TBBW 、TBBW2 serial Intelligent low voltage reactive small compensation device

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It is used in the AC power distribution system terminal with the 1 kV voltage or more to increase power factor,to reduce ciruit loss,to improve the output of the transformer and to make the motor economically operated.It is used paralleled with the motor and the inductive load to automatically tracking compensate to the frequency factor.TBBW2 merged measurement and Compensation funceions into 1,it is the best choice for low-voltage side compensation of tranformers.
Operating standard:IEC439,GB7251-97,JB7113-93.

Main features

a、Novel in structure,light in weight.
b、Applies the intelligent reactive compensation controller, has complete functions and good performance.The compensation type can be transformed at liberty between the automate and the manual.
c、Operation can be directly inspected by the displayed number of the frequency factor.
d、It is safely used and protection for over voltage.It will automatically restore to operate if the voltage is normal.

Usage requirements

a、Surrounding atmosphere temperature:-25~+40℃.
b、Relative humidity:It is less than 50 when the surrounding temperature is 40℃;90% when 20℃.
c、Altitude:It is no more than 2000m.
d、Environment:No harmful gases of vapor,no conductive and explosive dust,no strong mechanical shake.
e、Installation obliquity:≤5°.

Main Technical Parameter

a、Rated voltage:0.38~0.69kV,AC;
b、Rated frenquency:50Hz;
c、Rated capacity:1~96kvar;
d、Capacity deviation:0~+15%;
e、Maximum permitted over-voltage:it is 0.58-1.1as the rated voltage;
f、Maximum permitted over-current:it is 1.30 as the rated current;
g、Cast-in time:30-90s,transformable;
h、Operation type:automatic and manual continued operation;
i、Protection degree:inside IP20,outside;

Table of Main Specification,Overall and Installation Dimension

Note: the above type and specification is for reference only, which is subject to change in improved design. The device is not applicable in situations with large harmonic wave, for which special orders should be required.

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