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Product Description:

Traditional way of water depends on the water in the reservoir, generally 

by tap water supply pipe network, in this way, the pressure of water into

the pool turned to zero, and cause a huge amount of energy wasted.
XWG no negative pressure steady flow water supply equipment, is our marina

fountain pump industry science and technology professional and technical 

personnel in the pressure water supply equipment on the basis of the development 

of a kind of can directly connect with tap water pipe network, and the tap water 

pipe network does not produce any side effects of the complete water supply 

equipment.He replaced the reservoir and the roof water tank, can make full use 

of tap water pipe network pressure water supply, directly or indirectly to avoid the 

secondary waste of energy and water quality of secondary pollution, greatly save 

the infrastructure investment and shorten the construction period.
XWG no negative pressure steady flow water supply equipment by the intelligent 

frequency conversion control cabinet, instrument, steady flow tank, pump, valve 

and pipe, and applies to all need to increase the water pressure, constant flow of 

water supply system.
Product features:
Section 1, no pool, energy-saving building, information:
XWG no negative pressure steady flow water supply equipment economic health, 

energy saving effect is remarkable, the practice proved: using intelligent have no 

negative pressure steady flow water supply equipment to energy saving more than 

50% of the cost of new pool, compared with other water supply equipment, can 

save 20% ~ 40%.
2, simple installation, saving area:
XWG type without negative pressure steady flow water supply equipment can be 

configured horizontal flow tank, also can configure vertical steady flow tank.Two 

steady flow can have different characteristics: horizontal steady flow can occupy 

the space is little, vertical steady flow tank occupied area is small, steady flow 

tank manufacturing and testing are conform to GB150 "steel pressure vessel" 

regulation, the tank wall is installed with advanced "841 epoxy polyamide feed" 

container wall coating, anticorrosive, security accord with national food hygiene 

3, versatility, and strong adaptability:
XWG type without negative pressure steady flow water supply equipment for the 

drinking water, fire water, can be configured in any type of water pump, when the 

equipment is used for fire protection, should be equipped with special fire pumps.
4, complete functions, high degree of computerized:
XWG type is negative pressure steady flow water supply equipment adopts the 

advanced man-machine frequency conversion control technology, with a soft start, 

overload, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, lack of phase, overheating and 

stalling protection function.In exceptional cases to alarm signals and self-checking, 

fault diagnosis, etc, also according to the water height automatically adjust the water flow.
5, advanced products, reliable quality:
XWG type no negative pressure steady flow water supply equipment used in accessories, 

after a number of manufacturers of screening, with reliable quality assurance, the key parts 

of products, such as: motor, water pump bearings, inverter, breaker, contactor, relay, 

adopted the international and domestic high-quality brand-name products.
Installation and commissioning:
1, the size of the equipment foundation shall be provided by the manufacturer of the 

foundation drawing construction, its location and the standard should comply with the 

engineering design and TJ231 "equipment foundation size and location of quality requirements".
2, equipment in place with level after leveling, the vertical and horizontal level should be 

less than 0.1%.
3, equipment installation, after leveling with expansive cement was carried out on the basis 

of secondary grouting and maintain piping of the reentry after 24 hours.
After 4, electrical wiring should confirm the direction of rotation, to ensure consistent with the standard arrow.
The use and operation:
1, before using the equipment should be set to move the pump rotor, no friction, card lag phenomenon.
2, 500 v low voltage motor insulation, shaking table test should be 0.5 M above.
3, control instrument, and no damage.
4, open the pump inlet valve, close the outlet valve, one by one to open the pump 

exhaust valve, stay liquid filled with pump cavity after close the valve.
5, put the switch position manually, no-load point move water pump, the running 

direction should be consistent with the standard arrow.
6, manually by rev. Stop the pump, check the pump running no abnormal phenomenon.
1, equipment before put into operation in the face of the system to clean up, 

purging, lest cause equipment damage impurities into the pump body.
2, the pump should not be under the condition of the outlet valve full close long-term 

operation, should not be in the performance curve of hump operation, more can't idle

running, when the shaft seals use packing seal allows for 10 ~ 20 drops/min leaks.
3, runtime bearing temperature is not higher than 75 degrees Celsius.
4, water pump running in every 500 hours when dealing with bearing on a refueling.
5, equipment, long-term service should take the necessary measures to prevent 

equipment tarnish and corrosion, winter shutdown should use antifreeze, heat preservation measures.
6, equipment operation should be according to the condition of water quality for early discharge. 
The feature of no negative pressure water supply equipment
1, two work modes:
Automatic working way: automatic way is a way of working as a normal water supply condition.

Generally speaking, when a customer after normal water supply, namely selected this way, 

when he worked in automatic mode, all the different requirements of water supply pipe

 network, will be in effective control of no negative pressure water supply equipment, 

for a variety of functions to adapt to the work.
Manual work way: the operating mode is working for the automatic mode failure occurs, 

emergency Settings for the user a way to work, the work completely using the easiest 

way to get started, in this way directly to any one on the operation panel water pump 

motor, generally only in the case of automatic failure or debug.
2, easily incorporated into the intelligent management system, the main parts adopt high 

quality components, the system has high reliability and anti-interference, its own standard 

serial communication port (RS485), causing the system and the computer communication 

is very convenient.
3, water protection function, when the water tank water level is lower than the set water 

level, the system automatically protect the downtime.Liquid level controller is stable and 

reliable performance.
Reply message after 4, automatic reset function, power outage or water recovery system 

automatically start.
5, fault shielding pump function, fault shielding pump directly exit after operation procedures, 

replaced by spare pump work.
6, automatic protection function: overload, over current, short circuit, lack of phase, overpressure,

 undervoltage, and lack of water stop and other automatic protection function.

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