Wind Generator 600W24V / 48V Model CXF600

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Wind Generator 600W 24V/48V Model CXF600:


The vertical axis maglev wind turbine is a perfrect choice for building wind solar hybrid power systems. This system makes use of wind and solar energy to provide clean electric power to households. It is characterized by  energy-saving, high-efficiency, easy-installation and long lifespan. It can be not only made optimal configuration according to local natural resource and user's needs, but also can be upgraded to meet increasing load capacity requirements.



2. Main Features of Wind Generator 600W 24V/48V Model CXF600:


  • Magnetic levitation technology

  • Independent of the direction of the wind

  • Startup at low wind speed of 1m/s

  • Higher efficiency compared to traditional HAWT

  • Works even in turbulence

  • Visually pleasing appearance

  • Turbine construction is resistant to gale 60m/s (132MPH)

  • Robustness and adaptation to all possible environmental conditions thanks to material of aluminum alloy or stainless steel

  • Design life: at least 20 years

  • Noise: Tested by China National Machinery Quality Inspection Centre at 12m/s: <40db

* The 600w unit has 24V and 48V for option.

* Wide application:It 's ideal for both of residential and commercial applications as well as off grid and on grid power systems.

* Nice performance: The unit provides a durable, reliable, and fully customized hybrid solution to Telecoms Base Receiver Station (BTS), Charging Station by Solar and wind and also very suitable for power supply to home.


3. Wind Generator 600W 24V/48V Model CXF600 Specifications


Rated power600W
Dimension (Height/Diameter)Ø1540mm / 1320mm
Weight50 kg
Blade materialAluminum Alloy
Blade quantity7 (3 Darrieusand 4 Savonius)
Swept area ㎡0.30
Min starting wind speed1.3 m/s
Cut-in wind speed3.5m/s
Rated wind speed13m/s
Cut-off wind speed15m/s
Survival wind speed60m/s
Generator typeAC,3Phases
Controller Output Voltage24V/48V
Controller Braking System3-phase short circuit by NFB brake
Ambient Temperature-40~50 ℃
NoiseLess than 40dB
Annual Energy Production (@ 5 m/s wind speed )about 1500 kWh


4. Wind Generator 600W 24V/48V Model CXF600 Images

 Wind Generator 600W24V / 48V Model CXF600

5. FAQ:

Q1: Where can it be applied?
 Re: It 's ideal for both of residential and commercial applications as well as off grid and on grid power systems.


Q2: What is the quality guarrantee for this product?

* Nice performance: The unit provides a durable, reliable, and fully customized hybrid solution to Telecoms Base Receiver Station (BTS), Charging Station by Solar and wind and also very suitable for power supply to home.


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Q:Design all equipment in the power system
Two equipment: all kinds of relays, switchgear, PLC and other control equipment.The power plant and substation: electric energy metering, remote device (RTU monitoring and high frequency cutting machine), relay protection equipment (generator, transformer, bus lines and other equipment such as protection, differential protection, distance protection, over-current protection, earthing protection), automatic line monitoring device, are now in microcomputer protection the equipment.Enterprise side: the control of power supply system, DCS distributed control PLC programmable control; relay protection equipment (mainly over current protection); reactive power compensation cabinet overvoltage protection, reactive power compensation cabinet intelligent control components.
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2 please hold valid company documents to the trade and Industry Bureau for consultation!
Q:Power test equipment sales to find power supply company which departments?
Procurement is generally the Department of materials management, to find a high class, livelihood, materials department

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