MRD-XHZ/XHP Arc Suppression Coil 6~66KV

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MRD-XHZ/XHP Arc Suppression Coil


Arc suppression coils are used for capacitive current compensation during earth faults in electric networks. They are to be connected between the transformer neutral point and the ground.


Adjust range:0~100% rated current
Voltage range: 6~66KV
Duration time: 2 hours Max.

Test & Quality

All Mingrui arc suppression coil are designed, rated, manufactured and tested in strict compliance with IEEC60076-6. Routine tests performed on each arc suppression coil are insulation resistance test,winding resistance measurement, applied voltage test, transformer oil withstanding voltage test and HV characteristic test. Mingrui’s internal quality system has been developed and certified under ISO 9001 quality system

Arc Suppression coil

1.MRD-XHZ step type: with tap changer
   connecting with different taps on ASC to
   change the inductive current with steps
2.MRD-XHP sliding type: change inductive
   smoothly by arranging a magnetized iron
   core inside ASC and applying DC
   magnetizing current on the iron core


1.IPC system, multilayer PCB, stable system operation
2.Color LCD with data display, set and query function
3.Auto measure system voltage and displacement voltage etc, Auto   
   trace and compensate
4.Compensate range: 0~100% of rated current
5.Inside inserted grounding fault detector and the fault feeder could
   be detected and switched off quickly
6.RS232 & RS485 communication interface
7.with standard printing interface and print timely and grounding
8.Grounding wave is recorded and could display on any other
   computer without driver installation
9.Max. 1000 grounding information could be stored

On-load Tap Changer

Only needed if MRD-XHZ step arc suppression coil is chose.

Damping Resistor
Only suitable for MRD-XHZ step type, made of stainless steel alloy.
During earth fault, it is switched off, and during normal operation, it is connected with arc suppression coil to prevent resonant over-voltage


-Grounding transformer
-Shunt Resistor


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