High-voltage Current Limit Fuse for Engine Protection

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Fuse is a device that causes the melt to fuse with the heat generated when the current exceeds the specified value. Fuse is a current protector, which is based on the current exceeding the specified value for a period of time, so that the heat generated by its own melt, thereby causing the melt to melt. Fuse is widely used in high voltage power distribution systems and control systems and power equipment, as a short circuit and over current protection, is one of the most widely used protection devices.


2. Product Characteristic:

1) Good selectivity. On the lower level Fuse ,Fuse Rated current as long as it meets the current selection ratio of 1.6:1, superior Fuse Rated current is not less than lower the value of 1.6 times, is on the lower level can have selective cutting fault current of GB and IEC standard;

2) The limiting performance is good, and the breaking capacity is high;

3) The relative size is small;

4) The price is cheaper.




Rated voltage KV

Rated current A

Rated breaking current KV










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Q:I have a sanyo 25 inch tv that makes a buzzing sound after being on for a few minutes then gets louder. Why?
For sure please call Sanyo service center to help you (don't wait until the set blow the worst case it can set fire. Buzzing sound usually comes from the component that has coil in it, like flyback, transformer. But it usually comes from the flyback when its leaking. If this the safety fuse you're talking about, when it blows your set won't be able to turn on anymore.
Q:Aftermarket headlights, wiring issues. Shortages.?
Hi i would be surprised if anything worked the Body module that other computer which works with the engine management system is confused now.
Q:Lincoln town car air suspension?
As was said, if the compressor is running, the 30 amp fuse is fine. There are a number of components that can make this light go on, does your compressor run all of the time? If so it could be an air leak, on my '95 town car the ride height adjuster needs to be replaced, it signals to the compressor to keep running even though the car is at a proper level. This blows the 30amp fuse. Until I can get a new rha, I am just keeping the switch in the trunk off, if it looks a little low I turn it on until the rear end is up, this happens mostly when the temps. drop and the air molecules contract. To nail down your problem take it to a dealership, they can run a diagnostic test on it.
Q:motercycle batteries?
You ruined your stator I bet.
Q:help! i connected my car battery the wrong way?
you obviously have an overide system built in somewhere,most likely the system realised the high current thus high resistence,and shorted its own circuitry,its common in uptodate cars as many people fall ill to that mistake and blow their e.c.u's,your lucky your also a hard worker coz the terminals are sized different making it almost impossible to put - lead onto + terminal%)
Q:where can i find a diagram of the electrical wires on a 1997 jeep grand cherokee laredo?
The MAXI fuse and relay box is under the hood, near the passenger's side hinge, by and above the heater-A/C box. As for the wiring diagram, most manuals have it as well as a component locator. If you don't want to spring for the $20.00 to purchase one, go to the library and use what they have. If it is the on-line feature you really want, go here-----eautorepair.net/ …and for a modest subscription, you Can have access to all of the published professional material for your little SUV.
Q:03 buick rendezvous REAR DEFROSTER front switch and light works fuses &relay good but no power to the?
Tony. You checked the connections properly. One is power, the other is ground at the connectors. Did you look at the wiring harness where it goes through to the tailgate? This is a common place for wires to break from repeated opening/closing of the gate. The switches are usually reliable. Any fuses for the circuit should be either under hood or dash. Your owners manual should show you where. If you have anymore questions or need advise give me an e-mail. UPDATEThere is a technical service bulletin regarding this problem. It involves the diagnosis of the grid. It has a different grid power distribution. Bulletin # 04-08-48-001B
Q:1996 Camry LE 4 cyliner, clock and radio won't turn on, everything else works fine?
Check your accessory fuse(s).
Q:Autozone Electrical System Check (Reversed polarity)
mroe likely then not you just need a new battery. check al the fuses and relays as well.
Q:i have a mono block amp and its one channel at 1 ohm stable so how may subs can i put on my subs?
Kind of a trick question.you can play the ohm game all day long. As long as you come up with 1.0 ohms or greater it will work. You could technically run 8 -2 ohm single voice coil subs and still have a 1 ohm load!

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