Max Fuse Holder

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Max Fuse Holder

1.Size: 5x20, 6x30

2.Working freuquence:50HZ, AC

3.Shell: Thermoplastic

4.High quality and reasonable price thermoplastic holder

6.silver -plating brass pole

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Q:i have a mono block amp and its one channel at 1 ohm stable so how may subs can i put on my subs?
check okorder
Q:What can cause an outlet fuse to blow?
Each component that you plug into the outlet should have an ID plate stating the watts (power) or the VA (volt-amps) [same thing]. The total should not exceed 1500 Watts. I would guess that the outlet (receptacle) is a standard two slot outlet (handles two plugs only). If it has the 2 straight flat blade (vertical) one shorter than the other, it is rated for 1500 watts (15amps of current). If both of these flat blade slots have a horizontal slot (notch) in the middle of each blade, it is for 2000 watts or 20 Amps of currant. It sounds like you are using a power strip of some sort (most are switched with a red pilot light and maybe even a 15 amp breaker as protection). Of course the wiring to that outlet should be 12/2 AWG wire and the fuse or breaker should be 20 Amps. Again the maximum load should be no more than 2000 watts total. (About the same as a space heater). If you total up the ID plates of each electrical appliance you have connected you will find that over a long period of time if you are running pretty close to that limit and the fuse or breaker gets tired. Heat is the culprit. You total up the watts of the hdd, two monitors and maybe the stereo (PA). I don't think your printer or external hard drive draw that much. Also you should have room around your equipment for ventilation. Good Luck - I hope this helps.
Q:where can i find a diagram of the electrical wires on a 1997 jeep grand cherokee laredo?
You can get a Chiltons and Haynes Manual for or jeep at Auto Zone, Parts Plus or even the part department of a jeep dealer. The wiring diagram is in these books.
Q:new world gas cooker plan7 oven not working and 3amp fuse keeps blowing?
You could have a small scratch in the paint inside the microwave oven cavity. The paint is a protective covering to the metal which makes up the microwave and if the paint is chipped, even a tiny one, the microwaves react with the metal to some degree. If the scratch is large enough you will get sparks, but if it is small it may only blow fuses.
Q:Charging problems on a 96 Beretta Z26 3.1 v6?
Go to a wrecking yard and get a fuse box cover. You can also test your system yourself for a short or parasitic draw. First, shut off all the car's lights and accessories then close all the doors. With the battery in the car, first remove the negative battery terminal. Now, using a multimeter set to the DC volts scale put one probe on the negative terminal of the battery and the other probe to ground. Read the meter. If you read more than about a quarter of a volt, you have a draw somewhere. Troubleshoot the draw by having someone remove fuses one at a time until you see the meter voltage drop. When you see the voltage drop, you’ve found the circuit in which you have a power drain. Thoroughly examine that circuit, area by area, until you locate the reason for the voltage drop. Isolate and repair the problem. If this doesn't fix the problem, take extra care for a few days and see that all the lights are off before you walk away from the car for the evening. It could be something so simple as a door that hasn't closed fully, causing an interior light to remain on overnight or maybe a bad switch on an under hood or trunk light. Any of those are more than enough to do the job. I've done it myself, more than once. Usually, a full battery charge will take care of it. Even a jump start and running the car for an hour or so should build your battery up enough to get you going again as long as your alternator is doing its job.
Q:My headlights in my 1987 Nissan Pickup keep burning out. I've checked all my fuses and they are good any idea?
Fuses save circuits from shorts, if the bulbs are blowing out as opposed to the fuse or circuit breaker interrupting the power, then you may have a voltage regulator problem. Put a voltmeter across the headlight socket rev the engine, it should go no higher than 13.4 volts. If it does you need a voltage regulator. If not, check the ground connection. Good luck!
Q:can u hurt a e.c.m. on a car using a test light checking fusses or 4 probing wires?
Checking fuses is fine - probing the electronic module wires with a test light can easily short out an internal component.
Q:My 92 Cadillac DeVille's horn, dash display, and antenna died. Why?
fuses are meant stop anything thats powered to be blown, check all your fuses and i'm betting a number 15 is blown.
Q:anyone know the Best way to rewire my fuse box?
Best bet for the BAT/alternator fuse is a fuse link or maxi-fuse and you will save a bunch of heavy guage wiring. Your ignition switch may have one or two ACC wires and usually only one RUN wire and one B+ (battery feed). Determine which wires you want to feed the fuse panel strips with and hook them up to the common fuse box junctions - then run you accessory and other component wiring from the appropriate fuses in the box. Use the BAT feed wire from the ignition switch for your lighting fuses. More often than not, your head lamp switch has an internal circuit breaker for the head lamps.
Q:3 of 4 Electric stove top not working?
These elements do go out indivdually and can be purchased at any appliance repair shop my guess would be an element or the plugin socket that it plugs into and either can be replaced easily. ALWAYS TURN OFF THE POWER BEFORE ATTEMPTING THESE REPAIRS.
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