200QJ32-119-18.5KW Deep Well Submersible Pump

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Product Description:

For example: 200 qj32-119/7

32 means for borehole diameter not less than 200 mm

(if used in pools, lakes, and mine environment need not consider, as the case may be to add dome simulation wellbore < >).

Q said diving heading letters (pinyin); J well represented by heading letters (pinyin);

32 indicates flow is 32 m3 / h; 119 said head is 119 m; 7/7 said impeller series.

Scope of application

Apply to irrigation, water, garden fountains, landscape, water recycling system, mine drainage, emergency rescue, urban water supply, enterprises and institutions mentioned in underground water. The equipment is low noise, high efficiency energy saving.

Technical parameters:

Outlet diameter is divided into 2 "3" 4 ". The retaining bolt quantity for: 6, models of 12 x 60 (8.8), bolt center distance is 150 mm. For the convenience of users to install and use, factory specially equipped with consistent with the unit outlet companion flange piece (diameter 178 mm diameter 2 "3" 4 "mm thickness of 16 mm) spot welding joint pump by users themselves short tube.

Allow the medium range

1: no impurity in water, chilled water/cooling water, rain water, coal, iron ore, metal, such as underground water, drinking water, mineral water and etc.

2: the allowed working temperature range + 5 to + 25 ℃

3: solid impurity content (mass ratio) is not greater than 0.01%

4: PH value (PH) 6.5 to 8.5

5: the content of h2s is not more than 1.5 mg/L

6: the content of chloride ion is not more than 400 mg/L

7: work units must be completely invasion not water.

The motor parameters

Submersible motor for water lubrication, before use must give motor cavity filled with clean water, (note: be sure to fill or will reduce the service life of the motor) if forget to add water motor will quickly burn out.

Motor protection grade: IPX8

The power supply

380 v / 50 hz, 660 v / 50 hz if customers need special voltage or frequency of special need to inform us in advance.


Impeller: cast iron HT200, or tin bronze (grades) such as: ZCuSn3Zn8Pb6Ni1

Pump casing: cast iron HT200, or stainless steel, such as: 2 gr13. 304

Pump shaft: 2 gr13 cold-drawn steel chrome plated or stainless steel (1050 ℃ tempering treatment, strengthen the torque)

The motor seal: rubber sealing o-ring; Sealing machine.

Motor rubber expansion regulating sac.

Equipment advantages

- carefully assembled at the factory to ensure the rapid and reliable field installation

- using multistage impeller, with low noise

- built-in non-return valve, the impact of the prevention and control of water hammer.

- single stage high lift, can reduce the height increase the stability of operation of the whole unit, pump shaft phi 28 mm diameter increased torsional performance of the pump shaft. With natural rubber material is more wear-resisting, bearing and hard bearing shell is equipped with imported materials.

Scope of supply

Submersible pump units (including pump body with submersible motor in two parts), the built-in one-way non-return valve, outlet companion flange, 12 x 60 bolt 6 (8.8), the use of maintenance manual 1, 1 certificate 1 copy of packing list and outer packing.

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Q:The flow of the pump will be reduced, the speed will change, the power of the motor will change?
1, this pump flow reduction is not the reason for speed. Because it is not matching the motor frequency conversion, the frequency of power supply unchanged, the motor speed will not change.2, the flow of water pump down, the reason may be that the impeller due to cavitation or wear and tear smaller, second, the gap between the impeller housing change, and the impeller plug foreign bodies, and some of the suction port leak.3, it is possible that the whole system resistance increases, so that the work point of the pump left.
Q:Pump impeller diameter plus assembly what changes? What's the effect on the motor?
1., the larger the diameter of the impeller, the greater the head, the greater the flow rate, because the flow of water depends on the speed of rotation of the impeller generated by the centrifugal force and the line speed on the tangent, the greater the diameter, the centrifugal force and the greater the speed of the line. The relationship between the centrifugal pump water delivery and the vacuum degree is that the centrifugal pump is the centrifugal force principle to complete pumping. Without water, the time and space turn will burn out the equipment.2., the head and impeller diameter is related, the larger the impeller, the greater the head, and vice versa. The flow rate has little to do with the impeller diameter. Under the rated conditions, the greater the head, the smaller the flow rate, inversely proportional.
Q:How do I know the pump pressure?
That is, the rated pressure minus the pipe loss, and then less inlet pressure (generally suction pump inlet pressure is negligible), that is the working pressure.The head of a centrifugal pump is also called the pressure head of a pump. It is the energy gained by the pump of the unit weight and the fluid. Pump head size depends on the structure of the pump (such as the diameter of the impeller, the bending of the leaves and so on, speed. At present, the pressure head of the pump can not be calculated accurately in theory, usually measured by experimental method.
Q:Pump head is too high what's the impact?
After the determination of the pump type, such as the actual pump lift is too high, it will not only result in lower efficiency of the pump, and will seriously affect the actual flow of the pump to Q decline. On the contrary, if the pump head selected too high, but the actual operation of the lift is too low, is also affecting the pump efficiency and decrease caused by actual operation when the flow is too large, it is likely to increase the pump power beyond the rated current of the motor and the heating.
Q:2001 mercury cougar water pump belt broke?
The bearings within the pump, or the belt tensioner pulley bearings, or even the alternator could have gone bad. Any one of the components that draw from the serpentine belt may be the origin.Once the engine cools it may be determined which component caused the failure. If the water pump turns freely then it's not the source and can be ruled out. Same with the tensioner pulley.
Q:How do I calculate the power of the pump?
Motor Power (kw) =0.163*Q*H*K/60/EOf which: Q is the flow, unit m^3/hH is the lift, unit ME is the efficiency value of the pumpK is the safety factor, generally 1.1.
Q:22KW pump motor direct start circuit breaker and contactor size? Concrete calculation method
It's better not to start directly. It's a great test for your motor and contactor. Do a star three start, conditional on doing a star three plus autotransformer start, reducing the starting current. Reduce future maintenance costs. Since do not think about every day to do pump repair.
Q:how to replace water pump on ford focus?
the basic garage man can replace it but becareful the timing belt runs the water pump on the car so good luck on that
Q:I have a 1990 dodge caravan 3 L and my water pump is leaking but i keep water in it and it hasnt over heated?
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Q:Water pump testing old car?
if at an idle you see coolant flowing in the radiator, the pump is ok... More info is needed here really, assuming you don't ever have to add coolant though... I'd flush the system... if you do add coolant and find no leaks around the engine (weep hole, hoses, freeze plug) check the passenger side floorboard for moisture, the heater core may be shot...

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