PowerSafe Technology Batteries High-efficiency

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1, maintenance free; 
2, AGM/GEL; 
3, 12v nomal; 
4, deep cycle battery 
5, lead acid battery

PowerSafe Technology Batteries High-efficiency

 PowerSafe Technology Batteries High-efficiency



1.   How do I decide which system is right for me ?

For protection from long outages, include a generator or solar panels in your Must solar system. Shorter outages can be handled by a battery-only system.

2.    Where my system will be installed ?

Must solar systems are usually wall-mounted near a home's main electrical (circuit breaker) panel.

3. How do I install my system ?

A solar backup inverter is connected to a home electric system , we will supply detailed installation manual and videos for our customers .

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Q:Ask the expert about the design of the power system diagram, 6kV side of the electrical equipment how to supply
For 35/6KV step-down stationEach line with the 6/0.4KV transformer, or 6KV equipment (such as 6KV synchronous motor), are the load of the stationSo, there are 6KV devices, single occupancy 6KV bus on a certain line can be
Q:What is the good rate of equipment determined by the rating of substation equipment
The "system" can easily calculate the depreciation and repair costs of fixed assets in order to determine the economic life of the equipment, the best time to update. As a result of the "system" many functions of the set, so that enterprises can accurately grasp the technical status of the equipment, so as to determine the technical life of the equipment is very useful.
Q:The cost calculation of power equipment
The cost of your equipment maintenance is calculated according to the method of replacement and maintenance
Q:Maintenance of electrical equipment, security measures to ensure that what
6, is strictly prohibited live moving, demolition, relocation and maintenance of electrical equipment and lines.7, all cables are not allowed to have a fire joint, tear, leakage phenomenon, such as cable break, should be used with equal effectiveness hot cold patch, allowed to send electricity.8, all electrical equipment is strictly prohibited fire operation, maintenance of electric equipment, should be properly protected, not smashed on the explosion-proof surface, ensure the explosion-proof surface finish and explosion-proof performance, and paint oil or vaseline to evenly.9, timely maintenance control, switch control must hit the "off" position, set off switch handle, and remove the clutch.
Q:In power system, the general conditions for the selection of electrical equipment are
Electrical equipment to be as reliable as possible, must be selected according to the normal working conditions and the short circuit conditions for a variety of checks (such as thermal stability check and dynamic stability check)For some equipment also need to check the special items, such as circuit breakers and fuses to check the ability to break the current, the current limiting reactor to check the normal voltage loss and bus residual voltage, etc..
Q:Power equipment sales process, the customer asked the most questions thank you
3, the component parts of the device, which is the core component of the device, to master the working principle of the device oh;4, after-sales service problems, technical introduction of after-sales service;5, price, product prices and other brand products at what level;
Q:Under the same voltage level, the rated voltage of the equipment is not exactly the same
For different electric appliances, rated voltage may be different, commonly used for 220V, 280V, and some appliances used in not rated voltage can still work, but not up to the ideal working condition, rated voltage and the voltage at both ends of the electric appliance has nothing to do with.
Q:The two devices of the power system have those
Two power system equipment:An auxiliary device for monitoring, measuring, controlling, protecting and regulating the primary equipment in a power system, called a two device, that is not directly connected to the electrical energy.
Q:I do sales of electrical equipment, how to deal with the power supply bureau?
380 low voltage line equipment (switchboard, overcurrent protector, etc.) or electrical equipment (such as electric energy metering, checking table, meter and electric meter box, etc.) if you want to make better cooperation effect you, if you have the ability, then of course you directly to the main leadership of the power department is better the.
Q:What are the main interference sources of the two power system
The main source of disturbance in power system are: high voltage isolation switch and circuit breaker operation; short circuit and lightning system; partial discharge; two switch operation system; voltage load change and faults when the power grid has sag, interruption, unbalance, harmonics and frequency variation of power frequency and harmonic electric field and harassment; the magnetic field generator and transformer; transmission circuit in the surrounding electric field and magnetic field; high frequency conduction disturbance and radiation disturbance automation equipment, radio equipment; natural phenomena such as lightning, electrostatic discharge, geomagnetic disturbance and dry harassment pulse generated by nuclear power.

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