Gear Oil Pump with High Quality Electric Motor

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: KCB
  • Theory: Electromagnetic Pump

  • Structure: Gear Pump

  • Usage: Oil

  • Power: Electric

  • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

  • Fuel: Gasoline

  • Pressure: High Pressure

  • Application: Sewage

  • Casing Material: HT200/SS304/SS306

  • Gear: Alloy Steel/SS304/Copper

  • Sealing: Oil seal/Mechanical Seal

  • Pump: Electric Motor with Oil Pump

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:standard export plywood case per Electric Motor with Oil Pump
Delivery Detail:sample delivered within 10 days upon the receipt of the payment


•Various Lubricating oil: crude oil, diesel oil, lubricants, oil-type liquid.
•With copper gear can transmit low flash point liquid, such as gasoline, benzene.
•Using stainless steel can pump weak corrosive liquid and food beverage.
•Normally temperature of liquid should not be over 70 celsius degree. If requested 300 C, we  can make the anti high temperature oil pump for customers.


•The pump equipped with
        Relief Valve: Provide overload protection for pump.

        Sliding Bearing: Good aseismic performance.

        Helical Gear: Good meshing performance, steady transmissonof gear reduce noise.

•Casing Material: Cast Iron, SS304, SS316, SS316L
•Gear Material: #45 Steel, Copper, SS304
•Temperature range: Normal ≤ 70 C, Special  ≤ 300 C
•Max pressure: 1.45Mpa
•Motor: 220v/380v, 50hz/60hz, Single Phase/Three Phase

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Q:can a failing water pump sound like rattling or popcorn until the motor begins to over heat?
I wouldn't do that one very often. It could be the impellers on your water pump (broken or seized) which case it will need replacing
Q:What is optimal on/off cycle for well water pump?
There is no optimum time. This is dependent on several factors. Assuming you are pumping into a small tank which is pressurized by the inflow of water from the pump (and the pressure also controls the pump) these reasons can be excessive use of water, the air space at the top of your tank has been absorbed into the water over a period of time and the volume of compressed air too small causing the pressure to drop too fast, or you could have leak in your water piping. If there is not enough air space in your tank, the pump will cycle extremely fast. If you don't have a tank, then the above information is incorrect. Good luck.
Q:Is an electric heat/water pump cheaper than a furnace?
heat water/pump. not sure what that is but I know what a heat pump is. If that whats your talking about thean the answer is well...yes and no. depending on cost of gas and electric typical a heat pump is better to run for heat as along as its above freezing outside. It will still work and put out heat all winter but it won't be much heat for what your paying for, at which point your better with gas heat.
Q:What is the relationship between pump power, lift and flow?
The pump power is more marked discrepancies in the actual application, power flow, power and small traffic hours, head directly determines the flow, high lift flow is small, the power is small. This view is the largest public understanding of the subversion of the original. I 1.1KW a self suction pump the actual operation of the power, it is able to explain this, 1.1KW would say 1.1 per hour of electricity, but I made a note of the meter, the per hour only 0.6 degrees, no wonder people say the true power of pump not so much, such as 1.1KW, said to be only 750W this is true, I believe. The rated power of pump or need to reach the normal traffic to its go to this value, or is the virtual standard, industry inertia. I put the home pump is pumping, water is two hundred or three hundred meters away a shallow river, because of the long distance, flow Volume is not very large, basically only rated 1/3 bar, and I do not know is the flow of low power consumption reduction, or the actual power of the pump did not mark that big, it is still under exploration...
Q:My toilet water pump does not deposit enough water flow?
You should call plumber and tell him what's your actual, problem. thanks
Q:What does water flow mean?
Forehead... Flow do not understand it....
Q:Car is overheating, just had water pump replaced? What now!?!?
Unless the weep-hole is leaking on the bottom of the water-pump input shaft housing, the impeller inside the pump rarely goes bad. The impeller is the part inside the water-pump that circulates the coolant thorough the radiator, heater-core and cooling passages of the motor. There are several checks to eliminate possibilities why the cooling system is getting too hot. I wish you had told us the year, make and model of the car plus the number of miles on the odometer. If the coolant has been getting so hot that it bubbles back inside the plastic cooling system reservoir, have a private mechanic do an inexpensive cooling system pressure test to see if you have any external or internal coolant leaks. If not, have the thermostat changed with a factory original. Always check and refill the radiator when the motor is stone cold. Fill the plastic cooling system reservoir 3/4 full when ever you remove the radiator pressure cap. If you or someone has ever mixed chemical types of antifreeze other than the factory recommended brand or type it will eventually plug-up your cooling system and cause it to overheat. It may be necessary to drain, flush and clean the system with a one part acid cleaner. If you haven't in the past had your coolant drained and flushed every three years and your car is 12 years old or older get ready to buy a new radiator. They're easy to install and they're not too expensive these days because they come from Mexico or off-shore suppliers. Keep this in mind: The higher the percentage of antifreeze in the coolant the less efficient the cooling system becomes. Antifreeze is an insulator of heat transfer. That's why race cars don't use it! If this statement is hard to believe, Look up Stewart Water Pumps on the net. They'll tell you that pure water is the best coolant to use for heat transfer purposes. In the real world we can't do that because of temperature fluctuations.
Q:Blown Head Gasket or just a water pump?
Yes it is possible. The reason I say that is because if you had a bad water pump and your vehicle overheated that can bust a head gaske, crack a head, crack a block, or a combination. If yo have anyone of those then your antifreeze and oil will mix. So indirectly, yes. If it is only a bad waterpump and nothing cracked then it is not possible.
Q:how hard is it to do a water pump change on a 1999 vw jetta stick shift?
Looks like you're covered with the mechanical aspect of your question! My input involves your comment on its a german car. I have several friends that are mechanics/techs. To a man, they say it doesnt matter what make (Japanese, American,European,Korean,etc.) the manufacturer assembles each for its ease of assembly at the factory. Ease of repair is a secondary consideration. All you have to do is look at their skinned knuckles as proof ! They all well deserve their paychecks!
Q:Explore the flow of water pump production process is like?
The main flow of water pump (take centrifugal pump as an example):Technical determination of Drawing > raw material storage > mold preparation > casting moulding > machining > parts experiment > Assembly > performance experiment > painting packing > storage.Here are a few key steps:1) the technique determines the graphMainly the work of designers. Generally according to the parameters of the pump (flow, lift, cavitation, efficiency, etc.) to determine the specific speed of pumps, impeller form, impeller size, impeller material, pump body, pump shaft and so on. One of the most important thing is to draw the impeller woodenpatterns.2) die preparationThe mold is mainly composed of workers according to the water pump impeller woodenpatterns production model.3) casting moldingThe casting molding sand is made on the base of the mould.4) machiningWater pump parts processing, because it has hydraulic flow channel, in considering the positioning clamping standard, must find the correct flow channel of the correct position. Avoid assembly, resulting in water pressure chamber and impeller flow channel skew, dislocation, uneven gap, or even rub, affecting product quality. In order to ensure the accuracy of parts manufacturing, it is necessary to design the appropriate tooling, and reasonable arrangements for technological processes, control process factors.

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