FD8.0-10Kw-20 Wind generator

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Product Description:

Type:  3 Blade Upwind

Rotor Diameter: 8.0 m

Start-up Wind Speed: 2.5 m/s (5.6 mph)

Cut-in Wind Speed:  3 m/s (6.7 mph)

Rated Wind Speed:  10m/s (22.4mph)

Rated Power: 10k Watts

Maximum Power: ~ 12k Watts

Cut-Out Wind Speed:  15m/s(33.5mph)

Timing manner: automatically adjust the windward angle

Overspeed Protection:  AutoFurl

Temperature Range:  -40 to +60 Deg. C (-40 to +140 Deg. F)

Generator: Permanent Magnet Alternator

Output Form: 240 VDC /360VDC Nominal

Work principle and features

Working principle: Wind energy is used as the motive power to provide low speed rotation of a permanent magnet generator to produce alternating current which is then converted to direct current by a controlled constant voltage rectification system, the resulting voltage being stored in a battery, or batteries. The direct current from the battery, (batteries), is then converted to alternating current by an inverter, the resulting controlled and stabilised alternating current being used to power the load, this is the general principle for battery storage type systems. Grid connect systems take the alternating current produced by the turbine directly to an inverter which controls and stabilises the alternating current and also provides numerous control elements for direct connection to the electricity grid.

Features : The products combine unique and innovative design with high reliability. The innovative design has been awarded both Invention and Practical new patents by the State Intellectual Property Department and thereby has totally independent property rights in China, resulting in the market leading position in wind to electrical energy conversion, technical design and efficiency. Key design features such as very low rotation speed result in increased efficiency in comparison to other small turbine systems.

Applications and installations

The products are used in areas that benefit from good wind regimes but have little or no electrical grid connection such as; islands, desert and low inhabitation areas, frontier defence posts, microwave and telephone communication stations, forest observation posts, oil pipeline delivery stations, highway lighting etc. Rural and urban applications include, community squares and recreational areas, parks, landscape and scenic locations, resorts, and other ecological areas, applications also include on or off grid national electrified fencing systems.The utilisation of wind energy at no on-going cost significantly reduces the environmental impact of fossil fuel usage whilst saving vital energy resources.

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Q:Blown fuses (subs?) amp in protect mode now? Helppp?
The amp probably has a burnt component inside. I doubt that amp is meant to handle more than 60 amps, and from the looks of it, it was pulling that much for a while. You probably were clipping the signal way too much. Your subs are definetely blown.
Q:1992 grand am start up problems?
Sounds like the fuel pump fuse.try looking under the dash or on the side of the dash when you open the door.if it isn't there it will be under the hood.I would reccomend you go to your local autozone and purchase a $15 book on your car!! not only will it help you find those pesky relays and fuses.but it will also have a wiring diagram to show you where that disconnected wire goes.but don't fret if you can't find that because sometimes car manufacturers use wiring harnesses for different cars and option packages and that wire may not be used for your vehicle.although given it's location my guess isthat it goes somewhere.Buy a book if you are going to be doing your own work on the car.it is a invaluable investment!!!!!!!!!
Q:Car stereo not working?
No, fuses do not protect against reversed polarity. They are designed to protect from shorted electrical supply wiring and overloads (excessive current). Reversing the DC polarity to many devices will spell sudden death. Depending on how long the condition existed, there could have been a really huge buildup of heat which has damaged power supply components. One reason that reverse polarity is used with DC welding equipment is that normal polarity puts more heat into the workpiece, whereas reversed polarity puts the heat into the welding electrode.
Q:During the formation of a star, two reactions take place.?
The mass you use in Emc^2 is the difference in mass between the fused atom and it's components. For example in (A) your mass (that is converted to energy) is 3.01550 - (2.01355+1.00728) 0 If you want to know why then look up mass defect
Q:How do I know if my ECU is bad? It blows ECU fuse the second I turn on ignition.?
odds are it's not your cpu. Check your engine wiring harness for shorts. Power can go through you ecu, and back out another wire where it shorts out and blows the fuse. Most likely locations to find a short are anywhere the wiring harness is too close to the engineespecially the exhaust manifold. Ultimately I would mark every wire and remove the whole harness from the engine leaving it connected to the ecu, and have a couple of fuses ready. Try the key with the only thing connected being the ECU if the fuse blows it's either your ECU or wiring harness. If not, begin reconnecting the harness one device at a time till you find the one that blows the fuse, and you've found your short, replace that component. If you determine it to be the ECU or wiring harness, you can un tape the harness and look for a burned wire. Failing that replace the ECU.
Q:Having problems Setting up my sound system?
First, NEVER USE A BIGGER FUSE, WHEN YOU HAVE AN ELECTRICAL ISSUE!!!!!!! It's a very easy way to set a vehicle on fire. I've seen it, and it's not pretty. Can we/I have more details, vehicle, system components, with model numbers, what you have done prior to the installation the only thing I can think of, with the information provided, is you have the power and ground wires backwards like touching your batteries terminals together
Q:Can I use a 32v buss AGC 20 fuse instead of the 15A fuse that burned out?
As the other poster said it is usually safe short term. The real question is what caused the fuse to blow in the first place. If you know you did something that caused it to blow (like caused a temporary ground on the positive side with an errant screwdriver), then it is very safe to overfuse the circuit until you can buy a new fuse. If you don't know why the fuse blew, by putting in a 20 where a 15 belongs, you are going to allow 5 more amps of pressure on that circuit. This added amperage could allow the circuit to remain active when it shouldn't and result in damage further down the path. Even if it's just a clock fuse, you could be courting a hot wire that might melt and cause real damage to expensive components. In the future when you post, indicate the car year, make, model and in the case of a fuse, what it supports in the car. For instance if this were a BMW 3 series E46 they are known to have taillight issues due to poor grounding. So with more information, the answer you receive here might be more informative. Good luck
Q:A component in a product can be considered an independent component if it has no dependency on any other.?
You are attempting to characterize interdependence. Logically, something is independent if it has no dependency on any other component in the product functioning AND SEPARATELY no other component in the product can cause it to function or not. You describe the first component, but not the second. Example - An IPOD plugged into the cigarette lighter of the car (and pretend that it has no internal batteries). There is nothing that can be entered into the ipod that will change how the car works (car is the potentially independent component), however, if the car fuse blows, the IPOD turns off. This certainly violates the hypothesis that the car is independent.
Q:What can i run off 12 volts?
you should be able to run anything that does not exceed the amperage rating of the fuse for the power point this is usually about 10-15 amps, depending on the vehicle and what other components this fuse controls. If we consider that wattsvoltage x current that means that you should be fine with anything that is rated at under 120-180 watts or a combination of things (using a splitter) totaling less than that. Find the fuse that controls your power power point, and look at its amperage rating. I would assume that this fuse also controls other components as well (dome lights, etc.). Multiply its amperage by twleve and that is the MAXIMUM number of watts that can be used on that circuit. Since this represents the maximum number of amps possible on the circuit (and probably would result in a blown fuse) dont pick an appliance that matches the wattage number you calculate or you will overload the circuit and blow a fuse. Other than that you can use just about anything that meets these requirements.
Q:whats wrong with my guitar amp?
It could be the the power supply (that provided power to the tubes) is not working. Just because the low voltage filaments are getting power and lighting up doesn't mean that the high voltage portions of the tubes are getting power.

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