CDW7 Series Air Circuit Breakers

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Q:What will happen if I use a 5 amp tube fuse instead of a recommended 1 amp fuse?
If you use a higher rated amp fuse I think it could catch on fire . Each wire size is only able to carry a given amount of amps. The bigger the wire the more amps and the smaller the wire size number. #14 wire 15amp fuse #12wire20amp fuse #10wire30amp fuse #8 wire40amp fuse. The fuse acts as safety feacher incase the amps are exceeded. The fuse blowes before the isulations on the wire meltes and causes a short .
Q:2003 Ford Windstar Front Port Dead?
Im sure it would be the wiring or a fuse. I would check for a fuse under the dash and also there should be a main fusebox in the engine bay next to the battery. If it was the wiring then it would have shorted at the weakest place (or smallest gauge wire). When something like that happens you need to be carefull. There is no telling what kind of damage might have been done to other electrical components in the vehicle. Hopefully that was the only thing affected and you wont see any more problems come up later on. I would suggest having a diagnostic done on the electrical system just for good measure. good luck.
Q:how do i check the electrical system on a 1997 KX 60 dirt bike to determine which component is keeping it from?
Assuming the chain and sprockets are in stable condition, approximately halfway between the front and rear sprocket the backside portion of the chain ought to circulate vertically between 25-40mm while status immediately without-one sitting on the bike, no rely if it is greater beneficial than that it may be adjusted till the slack is actual. If there is important lateral stream or the adjusters are on the minimize or any tooth are broken on the sprockets the two the sprockets and the chain must be replaced. The marks on the eccentric adjusters are publications in elementary terms and should no longer be depended on as completely precise. to make optimistic the two the wheels are in an analogous direction use 2 parallel planks the two area of the bike.
Q:I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse, why won't the A/C compressor will not shut off?
did they replace the relay? if not you might want to think about replacing the compressor.
Q:88 300ZX, why did my stereo, pwr mirrors, pwr mirrors defog switch and my intermittent wiper lose power?
You blew a fuse. Check your fuses.
Q:Everytime I put my radio/reading lamp fuse, it blows instantly. any ideas?
There's a fault with one of the components on the circuit or one of the power wires is grounding to earth (trapped wire/damaged sleeving etc). Identify exactly which items are covered by this fuse and switch all the items off. Change the fuse for a good one, and then switch each component on in turn to see which one causes the fuse to blow. A fairly common fault for aftermarket stereos is for a wire to get trapped between the mounting cage and the chassis of the stereo when it's being pushed into the dashboard, stripping the casing off the wire and causing it to ground to earth. Could also be listening to the stereo too loud (again aftermarket stereos are more likely to be affected) - the extra current to the stereo may cause it to pop the fuse.
Q:Calling all Wrench Heads.?
The alternator and other components might be fried also, have a mechanic check everything
Q:Tapping into a fuse in my car's fuse box for an extra cigarette lighter, where should I ground it though? (picture included)?
Be careful, a cigarette lighter is a very high amperage draw device. The single existing fuse is only designed for one lighter, so you should consider running a dedicated line from the battery, fuse protected, to your new lighter. However, if you only plan on using the lighter socket for small current draw purposes, like a cell phone charger, then you could be okay tapping into an existing line. As for ground, any existing ground should be okay, as well as adding a new ground to a metal frame or body component.
Q:How does a fuse blow in a ballast?
A surge is not going to blow a fuse IN a ballast. A fuse will blow when there is too much current flowing - which might be a loose wire touching ground or two wires shorting. If the fuse is in the fuse box then something else being on the circuit might blow the fuse.
Q:Sundance spa no display won't run?
I have a beachcomber tub and it has System fuses if one of them are blown my panel will go deadhave you tried sundance service ?

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