MRD-XHZ/XHP Arc Suppression Coil 6~66KV

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MRD-XHZ/XHP Arc Suppression Coil


Arc suppression coils are used for capacitive current compensation during earth faults in electric networks. They are to be connected between the transformer neutral point and the ground.


Adjust range:0~100% rated current
Voltage range: 6~66KV
Duration time: 2 hours Max.

Test & Quality

All Mingrui arc suppression coil are designed, rated, manufactured and tested in strict compliance with IEEC60076-6. Routine tests performed on each arc suppression coil are insulation resistance test,winding resistance measurement, applied voltage test, transformer oil withstanding voltage test and HV characteristic test. Mingrui’s internal quality system has been developed and certified under ISO 9001 quality system

Arc Suppression coil

1.MRD-XHZ step type: with tap changer
   connecting with different taps on ASC to
   change the inductive current with steps
2.MRD-XHP sliding type: change inductive
   smoothly by arranging a magnetized iron
   core inside ASC and applying DC
   magnetizing current on the iron core


1.IPC system, multilayer PCB, stable system operation
2.Color LCD with data display, set and query function
3.Auto measure system voltage and displacement voltage etc, Auto   
   trace and compensate
4.Compensate range: 0~100% of rated current
5.Inside inserted grounding fault detector and the fault feeder could
   be detected and switched off quickly
6.RS232 & RS485 communication interface
7.with standard printing interface and print timely and grounding
8.Grounding wave is recorded and could display on any other
   computer without driver installation
9.Max. 1000 grounding information could be stored

On-load Tap Changer

Only needed if MRD-XHZ step arc suppression coil is chose.

Damping Resistor
Only suitable for MRD-XHZ step type, made of stainless steel alloy.
During earth fault, it is switched off, and during normal operation, it is connected with arc suppression coil to prevent resonant over-voltage


-Grounding transformer
-Shunt Resistor


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Q:Ask the expert about the design of the power system diagram, 6kV side of the electrical equipment how to supply
For 35/6KV step-down stationEach line with the 6/0.4KV transformer, or 6KV equipment (such as 6KV synchronous motor), are the load of the stationSo, there are 6KV devices, single occupancy 6KV bus on a certain line can be
Q:In order to ensure the normal operation of the power system and equipment to achieve a grounding
1) work: grounding is to ensure electrical equipment in normal or accident conditions reliably, the neutral point directly or through special equipment (such as Petersen coil, reactor, resistance, breakdown insurance, etc.) do metal and earth connection.
Q:What is the good rate of equipment determined by the rating of substation equipment
The "system" can easily calculate the depreciation and repair costs of fixed assets in order to determine the economic life of the equipment, the best time to update. As a result of the "system" many functions of the set, so that enterprises can accurately grasp the technical status of the equipment, so as to determine the technical life of the equipment is very useful.
Q:The cost calculation of power equipment
Fault and professional people to do the cost of fault handling and so on, there is no fixed standard, depending on the site
Q:The relationship between primary equipment and two equipment in power system
The two device is a device for the control, regulation, protection and monitoring of a device, which comprises a control device, a relay protection and automatic device, a measuring instrument, a signal device, etc.. The two device obtains the electrical connection with the primary device through a voltage transformer and a current transformer.
Q:What is the meaning of the high - voltage high - voltage device in power system
The high cycle is high frequency, rated frequency of power system in China is 50Hz, the normal range was 49.8~50.2Hz, under normal circumstances, the power dispatching department through power planning, automatic control and other means to achieve power generation and load demand power balance. In the event of an accident, the balance can not be controlled by these means,
Q:How to handle the qualification test, what kind of power equipment
(a) legal person qualification and perfect organization; (two) the registered capital and net assets of 60 million yuan; (three) the last 3 years to bear the following first items listed, third project and second sub items listed in any one project, and the project quality: above 1 thousand and 330 volts voltage substation 2 or 220 thousand volt substation 5; more than 2 thousand and 330 volt overhead lines 300 kilometers or 220 thousand volt overhead line of 500 kilometers; more than 3 thousand and 220 volt cable line 80 kilometers or 100 meters above the level crossing tower crossing project 1.
Q:What are the necessary equipment for power line project?
It must have a climbing tool, such as irons, safety belts, safety helmet; and lifting equipment, such as cranes, hydraulic lift truck, pulley, winch, pole and so on; there must be bearing equipment, such as various tensioners, hand gourd, line cards, traction machine, tension machine;
Q:What is the redundancy of electrical equipment
Redundant system accessories:1, powerDual power supply system is widely used in high-end server products, the two power supply is load balancing, i.e. when the system is working for their system to provide power, when a power failure, another power will bear all the load. Some server systems to achieve the DC redundancy, and other server products such as Micron's NetFRAME 9000 to achieve AC, DC full redundancy.
Q:On the nameplate of the electrical equipment, what does ith UE ie mean?
Electrical equipment consists of two parts: power supply and power equipment. The power supply comprises a storage battery, a generator and a regulator thereof. The utility model comprises a starting system of an engine, an illumination, a signal, an instrument, etc., and also comprises an ignition system of the engine.

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