Super Intelligent Wind Solar Hybrid Controller / Wind and Solar Hybrid Controller

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Super Intelligent Wind Solar Hybrid Controller / Wind and Solar Hybrid Controller

Super-intelligent wind/solar hybrid controller is a new type of special high performance control device for new energy application which is designed on the basis of ultra high performance controller. It contains many years of application experience (such as waterproof, dustproof, salt spray, wiring error, wind resistance limit control of Wind turbines, energy management etc.), it has done to ultimate no matter it applied to the charging control or street light control. In order to meet variety of applications, the controller adopts a hierarchical and modular structure, all functions can be achieved with different functional plates according to actual application, and it is convenient for rapid customization and application.


2. Main Features of Super Intelligent Wind Solar Hybrid Controller / Wind and Solar Hybrid Controller

  1. Waterproof

  2. Safety wire connecting

  3. Automatically alarming of battery reverse

  4. Automatically alarming of Photovoltaic panels reverse

  5. Continuous short-circuit output protection

  6. Patented Wind turbines steady speed generation control technology

  7. Patented Wind turbines stall current limit control technology

  8. Wind turbines input MPPT generation technology (boost)

  9. Support multiple output mode selection

  10. Statistics the cumulative generating capacity, remaining power, speed, current, temperature and other data

  11. Alarm function when terminals up

3. Super Intelligent Wind Solar Hybrid Controller / Wind and Solar Hybrid Controller Specification:



CXF600w-24V off-grid

CXF600W-48V off-grid

Battery parameters

Applied battery voltage


Battery protect method

Reverse connection protection (do not burn any components, with voice prompt); over voltage protection, under voltage protection (for street light and such kind of load)

    Voltage at the over voltage protection point



Voltage at the over voltage recovery point



Voltage at the under voltage protection point



Voltage at the under voltage  recovery point



Battery temperature compensation

5mv/℃/2V (settable) (optional component)

Wind turbines input parameters

Rated power of applied Wind turbines



Rated power of the terminal

30A dc (after rectification)

15A dc (after rectification)

Max. input current of the terminal

40A dc (after rectification)

20A dc (after rectification)

The default speed of the Wind turbines generation with limited speed

500 Rpm (settable)

The default current of the Wind turbines generation with limited current

30A (settable)

15A (settable)

Wind turbines protection method

over rev protection, over current protection, induction lightening protection

Unloading method

PWM stepless high-frequency soft unloading (built-in)

MPPT function

Boost MPPT model ( automatic tracking or 5 segments curve tracking)

Input current of MPPT channel


PV input parameters

Rated input current of applied PV



Rated input current of terminal


Charging voltage drop


PV protection methods

Reverse connection protection (voice prompt)

Unloading method

Open circuit unloading

Discharge the output port parameters


2 outputs

Current of each output


Output protection methods

Over current protection (15A/30sec.  18A/0.4sec.),  short-circuit protection (current > 150A)

Output control methods

light control, time control, reverse output, PWM output (250HZ, only the 2nd output has it)


Auxiliary function

Monitor of air temperature inside controller, temperature of unloading parts and Wind turbines MPPT components, and also the monitor of control terminals installed on the inversion (with voice prompt)

Display mode

Liquid crystal (LCD) display

Communication mode

RS232(5V electrical level)/RS485 (standard)
 Short-range wireless (optional)

Displayed parameters

Wind turbines input voltage/current/power/generated energy/rev/unloading current
PV input voltage/current/power/generated energy
Battery voltage/charging current/power/total charging capacity/battery status information
output current/power/abnormal information of the 2nd output port

Power consumption in standby mode(screen backlight closed)

About 20ma /24V system

Operating mode

 3M foil key operation (4 keys)

Working temperature / humidity range (environment)

  -40~+80℃/20~85%RH(non condensing)

Protection grade


Controller size (L*W*H)

  175mm*148mm *84mm

 Net weight



4. Super Intelligent Wind Solar Hybrid Controller / Wind and Solar Hybrid Controller Images

Super intelligent Wind Solar Hybrid Controller / Wind And Solar Hybrid Controller


5. FAQ


Q1:  Where can we use this product?


Re: Hybrid  streetlight system and home use system.


Q2: How long can you finish the production?


Re: It depends on the quantity of the purchase order.



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