FD 2.7-500-10 Wind Generator with High Quality

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

The products are used in areas that benefit from good wind regimes but have little or no electrical grid connection such as; islands, desert and low inhabitation areas, frontier defense posts, microwave and telephone communication stations, forest observation posts, oil pipeline delivery stations, highway lighting etc. Rural and urban applications include, community squares and recreational areas, parks, landscape and scenic locations, resorts, and other ecological areas, applications also include on or off grid national electrified fencing systems. The utilization of wind energy at no on-going cost significantly reduces the environmental impact of fossil fuel usage whilst saving vital energy resources.


2. Product Characteristic:

The products combine unique and innovative design with high reliability. The innovative design has been awarded both Invention and Practical new patents by the State Intellectual Property Department and thereby has totally independent property rights in China, resulting in the market leading position in wind to electrical energy conversion, technical design and efficiency. Key design features such as very low rotation speed result in increased efficiency in comparison to other small turbine systems.



Type: 3 Blade Upwind

Rotor Diameter: 2.7 m

Start-up Wind Speed:  2.5 m/s (5.6mph)

Cut-in Wind Speed: 3 m/s (6.7 mph)

Rated Wind Speed:  8 m/s (17.9 mph)

Rated Power: 500 Watts

Maximum Power: ~ 700Watts  

Furling Wind Speed:  13 m/s (27 mph)

Overspeed Protection: Auto Furl

Temperature Range:  -40 to +60 Deg. C (-40 to +140 Deg. F)

Generator: Permanent Magnet Alternator

Output Form: 36 VDC/24VDC Nominal


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you have a short to ground.
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both fuse boxes will have a/c components, and not just fuses. there are also relays
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Did you check the fuse in the back of it? and have you checked all the good connections? Sometimes components just die especially cheap ones.
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Do you see the black bridge marked DF 10S near the fuse, and the VDR marked MOV1 as well? I would suspect either of those to be a POSSIBLE cause of the fuse blowing, because the black bridge can't stand much overvoltage, and the MOV can also go short- circuit because it has done its job, protecting from excess voltages. I say possible, because there could also be a string of other damage. But checking those first would be a start. I think there could also be a PCB track that's been vapourised, leading from the mains to the fuse. The flash seems to be under the board, not under the fuse, and I can't SEE a track there.

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