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Q:Why does the fuse in my Honda's 12-Volt power outlet burn out shortly after I plug in my radar Detector?
Sounds to me like your radar detector, which you stated that you have used for years, has finally met it's maker, kicked-the-bucket, met it's timely demise, etc. Some component in it has shorted out or something, it now is attempting to draw too much current, and your electrical system is doing exactly what it is should, blowing it's fuse before burning itself out (and/or the radar detector, the whole car, etc.). I would say that it is time to start shopping for a new radar detector.
Q:please help! Odometer and Speedometer question?
have the speedometer cable check/ replace could be defective. if your rav4 uses speed sensor to run your speedometer, you will see the check engine light comes on as you move from 2mph and then stays on. you did not mention it here if you see check engine light comes ON. so we will assume your rav4 uses speedometer cable. ok. have it check. the cable and the plastic gear at the end of the cable inside the transmission. no need to break open totally transmission. plastic gear only on the end of the cable. it is just inserted on the transmission. if both cable or sensor in use are good. you may have to look at the gauge it self. defective gauge. but try the cables/sensor first.
Q:My windshield wiper fluid won't stop spraying?
so your spray isnt working change the fluids
Q:Why do I have a parasitic draw from a 2006 Jeep Commander?
Typical settled current passing through the Ignition Off Draw fuse should be .005-.035 amps for retention of memory in radio/cluster etc. When testing, this current needs to be measured for a few minutes as it can remain high for up to three minutes. Ensure hood light is unplugged and all doors remain closed during testing so the illuminated entry system isn't activated. If contact is lost on the fuse terminals at any time during the test, internal timers in electronic components may reset requiring the test to start again. If you are getting .497A with the IOD fuse removed you have draw from another circuit and need to start pulling fuses one at a time to isolate the circuit drawing that current.
Q:civic 99 interior short. problem?
The ceiling light (interior light) shares a 7.5 amp fuse along with the following: trunk light data link connector integrated control unit One or more of these including the ceiling light may be shorted, permitting electrical current to cross through without a load. You should inspect all of these components and make sure none of them are burned out and disconnect/replace the offending component causing the 7.5 amp fuse to blow. Use a multimeter to check the resistance for all of these components. If you find any of them with a very low to no resistance, then you have found your culprit. Good luck!
Q:2002 Ford expedition (power seat and power mirror not working at the same time)?
Sounds like a fuse to me. A fuse can actually blow and not look like it. Go ahead and change it out. If you remove the fuse box cover, there will be an illustration that would show you which fuse to pull.
Q:Looking at buying a 2005 Scott Speedster 5G. Anyone know anything about this bike?
Scott is a good company. The speedster models are there lower end stuff. But if it works OK for $250 I'd buy it. 800 miles isn't much if cared for. If it's the one available on Craig's list buy if in good shape. You can't touch a road bike for $250 new.
Q:1996 Ford Contour no tail/dash lights?
I have the exact same problem. And it's not a fuse!!!!!
Q:Do you trust buying cheap batteries?
If buying NiMH batteries, I always use name brand batteries like Powerex or Eneloop. I also use a good quality charger, like Maha. Having the extra capacity and performance is important so I suddenly don't have enough juice to finish shooting. Also, the quality batteries save money in the long run.
Q:my 10 amp power supply goes on but wont work?
Does the power cord coming from the cb radio have a fuse? if so, it is probably blown. If it does not, then you may have fried a diod or other component on the cb radio circuit board.

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