200QJ32-119-18.5KW Deep Well Submersible Pump

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Product Description:

For example: 200 qj32-119/7

32 means for borehole diameter not less than 200 mm

(if used in pools, lakes, and mine environment need not consider, as the case may be to add dome simulation wellbore < >).

Q said diving heading letters (pinyin); J well represented by heading letters (pinyin);

32 indicates flow is 32 m3 / h; 119 said head is 119 m; 7/7 said impeller series.

Scope of application

Apply to irrigation, water, garden fountains, landscape, water recycling system, mine drainage, emergency rescue, urban water supply, enterprises and institutions mentioned in underground water. The equipment is low noise, high efficiency energy saving.

Technical parameters:

Outlet diameter is divided into 2 "3" 4 ". The retaining bolt quantity for: 6, models of 12 x 60 (8.8), bolt center distance is 150 mm. For the convenience of users to install and use, factory specially equipped with consistent with the unit outlet companion flange piece (diameter 178 mm diameter 2 "3" 4 "mm thickness of 16 mm) spot welding joint pump by users themselves short tube.

Allow the medium range

1: no impurity in water, chilled water/cooling water, rain water, coal, iron ore, metal, such as underground water, drinking water, mineral water and etc.

2: the allowed working temperature range + 5 to + 25 ℃

3: solid impurity content (mass ratio) is not greater than 0.01%

4: PH value (PH) 6.5 to 8.5

5: the content of h2s is not more than 1.5 mg/L

6: the content of chloride ion is not more than 400 mg/L

7: work units must be completely invasion not water.

The motor parameters

Submersible motor for water lubrication, before use must give motor cavity filled with clean water, (note: be sure to fill or will reduce the service life of the motor) if forget to add water motor will quickly burn out.

Motor protection grade: IPX8

The power supply

380 v / 50 hz, 660 v / 50 hz if customers need special voltage or frequency of special need to inform us in advance.


Impeller: cast iron HT200, or tin bronze (grades) such as: ZCuSn3Zn8Pb6Ni1

Pump casing: cast iron HT200, or stainless steel, such as: 2 gr13. 304

Pump shaft: 2 gr13 cold-drawn steel chrome plated or stainless steel (1050 ℃ tempering treatment, strengthen the torque)

The motor seal: rubber sealing o-ring; Sealing machine.

Motor rubber expansion regulating sac.

Equipment advantages

- carefully assembled at the factory to ensure the rapid and reliable field installation

- using multistage impeller, with low noise

- built-in non-return valve, the impact of the prevention and control of water hammer.

- single stage high lift, can reduce the height increase the stability of operation of the whole unit, pump shaft phi 28 mm diameter increased torsional performance of the pump shaft. With natural rubber material is more wear-resisting, bearing and hard bearing shell is equipped with imported materials.

Scope of supply

Submersible pump units (including pump body with submersible motor in two parts), the built-in one-way non-return valve, outlet companion flange, 12 x 60 bolt 6 (8.8), the use of maintenance manual 1, 1 certificate 1 copy of packing list and outer packing.

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Q:Domestic pump does not turn, but the motor is energized what is the problem?
The motor is sure of electricity, isn't it? Is there a low voltage or broken phase (three-phase motor), these cases will cause the motor does not turn, or low speed (easy to block), so should be measured with a universal meter. Maybe the boot capacitor is broken. Or smell the smell of burning. It might be a short circuit between the motor windings. (bearings should be hard to break). Look for repairs if you suggest. You may not be good. Oh, capacitor. You can measure good and bad with a universal watch. If the capacitor is replaced, it is better to choose the same capacitor as the original configuration parameter.
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Q:removing water pump. fan?
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Q:How to determine the pump installation elevation, why should we determine the pump installation elevation?
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with the switch set to operate at 30/50 the tank should have 27 or 28 pounds of air with no water in tank and a faucet open with pump turned off...once this is set the pump will come on at 30 and off at 50 if it goes higher than this the switch is bad or the adjustments have been changed....tightening the tall spring turns both cut in and cut off pressure higher...loosening the tall spring turns both cut in and cut off lower....the short spring sets the difference between the two...tightening the shorth spring raises cut off pressure only...loosening the short spring lowers cut off pressure only....
Q:What motor with Grundfos pumps
Is a good question, bigualu regular with the Danish brand and a German brand is willard. The motor hasn't been disassembled yet. You can help me look around.

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