PowerSafe Technology Batteries High-efficiency

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1, maintenance free; 
2, AGM/GEL; 
3, 12v nomal; 
4, deep cycle battery 
5, lead acid battery

PowerSafe Technology Batteries High-efficiency

 PowerSafe Technology Batteries High-efficiency



1.   How do I decide which system is right for me ?

For protection from long outages, include a generator or solar panels in your Must solar system. Shorter outages can be handled by a battery-only system.

2.    Where my system will be installed ?

Must solar systems are usually wall-mounted near a home's main electrical (circuit breaker) panel.

3. How do I install my system ?

A solar backup inverter is connected to a home electric system , we will supply detailed installation manual and videos for our customers .

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Q:Three sets of complete sets of power equipment exports what is it
The complete set of power distribution equipment is a complete set of equipment supplied by the manufacturer. The electric main circuit is divided into a plurality of units, each unit is a circuit, and the circuit breaker, the knife gate, the current transformer and the voltage transformer of each unit are connected
Q:What are the effects of frequency variation on power users and power systems?
Power frequency: generally refers to the frequency of electricity market, China's power industry, the standard frequency of 50 hz. Some countries or regions, such as the United States, are set at 60 hz.
Q:Insulation level of electrical equipment used in neutral point grounding system shall be
For example, 220kV transformer (YNYnd11) insulation level high voltage side is LI950AC395-LI400AC200, the front half part (head) of the lightning impulse voltage and power frequency withstand voltage were significantly higher than that of the second part (neutral side). According to the power frequency withstand voltage needs to achieve 1.6 times the rated voltage requirements, the first end of the line voltage is considered in accordance with 220kV, the neutral point according to the phase voltage (127kV) considerations. But there are some places are fully insulated, that is, according to the line voltage calculation.The triangle connection must be considered by the line voltage. Overall, C is definitely right.
Q:What are the customer groups faced by power intelligent equipment
Power capacitor is a kind of reactive power compensation device. Power system load and power supply equipment such as motors, transformers, transformers, etc., in addition to the consumption of active power, but also to absorb reactive power. If the reactive power is supplied by the generator, it will affect its active power output, not only uneconomical, but also lead to poor quality of the voltage, affecting the user's use.
Q:What is the double name of power equipment?
Such as: 307DL. The device name is on the circuit breaker, numbered 307DL, together they should write off on the line: circuit breaker 307DL
Q:What are the technical measures to ensure the safety of the power line equipment?
5 hanging sign and installing fence (fence).These are the contents of safety regulations (line part)
Q:What are the lightning protection measures of power system
1 set up the lightning rod, 2 to reduce the grounding resistance. 3 set up the coupling ground wire, the 4 adopts the unbalanced insulation mode. 5 equipped with automatic reclosing. 6 to strengthen the insulation, the 7 installation line lightning arrester, barrier needle, 8 lightning protection grounding
Q:District power equipment installation tender, the need for the conditions of the tender unit
10KV below the district power equipment installation: tender units need at least a business license qualification certificate (Level 3 or above) safety production license,
Q:How to strengthen the management of electric power information communication equipment
As an important infrastructure in the process of automation and management modernization of China's power grid dispatching, the high efficiency and scientific performance of power information communication equipment can effectively promote the safe operation of power grid.
Q:Electrical equipment classification
Current carrying conductor and gas insulated equipment. Such as bus, power cable, insulator, wall bushingA device that limits over current or over voltage, such as current limiting reactors, surge arresters, etc.Transformer equipment: make a circuit of the high voltage and large current is reduced, for measuring and relay protection devices, such as the voltage and current transformer protection in order to ensure the normal operation of an electrical equipment, the operation status monitoring, measurement, control and adjustment of the equipment is called two electrical equipment. There are a variety of measuring meter, a variety of relay protection and automatic devices, DC power equipment, etc..

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