication, it is easy to do the monitoring with the computer software. (RS485, short-range wireless is optional). Using a USB to RS232 members, more convenient to exchange data with a computer (computer with USB interface can be used).

  1. Safety wire connecting

Terminals are treated with injection molding process, wiring short circuit and cross will not occur, more safety for customers’ operating.

  1. Automatically alarming of battery reverse

Battery input terminal will not be damaged with continuous reverse, and it has buzzer alarm. Avoid equipment damage and fire caused by wiring errors, and better protect the battery.

  1. Automatically alarming of Photovoltaic panels reverse

Photovoltaic panels will not be damaged with continuous reverse, and it has buzzer alarm. It will not cause wiring errors especially when work at night. (Note: reverse connection detection in the night needs manually keys intervention)

  1. Continuous short-circuit output protection

Discharge output terminal has continuous short-circuit protection, and over current protection. It is recovered after the abnormal excluded. Avoid damage of the controller or fire caused by electrical equipment fault (especially the short circuit).

  1. Patented Wind turbines steady speed generation control technology

Patented Wind turbines steady speed generation control method, which makes the Wind turbines not run with super speed, the Wind turbines can keep generation with a limited set speed even in the high winds, avoid direct stop of Wind turbines with over speed caused by strong wind. Greatly improve the Wind turbines generation energy and keep the safe running of the Wind turbines.

  1. Patented Wind turbines stall current limit control technology

Patented Wind turbines stall current limit control methods, which makes Wind turbines not run over current, avoid the damage of expensive generator caused by heating due to over current.

  1. Support multiple output mode selection

This controller provides optional multiple output modes (light control, time control, light on in the morning, PWM dimming, reverse direction), which can satisfy a variety of applications.

  1. Statistics the cumulative generating capacity, remaining power, speed, current, temperature and other data

The controller screen displays not only the current, voltage, power of conventional Wind turbines, PV, battery, and the output terminal; but also the cumulative generating capacity of Wind turbines and PV, the remaining battery power, Wind turbines speed, unloading current, and the temperature of controller.

  1. Alarm function when terminals up

When the terminals are up, the controller will alarm, which requires customers to use with the correct install direction, avoid the possibility of damage caused by water comes into the controller when used in the open air or due to bad weather.

Wind turbines input parameters

Rated power of applied Wind turbines


Rated power of the terminal

25A dc (after rectification)

Max. input current of the terminal

30A dc (after rectification  working <=15min)

Max input voltage of the terminal

120V dc

The default current of the Wind turbines generation with limited current

20A (settable)

Wind turbines protection method

over rev protection, over current protection, induction lightening protection

Unloading method

An external resistor PWM unloading    

MPPT function


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Q:What principles should be followed in power equipment maintenance
Power equipment maintenance should follow the principles are: (1) to implement the "prevention oriented" maintenance policy, so that should be required to repair, repair required good"
Q:What are the relevant national standards for power equipment?
The standard is very thin do not know what you want to give you some of the specific power of the main reference
Q:What are the customer groups faced by power intelligent equipment
Power capacitor is a kind of reactive power compensation device. Power system load and power supply equipment such as motors, transformers, transformers, etc., in addition to the consumption of active power, but also to absorb reactive power. If the reactive power is supplied by the generator, it will affect its active power output, not only uneconomical, but also lead to poor quality of the voltage, affecting the user's use.
Q:I would like to open a company on the construction of power equipment, what needs to be prepared?
First, the qualification of electric power project construction. Divided into one to four, respectively, by the Ministry of housing, the provincial housing department, the Municipal Housing Construction Bureau and County Housing Construction Bureau approval. Construction quality is also subdivided into general contracting, professional construction contract, etc.. The project general contracting, according to whether the design, supervision, equipment procurement and other business content, but also can be subdivided.
Q:Withstand voltage test, power equipment insulation unqualified reasons?
Test methods and voltage measurement methods are not correct. For example, when the transformer is tested, the non - Test winding is not connected to the ground, and the non - tested winding may be discharged to the ground. For example, the test of large capacity test, the voltage is still on the low side of the measurement, due to the capacitive effect, the actual increase in the voltage on the test sample over the test voltage, resulting in the breakdown of the subject matter, misjudgment is not qualified.
Q:What is the installation equipment of the transformer on the power installation project
Installation of 10kV distribution transformer platformMost of the installation and use of double column transformer (capacity of less than 500kVoA), spacing of two rod is 2m, less than 20mm in the transformer tilt rod, power distribution transformer platform with two channel 2.4m is fixed on the two poles, the bench from the ground is not less than 2.5m, the gantry tilt should not be large in high 1/100. The bottom of the transformer is fixed with 4 screws on the platform, and the high and low voltage of the transformer should be equipped with dust cover. In addition, the installation of iron parts are galvanized, and more than 100kVoA transformer to install a disconnecting switch.
Q:What are the lightning protection measures of power system
Use of cables in overhead line terminations (absorbing lightning waves). Arrester installed on overhead line terminal. Use of devices to prevent the operation of over-voltage as the backup protection of atmospheric overvoltage. To reduce the grounding resistance of tower.Improve the insulation level of the system. Wait。
Q:What power equipment is needed for the motive,
There are many steps in engine manufacturing, including parts manufacturing and engine assembly.
Q:What is the LCP cabinet of electric power equipment
Junction box is a collection of all kinds of lines, equivalent to a transit station, the scene and control room may have.Electronic control box instruments and electrical appliances may be used.
Q:Part of the rated voltage of the power equipment is marked 10.5kv, and this is similar to the label 10KV power equipment what is the difference?
Here are a few concepts, you can check1, the network voltage, is the line or the rated voltage of the bus, which is usually said to be rated voltage, including 3, 6, 10, 35, 110, 3302, rated voltage generatorThe rated voltage of the generator is usually 5% higher than the rated voltage

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