Sled type Submersible Axial Flow Pump

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Product Description:

QZB series Sled type submersible axial flow pump is a new generation product of the traditional water pump motor group update, electric motor driven pumps is dry type full sealed submersible three phase asynchronous motor, the submersible pump can be run long immersion in water. Submersible motor adopts double, three heavy mechanical seal and the auxiliary sealing structure, insulationclass F the temperature of 155 DEG C, protection class IP68. And seal leakage, winding andbearing temperature detecting device is arranged in the motor.

Types and specifications:

Submersible axial flow pump model produced by our company are: 350QZB, 400QHB, 500 QZB,600 QZB, 700 QZB, 800 QZB, 900 QZB, 1000 QZB. What are the customer demand can call contact,

Submersible axial flow pump material:

Pump body: cast iron (or other metal);

Turbine: stainless steel (or other metal);

Pump shaft: 304L;

Bearing: Bush (imported materials);

Bolt: HT200;

The submersible motors: cast iron (there are other material optional);

The shaft of the motor: 304L;

Bolt: HT200

Axial flow pump parameters:

Traffic: 500-16000 cubic meters / hour

Head: 2-15 M

Power: 22-400Kw

The main purpose and use

QZB type submersible pump can be widely used in industrial and mining dock, city water supply and drainage, irrigation, power supply and drainage purposes. QZB axial flow submersible pump for low head, high flow situation. The above products transportation medium for raw water ormild sewage conveying liquid, the highest temperature is 50 DEG C, the transmission mediumpH value is 4-10, the transmission medium volume ratio below 2%, the density of the medium is less than 1.2 * 103Kg/m3. The product is the most thorough way to solve problem of flood control water level fluctuation larger site motor along the river, the lake district.

Perfect after sale service, process:

To be repaired products return factory, business appraisal application single, technology department issued identification results, Limited Business with the buyer to reach a consensusto repair after the repair under single product by the quality inspection department inspection and maintenance qualified after the delivery.

Note: product quality problems, the motor faults make purchasing department, purchasing department timed out results, the Department of business and customers to reach a consensus.The assembly problems, improper operation, determine the responsibility person. Design flaws,the results of the correction proposed by the technical department. Improper use damage,liability identification manufacturers. (if the product during the warranty period, and is a quality problem, we will be free for you to repair.)

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Q:Suppose the liquid temperature range for the water pump is -20 .. 90 °C.?
YOu need to provide sufficient inlet pressure so that cavitation does not occur.
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How to tell if you have a leak do this a dusk look to see if water is coming out of the sides are at the bottom. use a flash light. If the car is running HOT its possible that its you water pump You can have it pressure Checked.
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Q:If you replace your water pump, once installed, can you ruin your engine if installed wrong?
What kind of vehicle?' Depending on the car they may of had to remove the timing belt to access water pump and possibly not set timing correct or left a tensioner loose or soemthing. Did they tell you why you need a new engine?
Q:Does the pump accessories have a shelf life?
No, they don't have a shelf life before and after the sale,Before selling, it is infinitely long, and there is no expiration date after the sale
Q:broken water pump 2003 PT Cruiser?
Changing the timing belt and water pump on a PT Cruiser is about a difficulty level 7 out of 10. If you do not have much mechanical experience, give this job to a shop and pay the $500 to $800 to have it done right. Done wrong could cost you an engine.
Q:what r the signs water pump is going out on 2000 ford focus zx3 2.0l zetec dohc? thanx in advance.?
Its generally around 60 to 75 thousand miles, you want to change that belt. And yes. most of the people saying do the water pump at the same time are correct. That belt rides off the waterpump. That pump only costs around 20 to 25 bucks. it will save you all that extra labor in the end if that pump should fail. Do you HAVE to do the waterpump? NO Should you as a preventive maintenance measure YES.
Q:1997 Civic-Timing belt/Water Pump?
Pump is leaking if you see water, other than A/C under car or coolant is constantly getting low. If water pump goes car will over heat and can leave you stranded. If you are not going to keep car for more than a year don't worry about either unless pump is bad. If pump is bad just change the pump. No need to pay for timing belt if your not going to keep car. If Mech. scared you get a second opinion or take your Dad with you because some people will try and take advantage of females about cars, and I did say some not all.
Q:can a failing water pump sound like rattling or popcorn until the motor begins to over heat?
Yes it can! I am curious though if what you are hearing is a really bad water pump or spark knock due to excessive heat or possibly a blown head gasket. Remove the belt and shake the pulley on the water pump. If it moves or rattles at all, then it is probably bad. Seems strange that it hasn't tossed the belt off though if it were that bad. Worth looking though, testing is free, parts are not....
Q:How many lift pumps should be used for 100 meters tall buildings?
35m lift around. HVAC pump lift is generally between 5~50m, the selection of the head is mainly to see the difference between water pressure. As head of 35m as an example, if the inlet height of 60m, so the theory of height =60+35=95m, if all pipe closed air conditioning water system, and resistance of the equipment for water is equal to the pressure difference is equal to the pump head to choose your height, and out of the water is the same, the resistance loss of lift all into the water. The calculated resistance loss is needed to pump lift. The resistance component (1) chiller resistance at 60-100kpa (2) water collector resistance in 120-200kpa (3) 20-50kpa (4) air terminal equipment body resistance is generally not less than 40kpa so 100m building the resistance calculation of estimated value = (1) 80kp+ (2) chiller resistance pipe, the collector resistance (140kpa+ 3) air terminal equipment 40kpa+ (4) body resistance 50kp=310kpa safety factor of 10% 320x1.1=341kpa H= P/ (head of pressure water density * acceleration of gravity g =352000/ (10m) X9.8 =34.8m fand) so we head for 35 meters

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