CDB3LE Series Eaeth leakage Current Circuit Breakers

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Q:Peugeot 306: What electrical component is failing?
get new terminals fitted .and as suggested charge battery ,car will start ok with that done .rem to tighten battery terminals well .you said you wiggle them and lights come on . that suggests not tight enough ok .all the best .
Q:2006 Ford Fusion Battery Drain Fuse 19 Problem?
First congratulations on doing an EXCELLENT job of troubleshooting most people would have bought two batteries, an alternator and a starter by now. The only thing you have left is to separate the components always on but I see you've done that. Try measuring the draw from those components right there next to the BCM. According to Kirkoff's law, the total has to equal the sum so give it another try. It looks like you're definitely on the right track. It could be bad insulation in the harness somewhere. I've seen stranger things happen.
Q:how do i check the electrical system on a 1997 KX 60 dirt bike to determine which component is keeping it from?
Assuming the chain and sprockets are in stable condition, approximately halfway between the front and rear sprocket the backside portion of the chain ought to circulate vertically between 25-40mm while status immediately without-one sitting on the bike, no rely if it is greater beneficial than that it may be adjusted till the slack is actual. If there is important lateral stream or the adjusters are on the minimize or any tooth are broken on the sprockets the two the sprockets and the chain must be replaced. The marks on the eccentric adjusters are publications in elementary terms and should no longer be depended on as completely precise. to make optimistic the two the wheels are in an analogous direction use 2 parallel planks the two area of the bike.
Q:Fuse Rating Inscription: is F2A 250v same With F2AL 250v?
L Fast acting. Must use same type.
Q:wipers & windows don't work, fuses ok?
Loose ground or connection, Corroded connections etc. Check the wiring to and from the components
Q:Will this wiring set up work on my boat. No previous wiring present?
Slicing off the insulation is a bad idea as it will likely cause corrosion problems later on. The best and easiest way I have found is to go to an auto parts store or Walmart or somewhere like that and get some 'Scotch Lock' connectors that you insert the wire from your trailer connector and simply squeeze onto the existing wire on your vehicle. It pierces the wire of your vehicle but leaves only a small nick in the wire and does not damage it. You can hook up the wiring very quickly and easily this way and if you ever remove the wiring it is easy to simply tape up the small nick in the wire so as not to cause corrosion at a later time. Good luck.
Q:My tailights in my car arent working what should i do?
1] fuse 2] not plugged in, probably not the problem but did you put groceries or something big in the trunk and hit the cord ? - Some cars are double corded. 3] need a 1157R bulb. - $0.99 at auto zone. 4] dirty / corroded plug. On a 1997, this is not likely unless you have moisture getting in the trunk, but be sure to check it any way and add some white lithium gease to the end of the plug and the bulbs sockets. 5] stick A TEST LIGHT IN THE socket and fuse box to see if you have power to it. - This may never be necessary on such a new car, but if all else fails, it is something to check. 6] switch. Very unlikely. but you need to check the power to rhe swithch if the fuse bulb thing don't work out. Good luck.
Q:sony xplod cdx-gt35uw radio quit working while driving. All known fuses are good. Now What?
Did you check the fuse in the back of it? and have you checked all the good connections? Sometimes components just die especially cheap ones.
Q:Any Stratagies??
Answer part 1 using conservation of momentum Use the answer from part 1 to compute the kinetic energy of the fused bullets It was inelastic since the bullets stuck together 1) Since momentum is a vector quantity, we need to look at the horizontal and vertical components separately and then look at the resultant to find the outcome: Vertical: 1.25*sin(20)+.84*sin(15).008Vv 80.6m/s horizontal 1.25*cos(20)-.84*cos(15).008Vh 45.4m/s The resultant velocity is sqrt(80.6^2+45.4^2) 92.5m/s 2) The kinetic energy is 1/2*m*v^2 .5*.008*92.5*92.5 34.225 3) the kinetic energy before collision was .5*(.005*250*250+.003*280*280) 274 The loss in kinetic energy is typical in an inelastic collision j
Q:Electrical problems on bike?
Without a wiring diagram, I can only speculate. The ignition switch might have a seperate circuit for the items not working. Using a test light, check for batterry voltage at each component. Trace each wire back to a wire they all have in common. Figure out why that wire isn't getting power.

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