Thermal Cutoff Fuse

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Product Description:

Temperature Fuse 250V

1.Rating Voltage: 250 V

2.Color : Any color is ok


4.High quality and competitive price

5.The open temperature tolerance is ±5 °C,

6.Maximum Contact Rating: 8 A / 250 VA.

7.The open temperature of YJ001 ranges from 50 °C to 150 °C in 5 °C increments.

8.Lead wire:YJ001 # black; custom-designed calble is also avaiable.


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Q:Why is my fuse blowing all the sudden?
most likley when the bass hits its hardest or deepest its to much for your amp so it blows your fuse try turning your bass booster down or the bass alltogether.
Q:Rear AC not working, 2000 Chevy Tahoe?
Should be in the blower itself, not the actuators. What you can do is get a short finder so you dont have to keep replacing 30A fuses, but unplug the relay in the back for the blower motor see if the short is before the rear HVac or inside the rear HVAC. If it doesnt blow then insert the relay unplug the blower itself see if it is the problem. Maybe it or a short in the wiring somewhere
Q:How many fuse boxes does a 1989 Toyota pickup has?
Spark, gasoline, compression. verify for spark with an previous spark plug inserted into between the plug wires and the metallic area of the plug touching a metallic floor on the engine, see in case you may discover a spark while the engine is cranked. verify for gasoline, in case you haven't any longer have been given a gauge you may depress the schrader valve on the gasoline rail, it in lots of circumstances has a plastic cap over it and it feels like the valve stem on a tire. be careful as gasoline will spray out at 40PSI so conceal it with a rag. to ascertain for compression without a compression guage, crank the engine over it would sound even, as each and each cylinder comes up on its compression stroke the starter will decelerate somewhat. If a variety of of cylinders have low compression the sound would be choppy. If not one of the cylinders have compression, the sound would be secure without pulses. the eu is remarkable. once you turn the main to on does the verify engine mild come on? if no longer then the workstation won't be getting ability. different issues to ascertain are cam or crank sensors those administration ignition and injector timing.
Q:What was the first electronic device in the history of mankind.?
The relay was the first electonic- in a sense, component part other than switches and fuses, etc. It made modern telegraphy possible and evolved into the repeater- thus the relay- a remote controlled switch, was in effect the first ( Electronic) device, though not anything involving crystals, diodes, vacuum tubes etc. Morse devised the Relay as part of his telegraph system circa l844.
Q:I've blown a fuse in my computer power supply. Help ?
Two things seem likely. 1. You've created a short circuit somewhere 2. Your mod is trying to draw more current than your power supply can provide
Q:What is an internal thermal fuse and what does it do?
they are a section of thinner wire(usually encased in a glass or plastic case) that fails to protect the whole circuit or component when the temperature, voltage or current drawn rises too high, hence the name thermal. fixing it is easier said than done. do you know where it is? do you know how to safely remove and replace it? can it be removed/replaced? best bet is to get (buy, beg/borrow/ steal) the service manual for your car and read that first. if you get one, it becomes a handy resource for when you need to know stuff about the car. these manuals are made either b the manufacturers or other people who atually pull a car apart and put it back together, noting instructions and taking photos, so they are relatively easy to follow.
Q:Charging problems on a 96 Beretta Z26 3.1 v6?
Go to a wrecking yard and get a fuse box cover. You can also test your system yourself for a short or parasitic draw. First, shut off all the car's lights and accessories then close all the doors. With the battery in the car, first remove the negative battery terminal. Now, using a multimeter set to the DC volts scale put one probe on the negative terminal of the battery and the other probe to ground. Read the meter. If you read more than about a quarter of a volt, you have a draw somewhere. Troubleshoot the draw by having someone remove fuses one at a time until you see the meter voltage drop. When you see the voltage drop, you’ve found the circuit in which you have a power drain. Thoroughly examine that circuit, area by area, until you locate the reason for the voltage drop. Isolate and repair the problem. If this doesn't fix the problem, take extra care for a few days and see that all the lights are off before you walk away from the car for the evening. It could be something so simple as a door that hasn't closed fully, causing an interior light to remain on overnight or maybe a bad switch on an under hood or trunk light. Any of those are more than enough to do the job. I've done it myself, more than once. Usually, a full battery charge will take care of it. Even a jump start and running the car for an hour or so should build your battery up enough to get you going again as long as your alternator is doing its job.
Q:Sundance spa no display won't run?
I have a beachcomber tub and it has System fuses if one of them are blown my panel will go deadhave you tried sundance service ?
Q:my 2000 ford F-150 windows just quit working along with my interior light.?
check your fuses pull out the owners manual(in glove box if you have it). check under fuse identification check to see if they are running of the same fuse the book will let you know what components run off each fuse.
Q:Speaker drops out after replacing blown fuse, how do I fix it permanently?
You obviously have a loose connection--speaker drivers very rarely have an intermittent problem. I would check the fuse-holder. Either the spring at one end is not under enough pressure when the fuse is in, or perhaps you replaced the original fuse with one slightly shorter. Unfortunately it has been many years since I have seen a DM220, and I don't remember the type of fuse or fuse-holder that it has. I would swap fuses with the other speaker, and see if the problem moves: I HAVE seen defective, intermittent fuses!
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