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Q:2003 Ford Windstar Front Port Dead?
Im sure it would be the wiring or a fuse. I would check for a fuse under the dash and also there should be a main fusebox in the engine bay next to the battery. If it was the wiring then it would have shorted at the weakest place (or smallest gauge wire). When something like that happens you need to be carefull. There is no telling what kind of damage might have been done to other electrical components in the vehicle. Hopefully that was the only thing affected and you wont see any more problems come up later on. I would suggest having a diagnostic done on the electrical system just for good measure. good luck.
Q:How do i clean the engine and the under hood components of my car? obviously i am not goin to use water !?
You can use the high pressure spray as others say, but be careful around electrical connectors. That pressure is high enough to blast right through the small rubber seals on them, trapping the water inside. Even if it doesn't cause an immediate problem, it can corrode connections and wire over time. Use one of the degreasers, work it in with a parts cleaning brush where you can, and carefully rinse. Don't hold the wand too close to help prevent above listed problems. If possible, I prefer to do mine at home. I'll usually start the engine and let it warm for a few minutes, then shut it off and let the exhaust cool down for about 10 minutes. I've seen manifolds crack from being hit with large amounts of cold water when they're really hot. The oxygen sensor probably wouldn't appreciate it either. Once the exhaust has cooled slightly, I spray the degreaser anywhere it's needed and work it in with a parts cleaning brush. Before it can dry, get rinsing and keep the brush handy - you might need it to get rid of stubborn bits. I also avoid the fuse box area, and put a plastic bag over the alternator to prevent damage. You MAY be able to get away without these precautions, but why risk it for the sake of a few minutes? As someone else mentioned, be ready to dry things up thoroughly, or it will look very spotted. After that, I would take it for a drive for at least 15 minutes to help thoroughly dry things out. You can use paper towels, but if you've got some old bath towels around, they work great. Use two - one for the main initial drying, and the other for the small details. Pros will likely have nice looking results, but probably won't take the time to care much about your electrical system.
Q:what could cause the fuses in my car to short out?
its probably some wires that are touching the frame of the car or something, causing it to short out.
Q:what is the fuse in the back of a head unit for?
Q:Why is my Chevy Lumina car not charging battery?
There is an alternator fuse in the under hood fuse box . If that is not blown check the battery wire on the back of the alt for battery voltage .
Q:Automotive fuse boxes?
Gandalf waves his wand and magic happens? Of COURSE there's a wire, you NOOB! If you want a diagram of the electrical system in your car then go buy a service/repair manual for your car. They have wiring diagrams in them.
Q:Power steering pump fuse?
Ask someone to turn the steering wheel while you listen at the steering pump. If you can hear the pump make a whine and loud noise, the belt might be slipping. Adjust the belt if necessary. Also, lack of steering fluid may cause the noise. Add fluid if necessary, then turn the steering wheel completely to the left and right several times to purge air from the system. i Inspect the steering pump, connecting hoses and lines around the steering assembly and look for possible leaks using a flashlight if necessary. If you frequently add fluid to the steering pump, the steering mechanism might have a leak. Clean steering components with a shop rag and recheck a couple of days later. You might find a loose hose clamp, torn hose, broken line or crack on the steering pump.
Q:How does a fuse blow in a ballast?
A surge is not going to blow a fuse IN a ballast. A fuse will blow when there is too much current flowing - which might be a loose wire touching ground or two wires shorting. If the fuse is in the fuse box then something else being on the circuit might blow the fuse.
Q:How can I get the lights on my car stereo faceplate working again?
it maybe a fuse check your car fuses
Q:please help me to get a block, schematic diagrams for +/- 15V basic power supply With less than 15 Components?
you opt for a voltage regulator, amperage concerns much less subsequently. I make uncomplicated circuits and for all people I upload a voltage regulator. considering which you're working at a extra physically powerful voltage, you're above my sort (i take advantage of 6v and below). in spite of the incontrovertible fact that, maximum high quality voltage regulators comprise geared up in cutting-edge and voltage secure practices. A voltage regulator additionally will modify the present to a particular output. verify the link below, 5 amps max (thats solid on your case). The voltage is likewise in the skill, dont be perplexed by way of the information sheet. that's unquestionably fairly user-friendly. You DO choose a multi-meter to purpose the outputs in basic terms incase. yet that would desire to do it for you guy. i'm unfamiliar with the kind of regulator I appropriate in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it is going to tolerate warmth effective judging by way of its layout and schematics, not a low priced little 1cm x1cm element. this might set you back approximately 5-12 greenbacks. based the place you purchase it, choose a soldering iron and additionally the multi meter. something with DC, i like to characteristic a diode for a circuit, stops cutting-edge/voltage from going the incorrect way. Your capacity supply might have it regular although. Edit: in spite of if that's RATED for 10 amps, it does not advise that it is going to likely be 10 amps, relies upon on the draw. Thats all it may produce. Odds are you have a low priced duel factor fuse in there. it is going to hold a solid 12 amps for 15-20 min. Volts will burn out circuits quicker than amps (yours is possibly rated for 600v), so verify that score first. As an electrician, we continuously verify volts first. OCPD (overcurrent secure practices gadget) will cease any injury. You DO choose a regulator although, to guard your amp. Edit back: Jumbilia kinda reaffirmed it. Love electric engineers!

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