Fuse Holder 5X20

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Product Description:

Max Fuse Holder


1.Size: 5x20, 6x30

2.Working freuquence:50HZ, AC

3.Shell: Thermoplastic

4.High quality and reasonable price 

5.black thermoplastic holder

6.silver -plating brass pole

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Q:Is it better to disconnect the positive or negative cable to a car battery?
Temporary remove the interior bulbs, or remove the positive cable
Q:Rear AC not working, 2000 Chevy Tahoe?
Should be in the blower itself, not the actuators. What you can do is get a short finder so you dont have to keep replacing 30A fuses, but unplug the relay in the back for the blower motor see if the short is before the rear HVac or inside the rear HVAC. If it doesnt blow then insert the relay unplug the blower itself see if it is the problem. Maybe it or a short in the wiring somewhere
Q:93 chevy caprice. fuse for the computer keeps blowing in-dash. Any reason why?
if it shuts off when you put it in gear you need to check the mounts real good in it,it may have a broken engine mount,and that may be allowing it to break ground ,this will cause it to stall out,and blow a fuse,because when you loose the ground wire,you loose power to some of the inside components,such as the computer,and this will make them blow fuses sometimes,its worth a try,good luck with it.
Q:A component in a product can be considered an independent component if it has no dependency on any other.?
You are attempting to characterize interdependence. Logically, something is independent if it has no dependency on any other component in the product functioning AND SEPARATELY no other component in the product can cause it to function or not. You describe the first component, but not the second. Example - An IPOD plugged into the cigarette lighter of the car (and pretend that it has no internal batteries). There is nothing that can be entered into the ipod that will change how the car works (car is the potentially independent component), however, if the car fuse blows, the IPOD turns off. This certainly violates the hypothesis that the car is independent.
Q:NEED Help with this one lads and ladies please, jump leads connected wrong on my car! 10 points given to best!?
Hubby did that to my car and it fried the ecmthe brain box computer.
Q:I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse, why won't the A/C compressor will not shut off?
did they replace the relay? if not you might want to think about replacing the compressor.
Q:What do you use for surge protection for Component LEDs?
Figure out the current draw, and use a slow-blo fuse in series. Why do you need surge protection in an automobile ?
Q:For professional mechanics. I have a 93 buik regal with a 3800. It has no ignition fire.?
Well, you show that your fingerprints are all over the components, BUT- how about diagnostics? Have you done pin-out tests at the PCM? G.M. has a known failure rate in the harnesses. Have you tested for voltage? Have you checked the vRef for the components? When you turn the key on, does the MIL illuminate? If not, check the fuses and Vpwr for the PCM. If the MIL does illuminate, have you checked for Diagnostic Codes? If you need, e-mail me, and I will see if I can help out!
Q:50 amp blade fuse burns out as soon as I turn on the key?
a three or a 5 amp fuse would be positive, as long as your heater works once you slot the plug there is not any would desire to purchase a clean one. If the heater is going defective it particularly is going to easily blow the fuse, yet there is not any reason it is going to.
Q:Why does my inverter keep blowing fuses?
Either you wired the inverter incorrectly, or the inverter has an internal fault. In the second case, it isn't worth repairing. Replacing the inverter costs less than FINDING the fault.
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