MRD-FD Neutral Grounding Transformer for 6kv to 20kv

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1,Brief Introduction to Product

1.1  Scope of Application

MRD-FD type neutral ground resistor cabinet is complete equipment specially used by generators in power plant which adopts high-resistance grounding for neutral. The voltage grade for generator mainly ranges from 6kv to 20kv. When one point of the stator grounds, the device is able to limit the grounding current at a reasonable value, and effectively restraint arc flash transient overvoltage associated with single-phase grounding.

1.2  Operation Environment

1,Applies to indoors.

2,Ambient temperature: between -40 and +40 centigrade.

3,The altitude shall not exceed 3000m.

4,Relative humidity be or lower than 95%(25 centigrade)

5,Power grid frequency:58-62Hz (60Hz System), 48-52Hz (50Hz System)

6,The air at the installation site shall be free from chemical corrosion, vapour or explosive dust

2.1  Parameters of Grounding Transformer

Insulation class:H

Temperature rise:≤100K


Protection Level: for paper-insulated dry type grounding transformer, the PI is divided into IP00 (no enclosure), IP20, and IP23 (with enclosure) .

Insulation level, impedance voltage on-load loss and no-load loss are according to relevant national standards.

Insulation resistance testing: high voltage-low voltage and to earth≥300MΩ,and low voltage-earth≥100MΩ.


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