Temperature Fuse

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Product Description:

1.Thermal Fuse high current capacity. 

2.Sensitive to ambient temperature. 

3.Single operation over-temperature protection


Temperature Fuse: 

1.Rated Current:10A&15A (AC) 
2.Rated Volt:125V&250V (AC) 
3.Rated Temperature:73-240C 


Using scope:

Suitable for refrigerator elec. , oven boiling pot , iron etc business machines of household appliances.

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Q:parts for gaming laptop.?
you cant make a non gaming laptop into a gaming laptop. you can do this with desktops only laptop's major components are fused to the motherboard and are not replaceable/upgradable so your only choice is to buy a new higher powered laptop
Q:why does my moped/ scooters' electric start work but no other electrical components?
if you have fuses it might be that. if that isn't it, remember that all these accessories must all run from the same electrical point. trace one of those wires back toward the off/on switch until you find the problem.Have you checked the ground. some time the starter is a grounded alone. also turn one of these things on and check to see if you actually have power to it. its tough to answer this in a good way to get right to the exact problem partner.
Q:How to figure wire size needed for 12v DC?
You need to size the wire for the maximum current it could carry. If it is directly off the battery and going to a block that is fused for a total of 120 Amps, then you have to assume that the wire could be asked to carry 120 amps before a fuse would blow. According to your chart, that would be a 8 AWG wire (150A for 10 feet). First problem is that 8 * 30A 240A. If you did 8 branch circuits all fused at 30 with no fuse between the block and the battery, you could exceed the rating of the block! The safe way to do this is to add up all the loads you plan to put on this wire, right size the fuses to those loads and then size the wire for that total plus about 10%. You could also put a single fuse right at the battery that would be sightly larger than the total max load current.
Q:Vector Collision?
For this problem, you'll have to use conservation of momentum in both x and y direction. For x direction - m1v1 (x) +m2v2(x) (m1+m2) V(x) 4.91*248*cos(20.3) -2.96*282*cos(16) (4.91+2.96)*V(x) solve for V(x) here. V(x) would be the x component of the vector (as asked in the question format). Similarly conserve momentum in y direction, and solve the problem.
Q:1996 Cadillac Eldorado ETC, No power to Fuel Pump - Filter, Fuse, Connections & Relay all good, what can it be?
Put a voltmeter or test lamp between the pump power connection and ground. Switch on the ignition, and see whether the voltage is there. If not, and you reckon the fuse and relay are definitely OK, you have a problem with the power wire or connections, or the earthing of the pump. If the voltage IS there, your pump is stuck or burned out or bad earth.
Q:How do I fix my speaker?
Take the bass driver out of the cabinet, take a flash light and look inside to see if you can see any lose wires, or damage if you do see lose wires solder those wires back where they belong reassemble the unit and try it outif there is something else wrong and there are no lose wires, you may have to replace a resistor or relay or it could be a fusedownload a service manual from the Internet and use that to find the fusecheck all components for damage or leakage.if you find something that looks blotted or is leaking look in the service manual for the proper value buy a replacement part of same value and replace it.but just try replacing the fuse firstfuses come in all sizes and shapes so sometimes you cannot tell where it is just by looking
Q:Blown fuses (subs?) amp in protect mode now? Helppp?
you probably blew your subs, or fried the amp
Q:ac blower and turn signal stopped working?
Fans usually have their own relays my car has two. Completely different systems would not be connected. Look in your owners manual there may be another fuse box. My daughter's car has 4 fuse boxes.
Q:Car stereo won't work right after jump-starting car.?
Your probably going to have to get the code for the player. But start with the fuses.
Q:Where can I buy fuses for an old rotel amplifier. It's 20 years old but in great condition.?
I repair these - it is never just the fuse! I urge you to not attempt to just replace the fuse. Fuses do not go out due to age, they blow to protect other components from further damage and/or fire (no, I am not kidding). The amplifier requires service by a qualified technician. There are no user replaceable parts inside. Those Rotels were good units and worth the repair. Your best bet will be a stereo/home theater store that does repairs, although you may find a TV repair shop that has an tech that knows vintage audio. Now put that screw-driver away before you hurt yourself.
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