Sled type Submersible Axial Flow Pump

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Product Description:

QZB series Sled type submersible axial flow pump is a new generation product of the traditional water pump motor group update, electric motor driven pumps is dry type full sealed submersible three phase asynchronous motor, the submersible pump can be run long immersion in water. Submersible motor adopts double, three heavy mechanical seal and the auxiliary sealing structure, insulationclass F the temperature of 155 DEG C, protection class IP68. And seal leakage, winding andbearing temperature detecting device is arranged in the motor.

Types and specifications:

Submersible axial flow pump model produced by our company are: 350QZB, 400QHB, 500 QZB,600 QZB, 700 QZB, 800 QZB, 900 QZB, 1000 QZB. What are the customer demand can call contact,

Submersible axial flow pump material:

Pump body: cast iron (or other metal);

Turbine: stainless steel (or other metal);

Pump shaft: 304L;

Bearing: Bush (imported materials);

Bolt: HT200;

The submersible motors: cast iron (there are other material optional);

The shaft of the motor: 304L;

Bolt: HT200

Axial flow pump parameters:

Traffic: 500-16000 cubic meters / hour

Head: 2-15 M

Power: 22-400Kw

The main purpose and use

QZB type submersible pump can be widely used in industrial and mining dock, city water supply and drainage, irrigation, power supply and drainage purposes. QZB axial flow submersible pump for low head, high flow situation. The above products transportation medium for raw water ormild sewage conveying liquid, the highest temperature is 50 DEG C, the transmission mediumpH value is 4-10, the transmission medium volume ratio below 2%, the density of the medium is less than 1.2 * 103Kg/m3. The product is the most thorough way to solve problem of flood control water level fluctuation larger site motor along the river, the lake district.

Perfect after sale service, process:

To be repaired products return factory, business appraisal application single, technology department issued identification results, Limited Business with the buyer to reach a consensusto repair after the repair under single product by the quality inspection department inspection and maintenance qualified after the delivery.

Note: product quality problems, the motor faults make purchasing department, purchasing department timed out results, the Department of business and customers to reach a consensus.The assembly problems, improper operation, determine the responsibility person. Design flaws,the results of the correction proposed by the technical department. Improper use damage,liability identification manufacturers. (if the product during the warranty period, and is a quality problem, we will be free for you to repair.)

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Q:Pump pumping small is what happened?
Water pump pumping is small because of insufficient water source or pump head is not enough. At the outlet stop to measure the pressure, if there is a certain pressure, that is, the flow is too small, if there is no pressure, that is not enough head, or both small.A pump is a machine that transports liquids or pumps liquids. It will be the prime mover of the mechanical energy or other external energy transfer to the liquid, the liquid energy increase, mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, alkali liquid, emulsion, suspension emulsion and liquid metal, but also transport liquid, gas mixtures and liquids containing suspended solids. Pump performance parameters include flow, suction, lift, shaft power, water power, efficiency and so on.
Q:Under what circumstances should we set up fire pool and fire pump room? Is it necessary to have a building?
These facilities are available only in large public buildings.
Q:About water pump selection
Domestic I do not understand, only know that you dock water, it is best to use sea water pump, or allow manufacturers to do your anti-corrosionVille, Grundfos.Lift up, I'll do it. 30m is pretty muchThe self-priming pump is OKWhich brand do you want to use? Just call them directlyLet them count it for you and then type itFirst know about yourself, generally know a power head water quantity on the line
Q:A pump, the flow rate of 30T/H per hour, lift 30 meters, should be allocated more power motor?
Depends on how big your water pump is. How long is the pipe length?
Q:Pump house should be equipped with those equipment and valves
1. The inlet and outlet of the pump shall be equipped with a control valve, and the outlet shall be equipped with a check valve;2, lower than the pump suction the water tank, water pump entrance to bottom valve, and piping and valves equipped with irrigation. Or equipped with other water pump irrigation facilities.3, more than one pump system should have the total valve and contact valve.4, the corresponding control equipment.
Q:How to remotely control submersible pumps?
Yes, the pump remote control has been done by many manufacturers, and the program is very mature, Tangshan is one of them, you can consult yourself.
Q:55KW how large is the water pump wiring?
Transmission within 100 meters, 70 square millimeter aluminum cable, or 50 square millimeter copper cable. If you exceed 100 meters, you'll have to add a number to the cable.
Q:Relationship between power and flow of sewage pump
There is a formula for motor power = flow (m3/h) * lift head (meter), *9.81/3600/ efficiency (general sewage pump efficiency is about 55%), *1.2 (motor safety factor)For example, 10 tons of flow, lift 10 meters, how much power?N=10*10*9.81/3600/0.55*1.2=0.595. so the motor power we chose should be 0.75KW
Q:4--6 inch deep well pump head? How much per hour out of water?.
Deep well pump head is based on how much the impeller, impeller 200QJ section is 11 meters lift, 250QJ is about 17 meters, 300 meters high lift, 4 inch flow in 80 to 100 tons per hour, 6 inch flow in 150 to 200 tons per hour
Q:Should the no-load power of the pump be equal to the rated power?
Manufacturers in order to make money, the nameplate marked "1200W", in fact, the maximum power of the motor, only 750W.

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